Black Party Foods
Candy and snack foods to fit any black and white theme party

Searching for black party food ideas? Black is one of those colors where sometimes too
much of a good thing is just that: so spare the need to overdo the food coloring.

  • Black food coloring: You can spray a light color mist on everything from cake pops
    to popcorn. Another option is to accent with black fondant or use black Jimmies
    or sugar sprinkles. Just enough to get the effect.

  • Foods that are naturally black: Naturally, there aren't many foods that are black,
    though black olives come to mind. Some kids will love black olives, but don't
    count on it.

When it comes to kids parties, it's all about the contrast of sweets in black and white
party foods, including cakes, cookies and candies.Also, many kids won't like licorice, so
have a variety of sweet treats, some without licorice.

Here are some snack food ideas to fit any black and white themed party for kids:

  • Add a graphic element to how you display foods: Find pretty papers at the craft
    stores in eye-popping patterns in black and white. Wrap do-it-yourself labels
    onto drinks, candy bars, cupcake toppers, menus, and table signs. Right, the
    Itsy Bitsy Party

  • Combine drink mixes to create a black drink! Blend two flavor packs of orange and
    grape Kool-Aid drink mix to create an eerie black drink. Kids will go wild to give it
    a try because, while ladened with sugar, it looks toxic.

  • Serving suggestion: Re-purpose Starbucks Frappucino glasses into vintage
    looking party ware. Lift the labeling and scrub the sticky residue from the
    bottle. Accent your beverage glasses with black striped straws or licorice
    stick candies, upper right, like swizzle sticks. Allow parents to serve kids
    and themselves from a glass pitcher that shows off the eerie black drink.

  • Black and White Party snack mix: Kettle Korn offers a sweet and savory beginning
    to your party snack mix so start with your favorite Kettle Korn, then sprinkle
    licorice coins left, or Licorice Allsorts candies into your bowl.  Next, add white
    Jordan almonds or black and white M&Ms. White yogurt dipped pretzels or
    raisins offer another element of white.

  • Black popcorn: Sometimes too much of a good thing is just that. You don't want a
    bowl of black popcorn, but you  do want a splash of color for your theme. Give
    Kettle Korn or popcorn a dash of black color with a bit of food color spray. Pour
    approximately 1/4 of your favorite Kettle Korn or popcorn into a bowl to spray.
    Then marry the black portion with the rest and mix with tongs.

  • Wilton's Color Mist: It's like edible spray paint! Black color mist food spray
    is great for popcorn, but it's ideal for party desserts too. Color Mist can
    help you highlight whipped topping or ice cream with color, and there's no
    mess. This taste-free formula lets you add a little color or a lot.

Black and White cakes:

  • Black and White Cupcake display: Find two white rectangular dishes and make a
    contrasting statement with the cupcakes and here's how:
  • First, start with black jelly beans to display a row of white iced cupcakes.
    Surely something in your party theme will be black on top: the cupcake
    topper or design. You may like to "shimmie the jimmies" (use jimmies to
    decorate your white iced cupcakes.
  • Next, to contrast your display, layer a row of black frosted or color misted
    cupcakes atop a layer of white Jordan almonds.

  • Itsy bitsy ETSY: You can have a cute black and white theme without looking
    dreary thanks to the vendors on ETSY. Take for example, the cute Itsy Bitsy
    Spider party, right, from Shop Owner Elizabeth Demer. The Itsy Bitsy design is
    available year round, not just Halloween, at her ETSY store bumbsmitten.

Black candies:

  • Licorice: Black licorice today is available in many fun shapes -- from coins, to pigs,
    to . Licorice coins are great for a pirate party, particularly if it's a hot day as
    chocolate coins melt. Of course you'll have lots of opportunity for creativity with
    licorice laces, left. Create spider legs, hair, lassos and more for just about any
    party theme.

  • Candy straw idea: Snip off the ends of a black licorice twist with a pair of
    kitchen scissors or a knife and you've got a candy straw that kids love.
    Ideal for Halloween, the beverage will taste a little like licorice, but the
    kids won't mind. In fact, they'll rave about this novelty.

  • Black gummy candy. You'll find gummy bats and spiders around Halloween.
    Sometimes you can find them available online after Halloween.

  • Write on chocolate, bread, cake and more with black food markers. Pictured above,
    these amazing pens will write on any dried, firm food surface. Don't worry mom,
    it's edible ink! Contains only US certified food color. They're perfect for drawing
    on cake pops. Just be sure they're at room temperature at that you wipe them
    with a paper towel between pops to remove the residue.

More black and white party food ideas

  • Chocolate chips are actually brown, but can often give you the color you
  • Bottle your own Cola! Right, you'll find a cola maker. Cola is almost black.
    Bottle with black bottlecaps, of course.

Now it's your turn! Share your party food recipes and share party ideas with us on Twitter,
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