Bug themed treats for kids
Cute Recipes for Bug themed Parties
Bug themed treats for your birthday party

From gummy centipedes to chocolate bumble-bees, we have some recipes that won't
bite. Bug out with these creepy crawly vittles you make from scratch with just a few
ingredients and a few simple steps:

  • Bug bites:

  • Bumble Bee Bug: Simple as can "bee" you need just three ingredients:
    Dove chocolate squares, pretzel twists and Wilton yellow sparkle gel.
    Arrange pretzels on a baking sheet lined with wax paper. Unwrap and
    place one Dove chocolate bar on the tip of each mini pretzel, then bake a
    few minutes (minding the oven) until the chocolate melts. Allow to cool.
    Then make three stripes with Wilton Sparkle icing gel to symbolize a
    bumble bee.

  • Dragon Fly Bug or Blue Morpho Butterfly: Cut Wilton Blue candy melts in half
    and arrange them on a waxed paper so that. two pieces melt into the
    pretzel as wings. Then place unwrap and place one Dove chocolate for
    the body and melt for a few minutes minding the oven. Cool. Then use
    Wilton Yellow Icing Gel to make bug eyes and serve.

  • Daddy Longlegs Marshmellows: Pre-cut black licorice laces for legs (2 inch
    strips, four legs on each side), set aside. Melt a bag chocolate chips in a
    microwave safe dish (about 2 minutes). Drench a marshmallow in
    chocolate by dipping it and set it carefully onto Graham Cracker. Insert
    licorice legs on each side. Set aside to cool. When cooled, use Wilton
    Yellow Icing to create eyes. Or use sugar eyes, which you can reserve to
    make a variety of critters for the party.

  • Worms in Dirt: Crush your favorite Newman-O's sandwich cookies or other
    sandwich cookie (look for a brand without hydrogenated oils). Crush in
    food processor or use rolling pin to crush them in a freezer bag. No need
    to divide the halves, crush the whole cookie. Set aside. Make butterscotch
    pudding and divvy up into mini plastic flower pots that you've washed.
    You can plug the holes of the pot with mini marshmallows, and  line the
    bottom of the pots with your "dirt" before fill with pudding. Top the
    pudding with dirt and a some gummy worms or centipedes protruding
    from the dirt. The Gummy Centipede,s pictured left from Haribo looks tasty
    coming from the pile of dirt as well.

Online Resources
Here are more resources for fun bug confections and concoctions you can make for
your party:

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