Red Velvet Cake Balls from Bakereall
Cake Pops mold
Cake Pops, Cake Balls & Brownie Bites
Make your own fancy little confectionery treats on a stick

Cake pops are popping up everywhere -- they're at Starbucks and all the trendy little
cake shops. Why buy them at the fancy shops when you can bake or "no bake" these
delectable little treats yourself.

The cake pops tutorial and supply list starts with the book from Bakerella, above left.
Bakerella is the leader of cake pops and cake balls. You'll find the red velvet cake balls
and design ideas. Serve cake pops dipped in chocolate or candy coating, then add a
stick for a delectable treat. Be sure you have a cake pop stand for your candy-coated

Below you'll find ideas for cake pops and more, like how to make a stand to display
your cake pops, how to make cake pops without candy melts, and even how to make
cake pops without cake! (You can make them out of brownie bites).

How to make a cake pop stand
Whether lollipops or cake pops, displaying your creations or treats requires a bit of
planning. Here's how to make a cake pop stand that looks ultra professional.
  • Step one - find the perfect container. Once you find the perfect container, you'll
    need to fit styrofoam inside or find a sturdy cardboard to place on top. A clay pot
    for flowers would make a pretty Springtime cakepop bouquet, and you may just
    find craft styrofoam intended for floral arrangements to fit it precisely.
  • Step two - arrange cake pops: Poke holes in styrofoam for a tidy arrangement,
    insert the cake pops.
  • Step three: hide the holes in the arrangement. Cover the stryrofoam or cardboard
    stand with a layer of Jordan almonds, jelly beans, Sixlets chocolates, M&Ms,
    gummies or other candy in your theme color. For a cake pop stand at a black
    and white panda party try dry white rice to cover the styrofoam or a colorful mix
    of candy. Left, the monster pops hide the cake pops in a bed of flowers.

Here's everything you need to make cake pops, push pops or brownie bites on a stick:

  • Bake with Bakerella: The master of cake pop confections is Bakerella so you may
    as well buy the book, pictured top center. The cake pops kit, pictured top left
    provides more inspiration and tools. Includes a cake pop stand, plus enough
    clear cello bags, cake pop sticks, gift tags, and ribbon to wrap up 48 pops!

  • Want to make cake pops without candy melts? Then use a royal icing recipe. To
    make royal icing, you'll need meringue powder. See our royal icing recipe.

  • Monster Pops: Brownies are behind this scrumptious Better Homes & Garden
    treat, pictured left. Check out their recipe for the silly monster pops. Most
    everything you need to make these treats is listed here:
  • Brownie Pops Mold, upper right.
  • Lollipop sticks, pictured upper right
  • Icing decorator tips, top
    To decorate Brownie Pops, you'll also need mini marshmallows, licorice laces, a
    pretty ribbon, and your favorite frosting and fondant. Our favorite fondant is
    Fondarific White fondant, right. Great on cakes, cookies, cupcakes and petit-
    fours, this buttercream flavored fondant has no trans fats. Plus, it's gluten-free
    and a good source of vitamin C.

  • Cake push pops: Stack treats in a tidy lided container similar to the kid's classic
    frozen dessert: push pops. Mini cupcakes right, become push pops stacked
    sweetly with a friendly Peeps marshmallow poking up top.

  • Cake Pops Mold: The adorable My Little Cupcake mini cupcake pop mold, pictured
    bottom left, helps you create delicious treats without baking! Follow the easy no-
    bake Oreo dough recipe included on the box, roll the dough into a one inch ball,
    press into the mold, then chill the cupcakes. Add a cake pop stick, then dip the
    sweet cake pops into colorful candies, like Wilton Candy melts, pictured lower
    right. You only need one: but you can buy several and have the kids make their
    own pops. Then give their moms the recipe so they can make more at home.

  • Fancy treats to make with brownie bites: Look in the grocery store and you'll find
    ready baked brownie bites. It's super easy to simply add a sugar decoration to
    make a treat that will make kids eyes pop! For a Springtime party, choose the
    daisy cake sugars, left. For a Winter party, try Snowflake cake sugars, right, to
    enhance your party theme.

  • Party time cake pop display: It's party time with the cake pop display, right.
    There's no need to assemble and it's easy to transport your cake pops. It's light
    & clean with no mess of styrofoam and no heavy bulk of wood.

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Now it's your turn. Tell us about your cake pops. We link to quality sites, so please
share party ideas with us on Twitter.
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