Candy Buffet
Steal this party look! The party planner started with a color palette of raspberry blue,
cherry red, and a burst of lemon yellow. Glass and white milkglass held a variety of treats
in theme colors, including French macarons, rock candies, swirled lollipops and
cake pops.
The cake features a gorgeous display of rock candy crystals, and further enhanced with an
offering of rock candy swizzle sticks. Now that's some eye candy!

Candy Buffet Party
Host a sweet buffet with theme color candies and treats

How sweet it is! The newest trend in both kids parties and weddings is a colorful
candy buffet.
Candy parties are so sweet for a sweet sixteen party too! Start your
candy buffet by selecting a palette of colors. Above, you'll find a delicious combo:
raspberry blue meets lemon yellow and cherry red.

How to set up a candy buffet
First, gather the display for your table. Party essentials for setting up your candy
buffet include:

  • Cake stands: Choose a collection of cake stands to display in the same color
    theme. White is an excellent choice for cake stands because it provides
    versatility. Whatever color you choose for your cake stands, pair the collection
    with glass vases and stands of different sizes to add a height variety. One
    element should stand tall. Above, the cake is the center of attention!

  • Candy jars: Start shopping for an array of candy buffet jars, apothecary style
    jars, candy vases, or vintage style candy jars.

  • Candy scoops! Give the kids a lesson in candy buffet manners and keep your
    party sanitary by encouraging use of candy scoops.

Essentials of a candy buffet
It's all about color! So stick to a theme of two or three colors and find candies and
confections that match your theme:

  • Rock Candy Swizzle Sticks: Dryden & Palmer produces gourmet rock candies in a
    variety of colors. Buy rock candy strings, or crystals that you can use to
    decorate cakes. Left, you'll find rock candies to match the perfect color to your

  • Swirled suckers: Nothing has the sweet simplicity and vintage charm more than
    swirled lollipops. For kids, this is candy is bliss! To accentuate the look at your
    party, pair swirled lollipops with striped paper straws. This vintage charm will
    appeal to kids and adults alike. Below, learn how to make a lollipops stand.

  • Colorful Macarons: You'll love these decadent French confections filled with
    ganache. Think pistachio, coconut, and red velvet or pictured above top left in a
    gorgeous blue raspberry. It's easier than you think to make them yourself! Left,
    the highly rated "macarons" recipe book shows how.

Create a lollipop stand:
  • Step one - pair candy color: Pick a color scheme for your party (two or three
    complementary colors) that you use for the candy buffet and your party decor.
    For example, a Sesame Street party might pair Cookie Monster blue Sixlets with
    Elmo red swirled lollipops.
  • Step two - find the perfect container and fit styrofoam inside or sturdy cardboard: A
    clay pot for flowers would make a pretty Springtime lollipop bouquet, and you
    may just find craft styrofoam intended for floral arrangements to fit it precisely.
  • Step three - arrange lollipops: Poke holes in styrofoam for a tidy arrangement,
    insert the lollipops, then cover the display in small candies to hide the
  • Step four: hide the holes in the arrangement. Cover the stryrofoam or cardboard
    stand with a layer of jelly beans, Sixlets, MY&Ms, gummies or other candy in
    your theme color. A lollipop stand for a panda party might choose dry white rice
    to cover the styrofoam or a colorful mix of candy.

Candy buffets in party themes

  • Mermaid candy buffet: Check out our lovely arrangement of seashell and
    mermaid candies for your candy buffet ideal for any under the sea theme. The
    aqua cake plate, left, with it's sculpted

Kids parties are fun, especially when you play around with candies. Tell us about your
Candy Party and
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