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Cotton Candy
How to make cotton candy for your party

Making cotton candy at home is fun and easy to do and the kids will spin with delight
when they get a taste of your home spun sugar treat. There are three ways to make
cotton candy: from scratch, from floss sugar and from hard candies.

How to make cotton candy from scratch
The home made cotton candy recipe calls for granulated sugar, corn syrup, powdered
food coloring and a flavored oil. But truthfully, you'll find this
cotton candy recipe is a bit
cumbersome. It's much easier to just buy the sugar crystals or spin the candy yourself
from a hard candy. Your end result will taste much better.

How to make cotton candy from floss sugar
If you want to make cotton candy the traditional way, try a floss sugar. It's so easy to
impress your guests and you can make cotton candy in colors to match your party
theme. Try these floss sugar colors: blue cotton candy for a Smurf party, green cotton
candy for a
Green Alien party or traditional pink cotton candy for a Pinkalicious party.
And don't stop there! You can make purple cotton candy or orange cotton candy, too.

Best of all, there are so many yummy cotton floss sugar flavors to choose from,
including banana, pina colada, lime, strawberry, pink vanilla, cherry, grape and bubble-
gum flavored. One 52-oz box, pictured right and left, makes about 60-70 cotton candy
cones. To make it you just pour a scoop into the center and start twirling away. It's as
easy as you've seen them make it at the fair. Just swirl around the cone.

How to make cotton candy from hard candy
Yes! You can make cotton candy for your party from Lifesavers, Jolly Ranchers, or any
kind of hard candies, such as butterscotch, lemon drops or peppermint swirls. And it
doesn't take much. With the Nostalgia cotton candy maker, above, you just drop a few
good sized hard candies into the center dish and wait a few minutes for the candy to
melt. Then, almost magically, the spun sugar starts to form its familiar fluffy shape.

Did you know you can also make sugar free cotton candy at  home?

How to make sugar-free cotton candy
Transform your favorite sugar-free hard candies into fluffy cotton candy just like you'd
get at the carnival or fair with the cotton candy maker pictured above by Nostalgia.
Ideal for kids with dietary restrictions, you can make a low-calorie diet or a low-sugar
treat with your own sugar free hard candies. Jolly Rancher sugar free hard candies are
an ideal candy to use for your home made cotton candy.

To make great tasting cotton candy at home, just plug in your Nostalgia cotton candy
machine, turn it on, then pour hard candies into the center receptacle and start
spinning. It works with organic hard candies without artificial colorings. Great for kids
parties, this affordable cotton candy machine brings out the kid in everyone. This treat
becomes an instant party activity when you let the kids swirl webs of cotton candy on
their own cones.

Cotton candy novelties
If you and your kids love cotton candy, then you won't want to miss out on these
cotton candy novelties:

  • Cotton candy candies include:
  • Cotton Candy pop rocks
  • Fluffy Stuff Pops
  • Cotton Candy Jelly Belly
  • Bubblicious, cotton candy bubble gum

  • Cotton candy beauty products include:
  • Cotton candy lip balm
  • Cotton candy body lotion

Now you know how easy it is to make your own cotton candy at home. Have
comments? Share your cotton candy recipes and
share party ideas with us on Twitter!
We'd love to know what's your favorite cotton candy flavor.
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