black jeweled cake stands set
Cupcake tower in plastic
Cupcake Stands and Towers
Essential cupcake displays for your party

Cupcakes. Cupcakes. Cupcakes. That's what you'll display with these elegant and fun
cupcake stands and towers. Every birthday cupcake cake deserves a pedestal (even
better if it's a beaded cupcake stand)! Sometimes called a cupcake tree, here are our
favorite tiered cupcake stands:

  • Shabby Chic Cupcake tower. Made of iron and Polyresin, your cupcakes never
    looked so stunning with the shabby chic cupcake towers, pictured top left. See
    our white cake stands for more cupcake holders that are shabby chic in style!
    With Parisian elegance in a chandelier style cupcake tower, this cupcake stand
    holds a dozen of your finest creations. How elegant it would be to display two on
    your table! Also available in black,  it's embellished with small jewels. Hurry, as
    this item sells out quickly.

  • Ceramic lady cake stand. Made of hand painted ceramic, this whimsical, set of
    cake stands are handcrafted and hand painted. Available individually, the 10-
    Inch crafted fine hand painted ceramic cake stand shoes portion will help you
    proudly serve a 9” cake. It's a beautiful centerpiece for any occasion.  (This is
    how the complete set looks if you buy the other 2 stands.) The necklace on the
    smallest tier can be used for the napkin holder.

  • Party tip: Guests might not know that you're stacking three individual
    cupcake stands, so if you're stacking cake stands, be sure to use museum
    putty, pictured left, to help you secure your display. You'll find this useful
    putty is ideal for securing antiques, collectibles, and other breakable items
    from falling.

  • Cupcake caddy: The largest cupcake caddy we've seen, upper right, this one
    holds 36 cupcakes. (Most cupcake carriers hold just 24.) Now that's how to
    courier your cupcakes to the party like a professional!

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Cupcake stands double as a centerpiece for your party, so use a cupcake stand as a
festive display to help you serve other foods at your party, such as appetizers or
cookies and chocolates. Super versatile, you can serve mini quiches as an appetizer,
muffins for a brunch, or stack small favor boxes.

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