Kids Party Drink Recipes
Easy beverage ideas to make your party punch sparkle!

With classic charm, you'll find stylish Lemonade stand parties for kids on some of our
favorite blogs. These whimsical vintage style parties are gorgeous on party styling, but
short on recipes for beverages to serve other than lemonade.

Make it a lemon drink to remember! Here are some kid-tested, mom approved kids
party drink ideas for a
lemonade stand party that will add a sparkle:

  • Fresh squeezed flavored lemonades! Want to add some bang to your fresh
    squeezed lemonade? Just add a Italian style syrup!  Torani Italian Syrups are
    made with pure cane sugar and you can taste the quality. Watch out for the
    brands made with only high fructose corn syrup, which is a modified food product
    and poison for your body, and just don't taste as good. Have a few bottles on
    hand and mix to order if you really want to impress guests...
  • Try these Torani Italian Syrups with your favorite lemonade:
  • Watermelon
  • Blueberry
  • Cherry
  • Lime
  • Raspberry
  • Orange
  • (Even Lemon!)

  • Sparkling Lemondrop Lemonade: Mix the following into a punch bowl:
  • Four cups ice
  • Gallon of chilled lemonade (choose Newman's Own or Minute Made Simply
    lemonade - two wonderful brands without high fructose corn syrup).
  • Bottle of lemon soda or sparkling water

  • Use real lemon wedges to wet the glasses for dipping into lemon drop
    cocktail sugars
  • Slice a lemon wedge gummy candy to decorate the rim of the glass
  • Pour the sparkling lemon drink mixture over ice
  • Add a yellow swirled straw and serve.

  • Sassy lemon slushies. Make home made slushies with a snow cone maker and
    syrups in your favorite lemon flavored. Add a pretty yellow striped vintage style
    straw, pictured above, and garnish with lemon fruit wedge candy for extra kid
    appeal. See our kids drink decoration ideas for more whimsical beverage ideas.

Tell us about your favorite kids party drinks and
share party ideas with us on Twitter.
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