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Sandwich costume
More sneaky tactics for creating a luscious laptop lunch for kids:

  • Slip in some sneaky snacks. Sweet inspiration for a healthier lunch starts when
    you sneak some chocolate or yogurt covered raisins i into their lunch. The kids
    won't even know they're eating healthy! You'll find chocolate covered sunflower
    seeds, blueberries, cranberries and more if you peel your eyes at the grocery
    store. You may even find chocolate covered edamame!

  • Beware of the brown & out. If it's brown, it's out! Kids just won't eat a bruised
    banana because it's brown. So be careful to select only the most colorful banana
    for their lunch.
  • Your banana may have a Chiquita sticker on it, but you may want to add a
    few of your own to make the banana even more appealing.
  • And for apples, try this trick: affix a gummy worm. Core out enough space
    to lodge the worm in a whole apple.

Put a little party into your kids school day:

  • If the school allows, invite three friends to swap sweet & savory treats to make
    a trail mix.
  • Make custom fortunes to add to meringue cookies using your computer &
    wrapping them like candy kisses.
  • Make up a silly nickname of the day & send them giggling to school with a
    lunchbox note to match.
  • Print a tiny love note on your computer put with party favor magnifying glass to
  • Surprise them with a raisin box that you empty of the usual raisins, then refill
    with chocolate and yogurt covered raisins, M&Ms or chocolate chips.
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Kids Lunch Ideas
How to get your kids to munch their lunch!

Your kids won't eat their lunch? Then trick those finicky eaters with fun! They'll eat
more when you don't make it a chore. And you'll certainly make lunchtime more
appetizing when you think of lunch as a party in a box. Presentation is key! Start by
including a party napkin or colorful straw in your kids lunch.

Here are more quick and easy ways to get kids to munch their lunch:

  • Hire your little prep cook. If you have time, allow kids to prepare their own food
    or at least plan the menu. Kids love helping, and they're more likely to eat food
    of their own making. Your prep cook can help prepare silly sandwiches. To make
    silly sandwiches, cut veggies and have kids lay them into a face on the
    sandwich. Then bag the selected veggies, fruits and other garnishes, and
    instruct your child to arrange the face at school for friends and the teacher to
    admire. You may opt to include licorice laces, Cheerios, fruit rollups and M&Ms
    for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Or for a bagel, allow your child to select
    sprinkle toppings as if the sandwich were a cupcake. It's all about the fun.

  • Send love notes! Your little love will appreciate notes you include, such as "I'm
    proud of you!" and "I know you'll do well on your spelling test" or just "I love
    you" as a message. Post it-notes work fine, but try also folding a paper
    airplane, or folding a fortune teller or origami paper designs.

  • Stick with it. You'll say "Cheerio" to half eaten lunches with cheery labels and
    stickers. Head to the stationery store for stickers in your child's favorite themes
    or get free lunch labels clip art from Martha Stewart. Now that's brown bag

  • Make lunch an art form. Here's a breadwinner of an idea. You'll make your kid
    feel like a lucky ducky with sandwich art.  They're sure to "quack up" even if it
    rains, with the fun sandwich bag design, right, found on Flickr. Armed with a
    Sharpie pen, you can design sandwich bags into mini works of art and your kids
    will feel very special indeed. Colored Sharpies add another playful element. It
    will send a message of love they'll surely remember for years to come.

  • Pop in a party favor. Happy Meals may have started at MacDonald's, but you can
    do kids a favor by packing your own little lunchtime party for them. Head to the
    local party supply or dollar store and tuck tiny treasures into their lunch. Even a
    crazy straw will do. Remember the fun of eating CrackerJacks? Half the fun was
    finding the toy surprise! You can buy them on sale at the local party supply with
    their favorite characters and use them all year long.
  • Note: Don't include favors that look like candy. Also do not include favors
    for kids under five years old as it may be a choking hazard.

  • Cut it out! Cut sandwiches using a cookie cutter. The kids will be proud to show
    their peers the pretty tea sandwiches you create using cookie cutters. You'll
    have lots of leftover bread, but you can reserve the scraps for an outing to a
    duck pond. Online you'll  find tools to cut the crusts from sandwiches and make
    fun imprints:
Silly Sandwiches by Washington State Department of Early Learning
Silly Sandwiches
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