Kids birthday party food ideas
Kids party food ideas, menu, snacks and fun

A kids party is no time to introduce new foods to finicky little eaters. Your feast should
have a festive flair and a flexibility for foods you usually forgo or otherwise limit on
ordinary days. It's a party after all, and part of the fun is the celebratory nature of
party food. But you can strike a healthier balance when you serve the salty and savory
snacks, before the sugary sweets ones that kids are sure to eat.

When it comes to the menu, don't go overboard. Pick a few tasty party snacks that tie
to your theme and concentrate on making those taste yummy.

Here's how to get cooking on foods kids will eat for the party. Start party planning with
an inventive presentation of familiar party treats. These ideas may spur creativity of
your own:
  • Our hats off to this idea: An upturned cowboy hat provides just the right fanfare
    for a bowl of chips at a Western party (use a new hat, of course, and line it with
    a napkin or bandanna).
  • Print labels for water bottles or soda.
  • Corral the cupcakes in a paddock for a pony party.  Use a toy wooden fence or
    craft a stick fence from Popsicle sticks on a cardboard box top.
  • Mix it up! For a backwards party, put the buns on the inside and the wieners on
    the outside.
  • Party food, snacks and fun for your pony party.

Kids party recipes and ideas

Kids party finger foods
  • Crunchy bread sticks and cheese straws
  • Crackers in fun shapes abound from goldfish to butterflies and teddy bears
  • Cheese sticks and round
  • quartered sandwiches in cupcake papers
  • toasted pita pockets with hummus dip and a yogurt cucumber dip
  • corn on the cob (cut in half)
  • candied apples

Foods that are choking hazards to kids:

  • Serving hot dogs? Slice them length wise to help minimize the risk of choking.
    According to USA Today, the Amercian Academy of Pediatrics wants hot dogs to
    include a warning label as they pose a chokng risk to babies and children.

  • It's nutty, but you're nuts if you serve nuts to kids under six. While there are
    allergen warnings, it's more important to consider the warning label on nuts for
    the choking hazard potential. Serve nuts only to guests who are more than six
    years old. So if your party has toddlers, stay away from peanuts, recipes with
    chopped walnuts and other nut mixes. And yes, stay away from those yummy
    peanut M&Ms and Jordan almonds.

  • Grapes are refreshing party food in the Summer months, but be wary that
    grapes pose a choking hazard because of their size. It's better to place grapes
    in reach of adults only at the party.

  • Picky, yes, but we hope you pick up on this tip: If you're planning a toddler party
    then keep food picks out of reach of youngsters under three.

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