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Candy and snack foods to fit any orange theme party

Orange you glad you visited the cute party ideas Web site Orange Party Food? Party
planners looking for orange party foods that fit an orange party theme will appreciate
this quick list of brightly colored orange snacks, orange candies and menu suggestions:

Orange party foods
  • Orange cake pops and brownie bites
  • Dipped Pretzels rods (try dipping them in Wilton's orange candy melts)
  • Oranges, mandarins, and tangerines look festive filled clear vases and bowls
  • Goldfish crackers are a kid party favorite.
  • Cheese balls: Cheese puff balls are a favorite wit kids and they look just like
    basketballs or pumpkins.
  • Nacho cheese is dripping in orange and another kid friendly food!
  • Make orange popcorn balls (a dash of orange food coloring is all it takes). Use
    your favorite recipe or try melting marshmallows.

Orange candies
Candy buffets are all the rage at kids parties. Mango, tangerine and orange flavored
candies will look most appetizing to the kiddos when set in clear apothecary jars.
Tempt kids sweet tooth with these brightly colored orange candies:
  • Spangler's Circus peanuts, pictured top right, are the classic orange-colored
    marshmallow treat.
  • Orange fruit slices, pictured top left.
  • Orange M&Ms
  • Orange jelly beans. Buy Jelly Bellies in bulk, pictured above
  • Tangerine candy sticks
  • Candy corn is an ideal choice for fall kids parties.

Orange Cakes and Cake Decorations
  • Orange Supreme Cake Mix, right is one of the harder to find flavors from Duncan
    Hines, but found easily online.
  • Orange Jimmies, pictured upper left, are candy confetti sprinkles for cakes,
    cupcakes, cookies and ice cream toppings.

Orange drinks
  • Orange sherbet mixed with lemon lime soda is the perfect party drink.
  • Vitamin water
  • Orange Juice is not just for breakfast any more. Add a little spritzer for a healthy
    and home made orange soda.
  • Blood orange soda
  • Torani orange syrup

Tell us about your orange party foods and share party ideas with us on Twitter. We'd love
to pass along your ideas to others and give you the credit.
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Orange party foods...
Snack on cheese Balls (they look like basketballs)
Birthday girl in orange tutu
Candy corn: orange candies
Orange Jimmies (sprinkles)
Orange candy: Circus peanuts (marshmallow)
Orange candy sticks
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