Kids Lemonade Stand
Kids Party Drinks
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When your garden gives you lemons, make lemonade! Here are some kid-tested,
mom approved kids party drink ideas:

  • Pretty in Yellow: Pink lemonade looks pretty with yellow accents. Pair the pretty
    striped paper straws above with a lemon drink sugar on the rim of your
    beverage glass. Wedge a candy lemon slice for extra kid appeal. See our
    lemonade drink recipes. And, of course, pair pretty pink striped straws with pink
    drink sugars and slice watermelon shapes from cookie cutters to decorate your

  • Serve drinks in mason jars. Just one sip from a mason jar filled with lemonade
    will make you feel like you've spent an outing in the country. For added country
    time whimsy, tie a ribbon or cut fabric around the mason jar in a checkered or
    gingham pattern.

  • Make your own root beer! It's not difficult at all to make sodas at home. You'll
    really impress guests and you'll likely start a new hobby. You'll find your favorite
    pop soda drink in the cookbook for the Kindle, left. With 22 delicious recipes
    using your favorite and most popular soft drink and soda pop.
  • Beverage tips: Serve root beer in Dad's beer mugs, or buy plastic
    champagne flutes for home made lemon lime soda. Kids love to feel
    grown up! It's a nice touch for your party too if you garnish with citrus
    wedges, maraschino cherries, or drink umbrellas and a pretty straw. And
    no kid can resist it if you garnish a drink with a gummy worm or candied
    fruit wedge. Kids more than ever appreciate these festive touches.

  • A sparkling touch! Rim the rim of glasses with a wedge of lime or other citrus,
    then dip into sparkling drink sugars (the kind intended for adult beverages).
    These are alcohol-free and especially fun for kids who can't resist licking off
    every nugget of sugar.

  • Dispense with juice boxes. Skip the drab and ordinary juice box or bags and opt
    instead for a more refreshing self serve beverage dispenser for your lemonade.
    Above you'll find an inviting selection of ceramic, glass and plastic party drink
    dispensers that you'll be proud to display at every party. Nothing beats a
    refreshing glass of iced lemonade.
  • Beverage tips: Reduce the water you add to concentrated lemonade
    mixes and replace the water with ice cubes. Garnish with a festive
    display of fresh lemons, either directly into the glass dispenser or
    available to your guests on the side with tongs.

  • Sweet swizzle sticks. Kids love a sweet surprise, so add a candy swizzle stick to
    your beverage lineup. Rock candy swizzle sticks are ever popular with kids, but
    you can also use traditional lollies to dress up an ordinary drink. Choose solid
    colors, lime, for example and not a swirled lollipop or the colors of the sucker
    will run into your drink.

  • Set up shop! Set up a lemonade stand for a party or inspire your young
    entrepreneur to set up shop with the colorful, portable lemonade stand, right.
    Constructed of wooden panels, 2 colorful over-sized wheels, chalkboard front
    panel, dry erase counter top, and colorful canvas awning, this indoor / outdoor
    lemonade stand assembles easily. Includes pitcher and 4 cups.

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your recipes for what to put in that drink dispenser!
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