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Kids party snack ideas and tasty surprises to nibble and savor

What kind of party snacks and food to serve at a kids party? Well, the party fun starts
when you link the food to the theme of your party! From snacks to
party drinks and
the dessert you can provide a feast of savory and sweet treats that are colorful,
celebratory and, above all, tasty! Here are some ideas to get you started on foods to
match your party theme:

Keep your offerings of food inventive and in small portions. You can tempt tiny
appetites by arranging food in patterns, such as an array fruit formed into a rainbow.
You might also cut clever open faced sandwiches using cookie cutters to form flowers,
stars, and butterflies to fit your
party theme.

If you're looking for fun in the kitchen, then look to
Silly Snacks, Classroom Treats and
Cookie Dough Fun
, upper left, a book to share the joy of cooking with kids. It's three
books rolled into one, and jam-packed with more than 155 all-time favorite recipes,
such as open-faced sandwiches, wraps and rolls, thick and creamy shakes, and sweet
treats in quirky colors and shapes. There are dozens of other good books to help you
create tasty party snacks, above. Your little cookie monster will love it.

Here are party snacks with some tasty surprises to help you savor the memories:

  • Candy, cookie and fruit sushi: To make fruit sushi, start with a banana, roll it up
    with mostly green colored fruit rollups strips, then slice into the banana like
    sushi. Here are the links to the best cookie, candy and fruit sushi:

  • Kooky Kebabs. Food on a skewer is a portable party snack. Candy Kebabs and
    fruit kebabs are suitable for children five and over; however, even with five year
    olds you should ensure kids are seated and that you remind them of their safety

Star shaped foods
  • Star shapes are perfect for a Hollywood starlet party, a fairy party or a princess
    party, or the Fourth of July):
  • Watermelon stars: use a cookie cutter to slice a star shaped piece of fruit,
    then skewer with a Popsicle stick.

Party Snack Resources
Food and party snacks should be fun, and here are some ways to play with your food:

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