All about dipped pretzel party treats

Pretzels can be sweet or savory or something in between. Making dipped pretzels for
party treats is easy enough to do yourself at home and you're sure to impress guests
with this confection, and kids love to help or watch you make dipped pretzels.

Pretzel Party Treats
Making pretty pretzel party treats is so easy. Half the work is find the ingredients,
including pretzel rods, chocolate or candy melts and sprinkles or crushed candies that
fit your party's color theme. You'll also need wax paper and some utensils.  If you can
position pretzel rod in mold; spoon in melted Candy Melts and refrigerate, then you
can make pretzel rod party treats.

There are just a few simple steps to making dipped pretzels:
  • Step one: Find sturdy pretzel rods. We recommmend Anderson's Pretzel rods,
    left. They're packaged properly, but expect a few breaks in transit. Still, these
    are the best.
  • Step two: Melt white chocolate, dark chocolate or a candy confection, such as
    Wilton Candy Melts (another good option is Melt and Mold flavored wafers). You
    can melt in the microwave or use use a chocolate melter, or a double-boiler.
  • Tip: If you're melting with a microwave, start with a microwave safe dish
    and melt your confection minimally, such as 25-30 seconds. You don't
    want to burn the candy.
  • Step three: Dip pretzel rods into the candy coating, rotating the rod for an even
    coat. Allow to cool on wax paper if you want to add another color or design. or
    place your pretzel rods into a candy mold.
  • Step four: Decorate your creations with a melted candy of a different color or
    cover them in sprinkles as they are cooling on wax paper.
  • Step Five: Display your creation. Stick pretzel rods in a heavy base of candies,
    such as M&Ms, Jordan Almonds or Jelly Belly jelly beans.

More Pretzel Party treat ideas:

  • Chocolate Caramel Pretzerl rods: Make tasty caramel pretzel sticks in the same
    tradition as caramel apples. Dip your favorite pretzel rod into melted caramel,
    then coat with chocolate and drizzel with white chocolate. Our Best Bites
    provides the tutorial.

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