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Purple Party Foods
Candy and snack foods in a purple theme

Purple is "Purplicious"! Have fun planning the foods for your party whether it's a
Purplicious party, or other purple theme party for kids.

There are a few purple foods to consider for the adults a menu that includes purple
cabbage red onion and eggplant. You might even make them a potato salad made
from purple potatoes. If you want to go to extremes you can try taro, which is purple
or even picked beats. These ideas will surely impress the adults, but kids won't like it.

As kids parties go, it's all about sweet snacks and savory treats in pretty hues of
lavender and purple. A bit of food coloring is all that's required to help you attain the
party colors you want. Try purple food coloring powder and Color Mist spray along with
the traditional drops of food coloring.

Here are some party food ideas to please your little purple people eaters:

  • Purple bagels and cream cheese. Bake purple bagels by adding a few drops of
    green food coloring to your home made bagel recipe. Keep the cream cheese
    white, so that it's not too overwhelming. Don't have time to make bagels? Then
    do the reverse: color the cream cheese purple.

  • Purple deviled eggs. Start with your favorite deviled eggs recipe. Before scooping
    the mixture back into the white egg halves, soak them in water mixed with a few
    drops of food coloring to get the desired color. Allow drying time on paper
    towels, then fill and serve.

Purple Cakes
  • Purple velvet birthday cake. Mix just a few drops of purple food coloring with your
    favorite white cake mix or angel food recipe. Frost your cake with a simple white
    icing: because the surprise is the velvet red cake inside. Too much purple is too
    much of a good thing. When your cake has a white icing and purple filling, then
    pair it with purple ice cream.

  • Lavender ice cream: You may find a local organic creamery serving up lavender
    flavored ice cream. But not every kid will like it and it won't have that pretty
    lavender color. Instead consider doctoring up plain vanilla ice cream and here's
    how.... Simply soften vanilla ice cream by letting it sit out to stand a few minutes.
    Blend in purple powdered food coloring (not liquid). Then return to the freezer to
    harden. Purple ice cream will look terrific for a purplicious party.

  • Purple popcorn:  The recipe for purple popcorn starts with Wilton Purple Color
    Mist food spray, left. It gives popcorn an easy purple color without any flavoring.  
    Ideal for party desserts, Purple Color Mist can help you highlight whipped
    topping or ice cream without mess. It's a taste-free formula.

  • Purplicious popcorn recipe: Buy your favorite brand of Kettle Korn, which is a
    sweet and savory snack. Separate 1/4 of the mixture and put it in a bowl.
    Spray paint it with Wilton's Food Purple Color Mist Spray. Sprinkle a few
    pink and purple confections with the mix, and you'll give your Pinkalicious  
    and Purplicious party goers a "Purple-tastic" and tasty treat.

Purple candies
  • grape candied popcorn
  • Flipsticks nougat candy sticks, left
  • grape licorice, immediate right
  • grape candy fruit slices, immediate right
  • purple swirl pops: Whirly Pops, left, are huge. Smaller swirly pops, above right,
    are more petite: both are swirly beautiful purple.
  • purple aned lavender Sixlets
  • purple M&Ms or lentils-shaped chocolates
  • lavendar marshmallow pufflet sticks, immediate right
  • purple gummy bears
  • grape taffy pictured below

More purple treat ideas:

We hope we've inspired you to host a purple theme party. Share your party food recipes
share party ideas with us on Twitter and Pinterest.
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