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Snow Cone Maker
How to make snow cones, shave ice, or slushies for your party

You can spend thousands of dollars on an ice shaver to make professional snow
cones, but there are some wonderful options to make a delicious treat for your family
and friends at home. If you want to make Shave Ice (Snow Cones and slushes) at
home, the secret is shaved ice, not crushed. Here are our favorite shaved ice makers:

  • Restaurant quality frozen concoction maker: If you're looking for a consistent,
    restaurant-quality frozen concoctions for a party then consider the Margaritaville
    Frozen Concoction Maker, left. Serve impressive drinks without chunks of ice or
    watered down. This machine takes ordinary ice cubes and shaves them
    providing a consistency that will make you feel like you have a bar at home.
    Around $249 with free shipping, it's worth every penny. For heavy partyers,
    there's a model that allows you to make three beverages simultaneously.

  • Real "Shave Ice" style: If you've ever been to Hawaii and had a "Shave Ice" you
    know the difference between a snow cone and shaved ice.... And the Hawaiian
    Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Machine Party Package is for you, upper left. The
    key to Hawaiian Shaved Ice is the thick syrup and toppings, like coconut
    shavings, and most importantly powdered ice and not simply crushed ice. Real
    Hawaiian style Shave ice treats that starts from an ice block that's been shaved.
    For around $49.95 you can have everything you need to start making treats: it
    comes with three flavors of quality syrups, plus cups and straws. While it's a
    party package, it's really more of a family style appliance. You can use if for small
    parties, but you'll have to prepare for a party by freezing extra ice in the special
    mold. Your kids will appreciate this item in your home.

  • Versatile and economical snow cone maker. This one is super easy: just add
    ordinary ice cubes. With two easy settings, the Hamilton Beach Icy Treats
    Shaver makes snow cones or slushies. Think it's just for kids? You'll love serving
    up the Margaritas and Daiquiris too. All parts are dishwasher safe for easy
    cleanup. And it includes fun recipes. For a healthy treat mix apple juice and
    strawberries with the ice. If you want an every day appliance that has high
    ratings, then choose this one. This one is strong enough for parties!

How to make snow cones from home
Making your own snow cones at home is entertaining for the kids. They love to see
you make "snow."
There are only four parts to making a snow cone:
  • Shaved ice: You'll need a quality shaved ice source (see our three options
  • Snow cone cup. You can't call it a snow cone unless it comes in a snow cone cup,
    which are usuallypaper.
  • Snow cone straw. This is not an ordinary straw! A snow cone straw has a wide
    mouth spoon at the bottom to help you slurp the syrupy goodness and spoon
    your the refreshing ice.
  • Syrups. It's all about the syrups! You can use Torani Italian Syrups available at
    the grocery store, but we recommend Hawaiian Shave Ice Syrups as they are
    thicker and more authentic to the famous island favor. If you want to add a little
    interest to your shaved ice, try adding sweetened coconut shreds and a touch
    of half and half. Do this an your frozen treat will taste almost like ice cream.

We hope this inspires you to buy your own Snow Cone machine! Snow cones are so
inexpensive to make from home, and this refreshing party treat certainly will stand out
with your guests as a memory of Summer.

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