Birthday Cake Ideas
How to craft a birthday cake with excitement in your theme

Unveiling the birthday cake is the main event of a birthday party. Forget the pressure!  
Birthday cakes for kids parties are so much fun to create when you have a few tools
and ideas. You are your own "cake boss" and you can have fun. Here are some
birthday cake ideas to "wow" them with just about any theme for your party:

  • Doctor up your cake mix! With more than 300 customer reviews, the Cake Mix
    Doctor, top right, by  Anne Byrn, will help you go "from cake mix to cake
    magnificent!" You'll learn to tweak cakes with a few extra special ingredients
    and techniques. Yes, the cake doctor is in! But the frosting, the author insists,
    you must make from scratch.

  • Add an element of surprise. Surprise them by adding food coloring to match your
    party theme colors. Have one layer pink and the other layer blue. Or swirl in
    colors to vanilla batter to make a tie die cake. Another fun option is adding
    colorful non-pariels cake sprinkles to give your cake a confetti look. Have fun!

  • Instead of baking a cake, make cake pops. Our Twitter friend, Bakerella, has
    authored a fabulous book, upper left Cake Pops. These are moist cakes on a
    stick, dipped in chocolate or candy coating. Enriched with extra frosting, you'll
    learn to mold fun shapes in your party theme. Visit Bakerella on Twitter, and tell
    them cutepartyideas sent you.

  • Cake Stencils. With a dash of powdered sugar, you can stencil your cake with a
    variety of designs. You'll find nearly 200 cake stencils on Amazon, including the
    Martha Stewart collection of Halloween stencils left. Try the skull and cross
    bones for a pirate party or bug out with the spider stencil for a bug party.

  • Unroll designer cake swirls. Lucks Cake swirls, above are edible designs you roll
    onto the sides of your cake. These work well on butter cream, fondant, gum
    paste, chocolate, fudge or ice cream cakes.

  • Cookie cutters. When it comes to decorating your cake, try using cookie cutters
    to cut fondant. The fun shapes you find to bake sugar cookies  are ideal for
    cutting marzipan, too. And cookie cutters can work like stencils when you
    sprinkle sugar inside the shape.

  • Hey, sugar! Sugar cookies can help you decorate your cake, too. Cut sugar cookie
    shapes, such as the number of the birthday boy or girls age, or adhere cookies
    to the cake sides for decoration. Check out our Big Batch Sugar Cookie recipe.

Finally, be sure to check out these amazing
birthday cake stands. So you can display
your birthday cakes in style!

Birthday cake resources
Looking for more birthday cake ideas? Here are some of our favorite resources for
birthday cake designs:

  • Wilton birthday cakes: Wilton is the leading birthday cake pan supplier. They
    have an array of baking pans in various themes and provide inspiration for every

  • Family Fun birthday cakes: Here you'll find themed birthday cake ideas, including
    animal cakes, princess cakes, sports cakes, and chocolate cake recipes.
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