Brown Party Foods
Candy and snack foods in brown

Searching for brown party food ideas? Brown is one of those colors where sometimes
too much of a good thing is just that: so spare the need to overdo the food coloring
and look for a pretty accent color or your party will have a dreary look to it.

Your little Willy Wonka and his chocolate factory will be overflowing in chocolates for
the party. Here are some ideas if you want your party to have accents of brown and
still look appealing.

Brown party foods

  • Brown Fondant: We're really fond of Fondarific Choclate fondant. This gourmet
    Fondant is great on cakes, cookies, cupcakes; candy centers, petit fours and fruit
    flavors are a great activitity for kid's birthday parties. Fondant will help you
    decorate mini cakes, cookies or cupcakes with just the right amount of brown
    you need.

  • Rootbeer and cola are brown! Sure soda is brown, but try also Rootbeer barrel
    candies, above, and Harbio's Happy Cola candy. If you really want to get
    creative, then make your own rootbeer cotton candy at home from a hard candy.
    Left we also have rootbeer licorice! It tastes like rootbeer and not licorice and
    has a tannish brown color.

Brown candies
  • Rootbeer hard candies
  • Chocolate licorice, above
  • Caramels (great for making caramel apples).
  • Butterscotch can have a golden brown when carmelized.
  • Maple candies

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