Drink Decorations
Add details to your beverages for pizazz

Kids will love the details you add to make the birthday drinks special. A pretty swirled
straw, a dangling monkey, a wedge of citrus gummy candy, a pretty parasol umbrella
and a Maraschino cherry! Here are quick and easy ways to add a dash of excitement
to party drinks for kids...

Candy decorations for drinks

  • Swirled Paper straws: Send your party to a soda shop with vintage drink
    decorations. Thick swirled paper straws, above, add a festive touch all on their
    own to your beverages. They don't get soggy! Pair them with swirl lollipops in
    matching colors and you'll instantly add a vintage flair. The swirled pops look
    amazing when nestled and propped in a mason jar of jelly beans

  • Lollipops: Colorful lollipops make a sweet statement for beverages when used
    as a swizzle stick, so enjoy your inner child! Pick colors that complement your
    drink and party theme. For the adults at an alligator party, you can add a
    playful touch to a vodka tonic with a lime sucker stirrer. The kids will enjoy the
    lime lollipop with lemon lime soda.

  • Rock candy: Colorful rock candy makes a pretty drink decoration. Choose a
    lightly colored beverage so that you can see the confection.

Grown up drinks
Kids love pretend. Indulge in the thrill by offering alcohol-free drinks with grown up
looks. Reserve this party idea for kids five and up as some garnishes are choking
  • Have at it with the Maraschino cherries, skewer up orange slices and lemon
    wedges with those frilly toothpicks.
  • Serve a smoothie with a parasol.
  • Try home made slushies in plastic margarita glasses, or sparkling apple juice in
    champagne glasses, and grape juice in wine glasses.
  • Add drink charms or plastic stirrers.
  • Tell them to drink responsibly!

Ice cubes
  • Freeze colorful drink flavors into ice cubes or add a dash of food coloring to
    ordinary water. The colors will dissolve nicely with clear beverages, such as
    lemon lime soda.
  • Freeze gummy candies in your party them.

Fruit decorations for drinks
You can make plenty of fun drinks for kids with lemonade and here are some recipes
and ideas:
  • Watermelon slices: Slice watermelons thin and you can use cookie cutters to
    create beautiful decorations. This idea is particularly suited for girls parties. A
    small star-shape is an ideal beverage decoration to serve poolside for a
    Hollywood stars party or a Spa party. Or cut watermelon in butterfly shapes for
    a fairy party or in flower shapes for a Garden Fairy party. Watermelon
    decorations are ideal with pink lemonade.

  • Starfruit. Sliced starfruit is a classic garnish to float in punch bowls. Or edge the
    drink glasses with a wedge for a magical touch for a Wizards party.
  • Wizard Drink: Rim your punch bowl with a lime to wet the Mix equal
    portions of lemonade with a refreshing sparkling of a lemon lime soda
    and a dash of blue food coloring. Then float your starfruit slices the.

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