Red Party Foods
Candy and snack foods to fit any red theme party

Red hot party planners looking for red party foods can plan a colorful party in red and
here's how:

  • Get in the red: Remember that you'll need more than a splash of color or your
    red party food will turn pink. Little Red Riding Hood, Elmo, and vampires all love
    the color red! And red is a striking combination when paired with a single color,
    like bright cookie monster blue or simply pair it with white to get the vivid red
    accent for your party theme. Ensure your party has these ingredients:
  • Red cookie icing, Wilton's red icing, left, is easy to use.
  • Red jimmies: use them to sprinkle on Vanilla ice cream, pretzel rods,

  • Red Birthday cake ideas: Choose red velvet cake with white icing or decorate a
    decadent vanilla cake with a heavy dose of red frosting.
  • Red Velvet cakes: Red velvet cake is the ideal birthday cake, and a popular
    choice because it is so decadent. Show off your pretty creation in a red cake
  • Red velvet cake pops: Any birthday party is a bit more special when you bake a
    red velvet cake, but consider red velvet cake pops or cake balls, too!

  • Red Party foods book. If you want to involve your child in the party planning, then
    consider buying the book: Red Food Fun, above left. Intended for kid readers
    ages 4-8, this book is 32 pages and filled with photographs and recipes of
    foods in the color white.

  • Red Candies: Most red candies tend to be cinnamon, cherry or strawberry.
    Above, red albanese gummy rings, red swirl pops, red gummies and red sixlets
    chocolates, and Swedish Fish round out the essential candies for a red themed
    party. Red hots are a fun addition for a Valentines Party.
  • cupcakes or the sides of the birthday cake.

  • Swedish fish look terrific on drinks when you use a knife to slit the mouth
    and affix the sticky gummy to the rim of the glass.
  • Red licorice laces are actually strawberry.
  • Red hots candies (if your child can take the strong
    cinnamon), red hot candies will look terrific on your table as confetti. Just
    be sure not put the red hots on a white table or allow drinks to spill and

Red Party foods

  • Red Pretzel Treats: The red dipped pretzel rods, left, are ready made and
    delicious, but you can make yummy pretzel treats yourself at home by melting
    white chocolate and rolling them in pretty sprinkles or jimmies. We aim to
    inspire you to melt, dip and roll, with our pretzel treat recipe ideas.
  • Getting your drinks to look more red. Adding colorful decorations to beverages
    will help make them look more red. Decorate drinks red striped paper straws as
    they have white stripes to really show off the red. Try rimming your beverage
    with red sugars the way you would do for an adult drink. Start with a citrus
    wedge and run it around the glass before filling with a beverage, then dip it into
    the sugars.

Red Popcorn recipe and ideas:

  • How to make red Popcorn: Start with your favorite popped corn. Kettle corn is a
    wonderful option as it is both sweet and savory and ideal for kids parties. Spray
    1/4 of the popcorn with Wilton's Color Mist spray, left. Add a few red hots or red
    gummy candies to give your popcorn a dash of red fun.

  • How to make red popcorn balls: Use your favorite popcorn ball recipe or try
    melting marshmallows. A dash of red food coloring is all it takes. Swirl the food
    coloring into the marshmallow mixture or the corn syrup mixture. Remember to
    add plenty of red or your popcorn balls will turn pink.

Healthy red foods:
  • Red Delicious apples
  • Raspberries
  • Spaghetti
  • Strawberries
  • Ketchup

Our favorite red candies:
  • Cherry Lifesavers
  • Red hots
  • Red Vines licorice twists
  • Red licorice laces
  • Red and white pops
  • Red gummy rings,
  • Red gummy bears
  • Red chocolate roses
  • Cherry Mash chocolate

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