Box of Boogers
Halloween Pool Party
How to turn your backyard pool into a swampy graveyard

Want a Halloween pool party the zombies and ogres won't soon forget? It will take a
spirit of creativity to pull it off, but you can turn your pool into a swamp. This poolside
party combines the terror of the swamp thing with the lovable sweetness of the most
popular ogres.

Here's how to start planning this most unusual pool party:

  • Get a rocking good start to the swamp party. Have your child wear his bathing
    suit to greet guests, but when they've all arrived, have him disappear and
    make a grand re-entrance in a swamp thing costume, right. Play Michael
    Jackson's Thriller and have all the kids dance. Or Dad can surprise the birthday
    kid by appearing in the swamp monster costume, lower left. Mom can even get
    in on the scene with the Swamp Queen costumer, lower right.

  • Rent a fog machine and blast it at the entrance of your party. Fog is a fun effect to
    use at Halloween to greet trick or treaters. And you can purchase a fog machine
    for as little as $24.99 and fog juice for around $7.99, left. Use the machine to
    create a thriller dance floor.

  • More ways to transform your place into a swampy space:
  • Hang camo netting from an outdoor umbrella.
  • On chaise lounges, post tombstone signs "Here lies..."

Ghoulish Games

  • Get in the shallow end of the pool and play, swamp thing says. Get out of the
    pool and play Zombie says, instead of Simon says.

  • Make room in your party for an Ogre Karaoke session. The Shrek Karaoke Party
    DVD features favorite songs from two hit movies.

Eerie Edibles
Looking for freaky fun with food to serve poolside? Check in with our Yuck party and
fill your ogre's pantry with gummy rats on a stick, eyeball-tinis and cotton candy spider
webs. If you can find them, try Box of Boogers, right. They seem to be popular and in
short supply. Here are some recipes to make this Halloween pool party special indeed:

  • Swamp nachos. Totally unappetizing for the adults, the kids will love an
    appetizer using your favorite nacho cheese dip mixed with a few drops of green
    food coloring. Dare them to eat the slime.

  • Serve up the swamp cakes. Bake your cupcakes or cake with green food coloring
    in the batter. Frost with green icing, of course, then poke a hole in the top to let
    some gummy worms slither from inside your cake.

  • Serve up the swamp scum. Swamp juice is the elixir of fun and made easily with
    lime sherbet mixed with lemon lime soda. The mixture creates a frothy, foamy,
    swampy concoction kids love, plus it's algae free!

  • Keep your eye on the eyeball-tinis. Shrek's favorite cocktail, you can make an
    alcohol free grown up looking beverage served in a plastic martini glass. Start
    with an apple martini mix, which is non-alcoholic, and combine with ice and
    eyeball sucker or eyeball gummy candy. Look for the eyeball candies at the local
    party supply in September and October, also check your local Michaels.

  • Create a chilling effect for your Gatorade. Thoroughly wash a pair of latex gloves,
    fill with water, tie with rubber bands and freeze. Remove the latex and place
    the frozen hands in a concoction of Gatorade and lemon lime soda. You may
    want to make a few ogre hands as the fingers are delicate and may break off.
    Also, check in with parents about any latex allergies.

  • Swampy menu ideas for the birthday lunch:
  • Disguise corn dogs as "cattails." Prop a few in wheat grass to look like a
    mini wetland. Or provide the swampy inspiration by filling a tall vase with
    artificial cattails, available online, left, or at your local party supply.

  • More swampy green party food ideas:
  • Look for guacamole tortilla chips, which are green.
  • Buy green jelly beans and call them Dried Ogre boogers. Another option
    for sugar boogers is available by the box, right, and would make a terrific
    favor for swamp party if you can find them. These "tangy boogies" are
    often sold out!
  • Serve lime Jello slithering with gummy worms.


  • Post warning signs, such as enter this party at your own risk, Beware of
    Zombies and Ogre's Wanted signs.

  • Float an inflatable alligator pool ride or two to create a moat in your pool. The
    alligator ride, right will be a popular destination.

  • Out of your gourd. You're "Out of your gourd" if you don't use your backyard as
    an opportunity to have pumpkin carving. Help kids make a green pumpkin.

  • Graveyard at the swamp. Make a swampy grave on the lawn of styrofoam
    gravestones. Place pool towels so each kid has a place to "rest."

  • Put an outhouse inside. "A piece of paper is all it takes to create an outside fit
    for an ogre. Tape a yellow half moon from construction paper onto the restroom
    door to create an Ogre outhouse. Shrek's best ideas came from "inside the

We hope you have a monstrously good time entertaining the little zombies poolside.
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