Halloween Skeleton Party
Having fun with skeletons for a Halloween party

Invite all the ghouls and boys to a hauntingly cute skeleton party this Halloween.
Make no bones about it, you'll find a skeleton theme is a refreshing idea and it has
such vintage flair and striking colors that it's sure to be a graveyard smash.

This bone-ified party is super easy to create. Here are some ideas to get you started
decorating with skeletons, skulls and bones:

  • Skeleton costume: Retro cute, the skeleton costume, right is too stinking
    adorable. ure to have fright night to remembe

Skeleton party foods
You'll say "Bone-appetite" when you serve up the fun in skeleton party wares:

  • Skull cookie jar, top right

  • Skeleton cutlery, immediate right, will help you serve your party theme with
    loads of style. Pair it with damask partyware.

  • Skeleton food picks, top left, will come in handy for Halloween's for years to

  • Skeleton ice cooler, bottom right, is inflatable. Fill it with ice for drinks or use it
    for gifts if this is a Halloween birthday party.

Skeleton themed decorations

  • Skeleton confetti:
  • The skull and bones confetti, left, is ideal for a black and white themed
  • Skeleton parts confetti at the bottom of the page would look terrific
    withe skeleton utensils, pictured immediate right.

Skeleton themed party favors:
  • Skeleton Treat bags
  • Stretch skeleton favors
  • Skull lollipops

Related Party Ideas...

Skeleton Invitations
Once upon a midnight dreary in October, you'll find what you need at the local party
supply stores, but year round you can find the cutest party wares on Amazon,
including these scary cute invitations:

  • Skeleton in a box invitations: Send a home made skeleton in a box invitation
    with a quick note that says "We're dying to invite you over." The work is done
    for you, left, and all you have to do is complete the party details on the box.
    Includes a cute skeleton for each invitation and is super easy. To make the
    home made version, send body parts confetti, pictured at the bottom of the
    page, with your party details in a box.

  • Jointed skeleton invites: Invite the fun with the skeleton invitations, immediate
    left, by Martha Stewart. Packed with vintage style, you can have fun by stuffing
    the envelopes with a bit of skull and bones confetti.

Real Skeleton parties...

  • Graham's Boo-Day Bash! One little skeleton named Graham celebrated his
    second birthday in wickedly cute fashion. Check out his totally adorable
    skeleton boo-day bash. You'll say Bone-appetite to the yummy selection of food
    and the skeleton cookies in particular. Skeletons popped up around drinks and
    wrapped around candy corn jar.

You really can have a party on any theme, even if it's a Halloween party that's all about
skeletons. We hope our guide has inspired you to host your own skeleton themed party.
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share party ideas with us on Twitter.
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