Pictured above: classic spider cob web cookies from Good Housekeeping magazine; clever
spider devilled eggs from Sunset magazine; easy do it yourself
Spider candy perched on
pipe cleaners; and far right a recipe for
spider cookies from Land O Lakes.

How to Plan an Itsy Bitsy Spider Party
Cobwebs of fun for kids, a clever spider theme party for Halloween or an eighth
birthday party will certainly make yours a party to remember. Make them an itsy bit
jealous with Web links of spider ideas we've gathered below.

Spider Decoration Ideas
Bleak and black is the dreadfully cute color scheme for an Itsy Bitsy Spider party. Add
jewel tones to liven the decor or create lavish use of purely black and white. Create a
do it yourself spider's lair with imaginative use of spider rings, pipe cleaners and
licorice. Clever menu ideas will also add an eerie element.

SPIDER RINGS: More than just a decoration for little fingers, here are ten ways to
decorate using those little black spider rings that are so abundant at Halloween:

  • Those yarned spiders! Suspend spider rings from black yarn so they look like
    they're crawling down your mantel or down window panes. Try also dangling
    spider rings like ring charms on drinking glasses by securing them with black
    yarn around stemmed beverages.
  • Tacky number two tip. Use tacky glue to affix them to pencils as toppers.
  • Spear a spider. Creepy crafty Martha Stewart shows you how to create grown
    up appetizers with stylish do it yourself spider spears.
  • Surprise with a sudsy spider. Wash your way to a spider ring soap. Country
    Living shows how you can make your own creepy soaps.
  • Sip a spider. Wrap spider rings around black striped paper straws, lower right.
    Secure spiders with clear tape. It's a fanciful garnish for re-purposed Starbuck
    Frappucino glasses -- just remove labels, slip in a straw and serve our putrid
    punch or spoiled milk beverages (recipes in our Witch Party ideas). Or try spider
    juice, below.
  • Get festive and frigid. Freeze spider rings into ice cube for a chilling beverage.
  • Display decrepit candle decor. Slide spider rings onto candle bases. Freeze your
    candles and they'll last longer.
  • Spy this spider hair do: braid spider rings into girls hair.
  • Finger food. Nestle spider rings on the finger foods, celery sticks, carrot sticks
    and bread sticks, for example. They'll certainly finger these healthy food choices!
  • Last but nest least. Nest spider hatchlings in an entry way or door frame. So
    suggests Family Fun with their spiders nest idea. Creativity begins with a
    balloon, some cheesecloth and a beloved batch of spider rings.

Want to wear the classic ring on your fingers? Then please slip on some imagination!
Nail polish transforms rings with creepy crafty style when you
reinvent the spider ring.
Paint black polish on orange or purple spider rings, and orange or white polish on
black spider rings.

LICORICE SPIDERS: Black licorice vines and licorice ropes are ideal for creepy yet edible
spider legs. Here are some of our favorite spider cookies with licorice legs:
  • Licorice leg cupcakes: These classic licorice spider leg cupcakes and cake pop
    ideas from Bakerella will creep into your heart. Bake cupcakes low into the
    baking cups and your licorice leg cupcakes will just about crawl off the table.
  • No bake licorice leg spider cookies. Transform any sandwich cookie into a spider.
    Just pull apart gently and place licorice strings inside. Pipe in a little frosting and
    your sandwich cookies will close better. Use the frosting to "glue" white
    chocolate chip eyes.
  • Neat napkin rings. Wrap licorice laces napkins to entertain littles with an edible
    treat .
  • Licorice whips and licorice laces. Whatever you call them, they're hard to find in
    the local stores. Above, Gustaf's Licorice Laces are available in a pack of three,
    ensuring you'll have enough spider legs for all your creations.

CHENILLE: Explore creepy crawly ideas you can make with pipe cleaners:
  • Kids are suckers for these cute spiders. With black pipe cleaners, felt and a
    classic lollipop, you can make these easy Spider Pops as favors.
  • Tease them. Do it yourself decor, these adorable spider tea light holders will
    warm your heart. Spiders come alive as tea lights with pipe cleaner legs
    protruding from tiny pumpkins.
  • Three cheers for pom-poms. Craft the cutest ever pom-pom spider ever. Now
    that's an itsy bitsy spider! Or transform pom-poms and chenille into clever
    spider napkin rings.

Spider Menu
I know an old lady who swallowed a spider. It wriggled and tickled the tummy inside
her. She ate spider gummies, available early in Halloween season. Check out these
cute menu ideas for your party with a spider theme:
  • Pictured above, you'll find links for Spider Devilled eggs (olives provide the
    perfect garnish), classic cobweb cookies, and buttery licorice lace spider cookies.
  • Left, sour cream becomes a CobWeb topping for soups and appetizers. The
    easy directions from Better Homes and Gardens require a toothpick and squeeze
  • Get spun on sugar. Serve cotton candy cobweb style laced with a spider ring
    atop Fluffy Stuff Spider Web cotton candy, left. Now that's how to whip up a
    wicked web!
  • Get spider bites: Add a morsel of fun to store bought Brownie Bites by propping
    orange and purple spider rings atop.
  • Spider Juice: Mix grape and orange Kool-Aid drink mix with lemon lime soda for a
    bleak, black concoction. Re-purpose Starbucks Frappucino glasses into your
    spider juice bottles. Soak to remove labels. Add striped paper straws, right, to
    your spider sodas. Tape spider rings to each straw with clear tape!
  • Feeling a bit nutty? Try the creepy pecan caramel spiders recipe from HGTV.

  • No bake spider web cake. Cheesecake laced with a web of chocolate or caramel
    sauce is achieved easily with a few simple squeezes from a plastic condiment
    bottle. Right, is from Martha Stewart.
  • Right, try Pocky to make spider legs for cakes?  Yes! Find the complete tutorial
    at NotMartha.org. Pocky, an imported Japanese snack cookie, is available on
    Amazon. And you might as well order the sugar eyes there, too.
  • Learn how to make candy spiders,
  • The spider candy mold, right will help make scrumptious spiders to top on
    cupcakes and cookies.
  • Easy black widow cake. Black sugar sprinkles and a spider template is all you
    need to decorate your birthday cake.

Activities for a spider party
  • Toss spiders. No spider party is complete without a spider ring toss, right.
  • Walk with spiders. Life is a cake walk when you create special take home spider
    cakes (or cupcakes) the kids earn in an old fashioned cake walk.
  • Construct a spider. Kids can make a spider bracelet from construction paper.
    Video tutorial from eHow.
  • Spy some real spiders. Have Dad catch some real spiders and display them in
    jars for the kids to explore.

More spider decoration ideas:

Real Spider Parties
If you're an itsy bit interested in more spider Halloween ideas, then be sure to peek
Itsy Bitsy Spider Party. Here are more creepy spider party ideas from moms
who've already had a spider party:

We hope you've enjoyed our spider Halloween party ideas. Now it's your turn. Share
your party theme with us and we'll link you on Twitter.
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