Witch bubble favors
Pony parties and kids parties
Here are the spooky details for witch party decor. Left, whimsical witch hat cookies
brimming with chocolate will be the centerpiece of your dessert table. Infested with plastic
critters, Martha' Stewart's playful yet
deranged centerpiece provides an amusing contrast.
Next, clever
witch's broom place card holders from HGTV keep your table seating plans tidy.
Set loved ones aglow with
paranormal portraits, an enlightening idea from Country Living.

Witch party
Witch way to go? The sky is the limit when you plan a clever party for the little witches
and wizards. Cast a spell-binding
soiree for wizards or witches with these hauntingly
easy kids party ideas.

Witch decorations
Stick to a color scheme for the party decorations. Start with a little black magic, then
add mystical purple, wizard-like blue, witch hazel green, blood curdling red, Halloween
orange or bold white accents. Layers of details and graphic elements you find at the
craft store give your party some well "urned" respect. Here are more creepy party tips:

  • It's curtain calls for you my pretty! Model Martha Stewart's torn and tattered
    party entrance idea: witch curtains made from black garbage bags.

  • Skip the cobwebs! Just because they're witches, doesn't mean they don't keep a
    tidy home. A well stocked witch kitchen is a more interesting elixir to your party
    details. You can encase plastic tarantulas, rats and bats in mason and
    apothecary jars. To elude to magic potions, add food coloring and water to the
    jars, which will give the effect of a witch's preservative. Labeling jars adds
    another dimension of fun. Look at thrift shops for various glass containers.

  • Serve blackbird pie. Black birds are available abundantly, albeit seasonally, in
    small sizes at the dollar stores or year round on Amazon for around $1.79.
    Available in various poses, prop a raven on a charger plate with the appetizers.
    The large menacing crow, left, will guard your birthday cake or pie before it's
    time to serve. Hover him above the cake with transparent fishing line.

  • Oh fiddle-sticks! Transform thrift shop candlesticks and vases into a decorative
    display for your witches lair with black spray paint. Read labels and warnings.
    Paints may contain lead making the surface you paint not suitable for food.
    Easier yet, get dreary black candles for your new candlesticks and cluster with
    black cake stands, vases and pedestal bowls.
  • Spray paint white roses black for another stylishly bleak look.
  • Alternatively, Martha Stewart creates her Deranged Centerpiece with an
    array of plastic insects, some spray painted, to contrast white roses.
  • Give black spray to a fruit bowl centerpiece

  • Witch Silhouettes. If you've got crafty style, cut a witch silhouette from black
    poster paper to hang against an orange moon. Or take the easy way out, and
    buy it ready made.  The large witch party decals, lower right, will help you
    decorate easily. Don't worry mom, it's removable!

  • More witch party decor ideas:
  • Choose warty pumpkins to display. Skip the carving; and paint them
  • Turn that witch hat into a lampshade, as one hostess did in a featured
    witch party in Better Homes and Garden.
  • Make black paper flowers. Country Living magazine shows how.
  • Copy the idea of these broomstick place cards and turn them into
    invitations to your party.

Witch party favors

  • Branches and brown paper lunch bags become clever broom stick favor bags.
    Martha Stewart provides the tutorial; however, it's easier to just let her team do
    the work for you. Buy the ready made bags, left.

  • Witches broom pens. Just $8.88 for a dozen and available with free shipping,
    these cute pens will have kids writing in the night.

Witches Menu
Aside from sand-witches, you've not decided your menu? Well then, enjoy these kid
approved recipes. We promise no eye of newt required. (Unless of course you count
Fig Newtons, which you can label "eye of newtons" at the dessert table.)

  • Witch hat Calzones. Watch out, your kids will ask for these calzones every
    Halloween. This recipe from Better Homes and Gardens, pictured right, yields 8
    pepperoni calzones, and is ideal for teens and pre-teens.

  • Broomstick pretzels. Transform large pretzel sticks into broomsticks by dipping
    them in candy coating, and wrapping tattered fruit roll ups at the end. A
    variation from Family Fun magazine, right, uses mini pretzel sticks. Witch do you
    choose? Try both! Use the larger pretzel sticks to make magic wizard wands and
    smaller sticks to create witch brooms.

  • Witch fingers: Create witch finger appetizers and cookies with almond slivers for
    the finger nails. Try our big batch sugar cookie recipe, then follow your own
    hand as a template, create a few details for your digits with a knife, then add
    the finger nail to the tip before baking. Go ahead and bite these nails:
  • She's melting! Right, make these wickedly easy witch fingers using a
    pretzel mold. Just pour melted chocolate or Wilton candy melts.
  • We're pointing fingers at Pillsbury for Witches Finger sandwiches with a
    clever use of pepperoni for the finger nails.
  • Delightfully green, kids will love the Witches Hairy Finger Breadsticks
    coated in Parmesan cheese. Dip them in blood red marinara.

  • Putrid punch: Mix lime sherbet with lemon lime soda for a foamy witches brew
    that will be bubbling in the cauldron. Want something more dreary? Mix grape
    and orange Kool-Aid drink mix with lemon lime soda for a bleak, black concoction
    worthy of a witch.

  • Cookies and spoiled milk: Add a bewitching touch to ordinary milk with a dash of
    green food coloring. Drape a gummy worm at the edge of the glass. Right, black
    striped straws will add a bewitching touch.

  • Fudge on baking. The witch hat cookies, left, are no bake. Take a store bought
    fudge cookie and add icing "glue" to affix the Hershey's Kiss and add a ribbon

  • Add a cackling surprise to the birthday cake! No birthday cake is complete without
    ice cream. To give this party tradition a witches touch, serve crackling ice cream.
    How to do it? Add a magical sprinkling of Pop Rocks candy to the top of the ice
    cream scoop. Garnish with a gummy worm or spider and your dessert truly
    comes alive.

  • Poison candied apples: Roll caramel or chocolate covered apples in red jimmies to
    make a tempting treat worthy of a witch trick.

  • Candy buffet. Scare up some vintage tradition by filling apothecary jars with
    contrasting black and white treats, including jelly beans, licorice sticks and
    barber pole suckers or swirl pops. If you have a large jar and didn't buy enough
    candy, prop a feathered black crow friend atop.

Witch party activities
Party traditions have changed from yesteryear, so as bobbing for poison apples is a
bit unsanitary you may like some other ideas for your party:

  • Which witch book will you choose? Read"Witch, Witch Come to My Party" a
    popular pick on Amazon, left. A book for the pre-school set, the book invites a
    cast of characters. Make it a repeat after me reading and the kids will chime in
    "Witch, Witch come to my party."

  • Tricks and treats. Prepare a large black bin by filling it with cheap popcorn. Wrap
    several unique but equal value prizes to bury in your "cauldron" of popcorn. Add
    a few "tricks" such as a toothbrush, a sock, a bar of ordinary soap, or a box of
    baking soda. Blindfold kids and allow them to fish the cauldron for tricks and
    treats. Allow tricked kids to fish again until everyone wins a prize.

Free Witch Printables

  • Print Eyes of Newt labels from Martha Stewart, left, and give green jelly beans
    as favors or fill an apothecary jar with candy  "eyes" and display them with the
    stylishly bleak label.

Real Witch Parties
Have a blog or an ETSY shop with fanciful witch decorations, Halloween invitations or
party supplies? Write us on Twitter to link up! We enjoy sharing quality blogs and
ideas with moms who want to host
cute kids parties.

We hope you've enjoyed our witch party ideas. Now it's your turn. Share your party
theme with us and we'll link you on Twitter. See also our
Wizard Party ideas.
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