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Say "Hello" to a Hello Kitty birthday for girls

A Hello Kitty birthday is the purr-fect party idea for a little girl crazy about Hello Kitty,
so say "Hello" to a
Hello Kitty party. Here's how to put a new spin to this retro classic
celebration for girls:

  • Hello Kitty Cupcakes: Make hello kitty cupcakes with cake sugars, above. Or use
    them to create Hello Kitty brownie bites. Decorate store bought brownie bites
    and affix "glue" the cake sugars onto the brownie bites with a dab of frosting.
    It's simple and sweet Hello Kitty perfection made easy!

  • Dress the party girl, head to paw, in Hello Kitty wear. Dig through her closet and
    you'll probably find some Hello Kitty clothing. Add something fresh to the
    ensemble by checking out Amazon's Hello Kitty Clothing Store, which has the
    latest arrivals of Hello Kitty merchandise, including hoodies, sweat pants, and
    more. The Hello Kitty costume, right, will serve you equally well at Halloween as
    it will for the party. And she'll surely treasure the Hello Kitty bracelet, right, as a
    memory of her special Hello Kitty party. A bracelet would also make ideal party
    favors. The girls will love it.

  • Have fun with the "Hello" theme. As guests arrive to your party, greet them
    saying "Hello Kitty," and present the girls with a big bow red or pink hair clip. As
    they depart, bid them farewell by saying "Goodbye Kitty" and give a helium filled
    balloon weighted with Hello Kitty party favors as thanks.

  • Say "Hello" to a vibrant color scheme for this party: pink and orange. This is a
    bright and happy combination. While the Hello Kitty party supply line includes a
    plastic tablecloth in the Hello Kitty design, you can provide a bit of the
    unexpected by layering the table with an ordinary orange tablecloth and hot
    pink tulle instead. Accent the table decorations with orange plastic cutlery, and
    serve pretty orange soda to keep with the theme. Sprinkle the tables with pink
    and orange candy as confetti, such as pink and orange M&Ms, jelly beans or
    gum drops. Above your sweet table setting, hang Asian paper lanterns in pink
    and orange. These designer touches will provide all the more emphasis to
    whichever Hello Kitty party plates, left, you choose.

Hello Kitty invitations
Ready made Hello Kitty invitations are easy enough to find, and the design left, will
have her flying high with excitement. For a bit of the unexpected, you can celebrate
her uniqueness, by making home made invitations in pink and orange. Roll them into a
scroll and festoon with a Hello Kitty Party ring. You might otherwise head to ETSY for
handmade Hello Kitty invitations. Whatever you choose, have the birthday girl get into
the spirit and partake in the planning and preparation of her party by affixing Hello
Kitty stickers to the envelopes or invitation. At
ETSY.com you'll also find custom or
personalized Hello Kitty stickers to accent your creations.

Hello Kitty Party supplies
Securing the basic Hello Kitty party supplies at your local party supply store should be
easy. Not so easy to find are some truly special items that she'll really Top on your list
of Hello Kitty party supplies should be to secure Hello Kitty Silly Bandz as favors.

Here are more Hello Kitty Party supplies available online:

  • Hello Kitty Table cloths: If you're looking for a Hello Kitty Tablecloth, try
  • Real cloth Hello Kitty Table cloth: the Hello Kitty Picnic cloth, left, is a cotton picnic
    cloth that's a durable fabric for laying your yummy treats on in the park,
    backyard or campsite. Try it for a small table at a party, too.
  • The Hello Kitty table cloth, lower left, is a table cover that measures
    approximately 54 high x 102 wide:  making it perfect to fit all your guests at the
    Hello Kitty party.

  • Hello Kitty party supplies doubles as a serving dish: The Hello Kitty baking pan,
    upper left, will serve you well for making your Hello Kitty Birthday cake. After
    you've baked the cake, why not use it to serve party snacks?

  • Hello Kitty Party favors: There's a plethora of Hello Kitty merchandise, which will
    enable you to find the perfect party favors.
  • Hello Kitty Stickers: Hello Kitty stickers are easy enough to find. Use them
    for the thank you cards and invitations, too.
  • Hello Kitty Candies: You'll find Hello Kitty marshmallow pops, PEZ candy
    dispensers and more on Amazon. Look closely and you'll find Hello Kitty
    fruit flavored hard candies, too. YOu'll also find Hello Kitty Jelly Belly candy.

Hello Kitty Birthday cake
You have lots of options for your Hello Kitty birthday cake:

  • Wilton's Hello Kitty cake pan, upper left, is ideal if you have a cake decorating
    kit. Just bake a cake pipe in frosting according to the directions. Likely you'll
    want to supplement your cake with cupcakes to feed a larger crowd.

  • Cupcake baking cups, pictured top center, feature Hello Kitty herself and adds a
    festive touch to your cupcakes.

  • Use cupcake sugars, top center, to decorate cakes, cupcakes, cookies or ice

  • Give kids a surprise in their cake slice or cupcake with a Hello Kitty cake topper
    as a ring favor.

  • The Hello Kitty Edible image, left, is super easy to use. Just unroll it flat onto a
    sheet cake. The image melts into the frosting. Your friends will be amazed that
    you baked the cake yourself.

Hello Kitty Food
As kittens love to drink milk, your party should have some strawberry milk. Serve
plenty of
pink party foods and marshmallow treats.

  • Have a brunch or start out her birthday morning with Hello Kitty waffles using
    the waffle maker, right.
  • Sushi for the adults and candy sushi for kids is the start of a good Hello Kitty
    party luncheon.
  • Hello Kitty Cookies: Hello Kitty Cookies are easy enough to craft yourself using
    our Big Batch Sugar Cookie Recipe. But if you want to skip the work, then order
    the Hello Kitty Cookies, right, which are neatly packaged and also make nice
  • For easy sandwiches, toast bread with the Hello Kitty toaster, right.

Hello Kitty games and activities
  • Hello Kitty Monopoly, left
  • Hello Kitty bingo, right
  • Hello Kitty Flip N Match game, right

Gift ideas for the Hello Kitty birthday girl

  • Hello Kitty Monopoly is a classic gift that you'll cherish for years to come. Make it
    family night with this fun Hello Kitty board game based on the original classic.

  • Turn your birthday party theme into a bedroom party theme.  Say "Hello" to a
    Hello Kitty bedroom. The Hello Kitty bedspread, right, is just the start for a fun
    girls bedroom. Decorate her room with classic Hello Kitty merchandise. Redoing
    her room in Hello Kitty theme is the ultimate birthday gift.  Start with Hello Kitty
    bedding, pictured right.

  • The Hello Kitty Table and chairs, pictured right will provide hours of enjoyment
    for crafts and tea parties.

Real Hello Kitty Parties

  • Oh my! A do it yourself Hello Kitty Party. See the crafty cupcake party picks, and
    handmade favor bags from Oh My Gluestick Hello Kitty Party!

As kids parties go, a Hello Kitty birthday theme is among the most popular. Tell us
about your Hello Kitty party and
share party ideas with us on Twitter. We're always
looking for cute birthday party ideas.
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