Kids Birthday Party Tips
Simple tips to keep a kids birthday easy and memorable

Kids birthday parties should be easy to plan and simple to create. It only takes a
simple costume theme and a few props to send imaginations soaring both for you and
your child. You can impress a good time and make memories last when you plan an
unexpected party theme, such as a
green alien party, or a Winter Wonderland party
in the middle of summer.

Another way to help the memories last is to upgrade a party theme a notch, so
instead of hosting an average luau try a
Tiki Party for the boys or a Hula Girl party for
the girls. Poolside, try a
Surfer party, a Shark party or a Pink Flamingo Party. You
might even chill out with a
Penguin pool party.  And don't settle for an ordinary tea
party try a
Tiny tea party. Not just any pirate party, but a Pink Pirate Party.

No matter what type of theme party you choose with your kids, you can make the
party planning easier and more memorable with these ideas:

  • Make the birthday kid feel extra special. If you're providing a wearable party
    favor, such as a hat, ensure the birthday boy or girl has a hat that's different
    from friends in color or style. Give the birthday a girl a flash tiara cowgirl hat for
    a cowgirl party and the others get kids cowboy hats in straw. For an artists
    party, give everyone black berets, but the birthday girl a red beret. Or put
    special touches to the hat the other kids wear by modifying the hat slightly with
    a few embellishments.

  • Set guests at ease for the party. It's okay to request that guests wear "jeans"
    for riding horses, bring a bathing suit for the pool, or dress appropriately for an
    art party. If you want to decorate guests by providing them with hats,
    costumes and accessories that's fine. But asking guests to dress in costume for
    a party may cause them undue stress for lack of the proper attire.

  • Opening birthday presents. Make guests feel special by rotating the seating
    arrangements so that the gift giver sits next to the birthday kid while opening
    the package. Take video of the gift giving or have the giver pose with the gift
    and the birthday child to help you remember who game what.

  • Shop early. You just won't' find the really fun stuff you need at the local party
    supply whether your party is a green alien theme, or surprisingly, even a
    dinosaur party, so shop online a full month ahead of your party. This will allow
    time for you to fully organize and allow for items to arrive by mail and reorder
    more  party supplies if needed.

  • Birthday cakes: Professional bakers freeze the cake portion and frost fresh. So
    go ahead and frost the cake and freeze it the way bakers do to save time, then
    provide the finishing touches the night before the party. Our party pages have
    tips for super easy cakes and cupcakes that will impress party-goers. A little
    creativity goes a long way. Blue iced cup cakes with shark fin props, for
    example, will put on the smiles at a beach party, shark party or surfer party.

  • Here's a scoop: It's easier to scoop ice cream ahead of time. Ice cream scooping
    always delays gratification of the birthday cake serving ritual, so scoop ahead
    by filling individual portions into short clear cups and returning to the freezer.
    Keep a tray handy by the refrigerator so you're ready when cake time comes.
    You'll provide a bit of the unexpected to the standard cake and ice cream fare
    when you present kids with a choice of party sprinkles, whipped cream, sauces,
    and a cherry on top. Or wash up a small trinket to include in the presentation
    as with a frog toy sitting on a cookie lily pad and blue colored ice cream for a
    hopping good frog party.

    More ice cream tips:
  • For cone shaped ice cream cones, stick a tiny marshmallow at the bottom
    before scooping to prevent drips.
  • Get free ice cream on your birthday.

  • Turn a favor box into a meal box: Many Australian Web sites offer meal boxes
    and it seems Aussie kids have come to expect a bit of fanfare for the food
    containers with meal boxes. You can turn your party into a picnic by distributing
    meal boxes. Use favor boxes available in the United States. Stuff a sandwich,
    some chips and an applesauce or cheese sticks and you're good to go.

  • Don't blow up: Mylar balloons and inflatable toys are better alternatives to latex
    balloons and can make quite a celebratory statement. They last longer and
    pose less threat of choking hazard to children under three, besides. Use them
    to decorate, then divvy up to the kids as favors and you'll get more bang for
    your buck. Inflatable toys double as decoration and favors.

  • Let go of good eating habits for the special day. A birthday is a celebration and
    kids will enjoy the bliss of a birthday bash filled with gooey goodies, and the
    forbidden fun of sticky sweets. A candy buffet is a sweet way to provide a
    festive touch. In short: let them eat cake! But if the birthday kid doesn't like
    cake, host an ice cream social.

  • Budget your party by planning ahead. Dress your kid the part of your party
    theme, and recycle the costume for Halloween. Or stock up and buy candy for
    the Piñata after Halloween or Valentine's Day well in advance of your party. You
    can also save money by inviting fewer guests or by inviting the party at a short
    venue, like a gymnastics class. In this way there is only time for romping around
    and to serve cake (and you save money by not serving a lunch). If you plan
    ahead, you may find it's actually cheaper to hold your party at the bowling alley
    or horse stables than having it at home. Take the time to find out.

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