Unicorn Birthday
Host a magical unicorn party

Mystical and magical unicorns from fairyland go beyond the traditional princess party.
This party theme aims to inspire you, not pressure you! Plan ahead and you really can
host a magical unicorn party.  Here's the party plan for Unicorn themed birthday cakes,
menu, activities, favors and ideas.

  • Unicorn inflatables: Make use of unicorn inflatables at the party in your decor.
    They double as party favors!

  • Unicorn Cookie cutters have many uses! Use cookie cutters to trace the unicorn
    shape onto pretty papers, cut and string to make unicorn garland. You can also
    affix small Unicorn cookie cutter shapes on to straws. Trace the shape to help
    you make invitations and thank you cards, too!

  • Do it yourself Unicorn Horns: Make your own Unicorn horn by forming a cone
    shaped party hat from pretty papers you find at the craft stores. Decorate with
    pretty ribbons and glitter.

Unicorn Party Plan:
With twinkling metallic silver on a base of lavenders and purples you're halfway there
to planning the perfect Unicorn party. In this glittery fantasy, butterflies and fairies
naturally follow unicorns, so you'll want to add them too. Unicorns inhabit enchanted
forests, so you have full liberty to enhance the party theme with fairyland creatures.
With purple and pink as your guide, plan your Unicorn party with these theme ideas:

  • Butterflies, rainbows and fairies: The mystical unicorns of fairyland play under
    rainbows and with fluttering butterflies, so you'll want to add these elements to
    your party:
  • See our butterfly party ideas
  • Rainbows: Add rainbow sprinkles to cupcakes, cakes, cookies and
    chocolate confections, such as dipped pretzels. (Pretzels can look a bit
    like unicorn horns.) Give Unicorn Pops in rainbow colors as party favors.
  • Fairies: Sprinkle them with pixie dust! See our Fairy Parties.

  • Extend the party theme: Having a Unicorn theme party is a challenge, but you
    can extend the party theme with Pegasus, and princess or fairy tale creatures
    like knights and dragons, if you are inviting boys.

Unicorn Party decorations

  • Create a dreamy unicorn table setting: Keep the decor for your unicorn party in a
    color scheme of purple and pink with hints of blue. Layer a pink table cloth with
    purple tulle on top. Next, layer your table with candy like confetti. Kids will enjoy
    eating your decorations! The Unicorn Candy pack, right, is an ideal table
    confetti. It has unicorn shapes, including a rainbow, stars, and unicorn heads in
    pastel colors.

  • Unicorn Figurines: Get out the castles, unicorn figurines from your toy chest and
    transform the party area into fairyland. Look to Papo and Schleich for a variety
    of unicorn and Pegasus figurines to decorate the cake and tables.

  • Set the stage with entry to your party: Sprinkle Unicorn confetti with pink, purple
    or silver glitter at the party entrance to get everyone excited. To enhance your
    fairy tale theme party further, create signs to direct "Unicorns" and "Dragons"
    to the appropriate bathrooms. Place a "Unicorn Crossing" sign strategically at
    the doorway.

Unicorn Party Supplies
Finding unicorn party favors, decorations and plates is not easy, but buying online for
your unicorn party is much easier than trying to shop the local party supply. Look for:
  • inflatable unicorns and unicorn plush by the dozen for around $20.  
  • unicorn candy molds to make lollipops, chocolates and other candies.
  • Unicorn puppets
  • unicorn balloons
  • unicorn tattoos
  • unicorn horn headbands
  • unicorn funny money (dollar bills)
  • unicorn pencils and notebooks,
  • unicorn plush and bean bags
  • Pin-the-tail on the unicorn party game,

Unicorn Party Activities
Have a puppet show with unicorn puppets. Make your own unicorn puppets from
tongue depressors, yarn and paper with this unicorn arts and crafts project. Make
home-made play dough (purple, pink and blue) or use the store bought kind, and
embellish with glitter sprinkles.

  • Stuff a pinata with unicorn buttermints. There are six packs for $15, which is
    just $2.50 a bag. The retail for $3.95 each. One package is plenty for a pinata

  • Give them Mini-Fairy Land. This fun favor idea, right, by Accoutrements, comes
    complete with a prince and princess, two fairies, a carriage, two thrones, a
    magic mirror, two doves, a goose, a Pegasus and a unicorn. Be sure to see Mini-
    Camelot for the boys.

Unicorn Party Foods
For a unicorn party, you'll need rainbow sprinkles on just about everything! Great for
the cake, cookies, and ice cream, try also rolling sprinkles onto
pretzel sticks coated in
chocolate. Here's what's on the menu for a Unicorn Party:

  • Get cookie cutter: The unicorn cookie cutter, left has so many uses for your
    menu. Use it to make our easy Big Batch Sugar Cookies Cookie cutters also help
    you cut fondant for decorating the birthday cake with unicorn shapes. You may
    even cut cheeses for the appetizer tray or  use them cut tea sandwiches.

  • Unicorn drink ideas:  Use purple sugar rims, the kind used for adult drinks, to
    give kids the royal treatment. Squeeze a wedge of lime around the sides and
    then dip in sugar and serve lemonade or Vitamin Water and use a swirly

  • Unicorn horn lollipops. Look for Unicorn Pop suckers, top left. These are ideal for
    use as a swizzle stick for your party drinks.

  • Unicorn fairy tale Party cupcake ideas: To give cupcakes an ethereal look for a
    princess party, tear some blue cotton candy to make a dreamy cloud accent ona
    creamy pink frosting. It's a look that's sure to send the kids to fairyland.  

  • Unicorn candy ideas: Unicorn pops make a great favor for a Unicorn party. This
    classic creation resembles the unicorn horn. Set up a candy buffet to include

  • Make Unicorn Jello: Use the versatile unicorn cake pan next year  for a pony
    party. Use it for cake, Jello, chocolates and more. Fill the horn with chocolate,
    marzipan or candy you can melt and mold. Look also to for unicorn molds to help
    you create confections (chocolate unicorn lollipops and hard candy suckers, for

  • Unicorn bundt cake mold. For a fantastic bunt cake, try the Zanda Panda Unicorn
    Mold. You can also make unicorn lollipops, chocolate or marzipan cakes, cookies
    and more from this versatile pan.

  • Make Unicorn horn ice cream cones. You'll find the complete recipe from Barbara
    Beery in her Princess Cookbook available on Amazon (see pages 44-45). There
    you'll find a recipe for waffle cones dipped into colorful melt-able candies and
    rolled into candy confetti then topped with ice-cream, turned upside-down to
    look like a unicorn horn.

  • More fun Unicorn horn ideas: Waffle cones are great cups for fruit and
    snackmixes, too. They look like unicorn horns. Whats more, Bugles are yummy
    unicorn party snacks. For a Winter Unicorn party, dig up some icicle shaped
    Christmas ornaments to hang throughout your party to add to the magical

Unicorn Invitation ideas
Check out these custom unicorn invitation ideas:

  • Unicorn postage stamps: You'll find sweet Unicorn postage stamps at Zazzle
    (choose .27 cents for a Postcard or .42 cents for a 1-oz envelope).

Unicorn gifts for the birthday girl

  • Breyer Unicorn Music Box: Beautifully illustrated and with lovely velvet flocked
    paper lining, the Unicorn Treasure box, left , is the perfect place to stash tiny
    treasurer. Heirloom quality construction, this enchanting music box plays “The
    Unicorn” as the petite unicorn pirouettes.

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