Tips for Dry Ice
How to use dry ice effectively for your party

Dry ice will add a magical effect to your party, however you should educate yourself on
how to use dry ice safely (heed some precautions), and use it wisely or you'll be sorely
disappointed at paying for nothing. When you know where to get dry ice you'll use it
for a fun effect, but you may also find that adding dry ice in your cooler will keep your
ice cream cold for parties you hold at a park.

Here's how to use dry ice wisely:

  • Plan to pick up the dry ice just an hour or so before your party as the effect has
    just 8 hours of vapors.

  • Dry ice will evaporate in your freezer, so store it in air tight containers, such as a
    cooler. In fact, dry ice can ruin your refrigeration system. So use a cooler!

  • Wait until the crowd gathers before using the dry ice in your concoctions
    because the effect of dry ice is short lived.

Heed some precautions about dry ice:

Dry Ice can cause harm, so use it cautiously:

  • Transfer dry ice with tongs.
  • Do not serve chunks of the ice directly in drinks as this could burn when
    coming in contact with your hands or mouth.

  • Create the vaporous effect of dry ice for your drinks by having two bowls: one
    with dry ice and the other nestled inside with the actual drink.

  • Vapors from dry ice can also cause light headedness; however, only over
    prolonged exposure can cause harm, so don't let this aspect spoil the fun!

Dry Ice Maker!
You can purchase a dry ice maker for  a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars.
You can get it just as easily locally.
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