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How to host a princess party

As kids parties go, a princess party is at the top of the list for girls themes. Girls just
want to have fun, and a princess party is a crowning rite of passage that's just as
much fun for the girls to enjoy as it is for the mothers to plan. Ideal for the tender
She'll always be your princess, but may outgrow the princess party next year.

So get to the planning now! While the three staples of a princess party include
partaking in pink party foods, the wearing of tiaras, and the waving of magic wands,
your little princess doesn't have to be typical. Give a lift to the traditional pink princess
party with a wishing well where princesses close their eyes and hold their wishes
secretly until they come true. This will make your party a happily ever after one. And
girls can make their own magic mirrors by affixing glitter and gems to wooden mirrors,
left. They serve as an activity and favor in one!

There are many other ways to have a princess party, and Disney doesn't have to be
one of them. But if you choose a Disney princess theme, then be sure to pick one
Disney princess and work out the details with your theme. For example, serve candied
apples at a Snow White party, ensure plenty of bippidy boppedy blue and a pumpkin
or two for a Cinderella party, and make her the belle of the ball with a yellow tea
party for your little Beauty and let Dad or brother play the part of the beast.

When it comes to kids parties, having a party theme that breaks from tradition will
help make the memories last. Here's how to throw a memorable princess party.,,

Themes for princess parties:
Just about any party idea can have a princess. Take a cowgirl party theme as an
example: with a bit of glitter and a pink tiara cowgirl hat, you can turn your little rodeo
queen into a princess. Here are other ideas to get your princess party started:

  • Transport your Arabian princess to a faraway land by magic carpet. She can
    invite a harem of friends to an Arabian nights party whether by day or by night.
    It makes an unusual slumber party idea or a tea party idea. A makeshift
    Bedouin tent, a bit of incense and a brass lamp will send imaginations soaring.

  • Your little lotus flower deserves an Asian princess party with candy sushi, koi
    kite making and an origami activity. Present her with a royal Kimono and serve
    her guests apple juice tea from Asian teacups. Lunch doesn't have to be fishy,
    serve the princesses mock sushi sandwiches from rolled flat bread cut like
    sushi, and have them eat with chopsticks.  She'll love a centerpiece of live
    goldfish. Or try a Chinese princess tea party filled with paper lanterns, pretty
    fans and parasols. Think chopstick hair, red paper envelopes, apple blossoms,
    lucky bamboo, and panda bears.For a more exotic Far East experience, adorn
    your Princess of India with brass jewelry and pretty silk wraps. You won't be
    sari with this party idea! Entice guests with bowls of chocolate gold coins, hang
    a beaded curtain entrance, give Henna tattoos, and serve hot chocolate "chai."

  • A Barbie princess is the ultimate American princess of fashion. Have your mod
    little princesses perform a fashion show after they get the full treatment of
    Barbie make over. Have girls bring a Barbie doll of their own and make mini
    princess crowns and jewelry using felt, pipe cleaners, beads and sequins

  • A fairy princess party with dainty treats and sparkles of pixie dust will send her
    to fairyland on gossamer wings. Hang fairy wings from the ceiling, drape tulle in
    bows at the entry way, and make a cosy fairy ring of toadstool pillows
    underneath a bed canopy adorned with tissue paper butterflies or flowers.
    Make an easy halo starting with a wire sized to fit a child's head, and adorned
    with pretty ribbons.

  • A spa princess party is an opportunity for manicures and pedicures, cucumber
    eyes and soothing refreshments poolside. While it's an ideal pool party idea,
    creativity abounds as you can have an element of Hollywood theme, a project
    runway party for your little fashionistas, even or chart a course for adventure
    by combining a nautical theme.

  • Try an underwater tea party for your under the sea princess. An octopuses
    garden in the sea will provide the perfect setting for a mermaid tea party. Treat
    your little sea maidens to cookie shells: dip Madeleine cookies in swirled candy
    melts of blue and green. Or make sand dollar sugar cookies. Layer a blue
    tablecloth with crinkled green tulle on the tables to create waves. Search eBay
    for mermaid swizzle sticks and drink charms to garnish blue drinks.

  • Princess tea parties filled with dainty tea sandwiches designed from cookie
    cutters. Place rose petals in water for the finger bowls. Hunt thrift shops for
    teacups that you can insert candles (under adult supervision).

  • Does her heart beat to a different drum? Your little African Queen deserves a
    princess party too. Adorn her with an African sarong and headband. Make a
    jungle of stuffed animals and potted plants and create a safari tent of white
    sheets and bamboo mats. Offer the little princesses a course in basket
    weaving, then take the entourage on an African safari hunt for treasures in the
    backyard. The baskets will provide the perfect vessel. Afterwards, gather the
    kids for a family style meal with dipping sauces. Don't worry if it's not authentic,
    the girls will love chicken nuggets and ranch dressing as the "yogurt."

  • And holy guacamole, lest we forget that a princess of Hispanic tradition can
    throw a fiesta party! Put on your birthday sombrero and get ready to salsa
    dance and shake some maracas. Afterwards the princesses will enjoy sipping
    pink horchata, a strawberry rice milk drink, or an agua fresca of watermelon
    garnished with thin wedges of watermelons. Either will be a refreshing addition
    to your princesses favorite Mexican foods.

Yes, there are so many ways to host a princess party! Start with a princess theme
and take off with your own creativity.
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