Toddler Birthday Party Ideas
Cute themed parties and games for toddlers

Keeping things simple is what a toddler's party is all about. A few hours, a few friends,
finger foods and a few surprises is all a toddler needs. Set up a tunnel to crawl
through or a small slide, as well as a few entertaining toys. A good outdoor toy for
toddlers is a bubble mower. Toddlers will love hiding under a parachute toy.

Actually, while you may think it's a party for toddlers, at this age it's more about
entertaining the adults who will supervise the fun. So make sure to serve beverages
and appetizers to the adults! Here are some toddler birthday themes that will delight
adults as much as the kids.

More tips for a toddler birthday
When planning a toddler party, keep these ideas in mind:

  • Set up a changing station: A party for toddlers only lasts a few hours, which is
    just enough time for a change! So keep parental needs in mind: have a diaper
    changing area available for parents, including wipes and a place to dispose.
    Having wipes on hand is also helpful for wiping faces and hands, so have plenty
    on hand.

  • Remember the party favors! You may not think toddlers care, but little ones will
    be disappointed if you don't come through with a simple goody or two. Buy one,
    larger item that's not a choking hazard, over buying lots of useless plastic
    pieces with tiny parts. Skip the candies. Toddlers just don't need them.

  • Make the ordinary extraordinary! Keep games and activities for toddlers simple,
    but add a special birthday touch with some extras:

  • Set up a restaurant. Have toddlers create food with Play Doh, and set up
    shop with a pretend bakery and cafe. Set out kid safe cups and plates,
    dishes pots and pans, and a home made kid's kitchen. Providing props
    makes the experience extra fun. A bakers hat, an apron, pad and paper
    to take orders, home made invitations. Let your creativity go!

  • Go fish! Set up a home made fishing game. Cut blue wrapping paper and
    tape it on the floor, then provide a magnetic fishing reel and fish. With
    the blue paper you might create a larger play area and include a duck
    pond with lilypads and let the kids play with rubber ducks and frogs.

  • Have a ball. Set up a safe area in the back yard for a variety of balls.
    Different shapes and weights make things extra fun. Tennis balls and
    beach balls, basket balls and rubber balls, Even hop balls for the older

  • Reading stories is ideal for toddler parties to calm them down after cake. While
    toddlers are too young for Slumber Parties, they can pretend to have a sleep-
    over. Ask parents to bring a pillow and blanket. Provide a stuffed animal in your
    party theme as the favor. Then just after cake, gather the kids around for story
    that relates to the theme of the party. Have kids make pretend sleeping noises,
    including yawn, snores and such to set a calming effect. Parents will appreciate
    this fun touch! For favors, you might pack a flashing toothbrush or a toothbrush
    in the party theme and have the kids all pretend to brush the teeth of their
Kids Party Ideas
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