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Kids Party Ideas
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Creative Toys
Theme toys that inspire imaginative play

Themed gifts for kids are fun to give! When you assemble a selection of toys, books,
clothing or other gifts around the child's gender, age, hobby, personality or interests,
you show extreme thoughtfulness. Themes simply make the gift giving more
memorable and appreciated. Plus, you can assemble the gifts on just about any
budget. Here are some unique theme ideas for holiday toys:

  • A stable environment: A child who collects Breyer horses will like the Melissa and
    Doug wooden horse stable, left. Heirloom quality and an ideal storage for her
    model horses, it's a great value, currently at around $66 (and with free
    shipping). Add a few Bryer horses if your budget allows. Looking to spend less?
    At around $15, the Breyer wooden fence, below, makes a fun paddock to corral
    her collection.

  • The show must go on! Your little performers will love the Puppet Time Theater,
    right, paired with a Folkmanis puppet or two. Or, abracadabra, you can pair it
    with a magic kit and let the talent show commence! Kids grow with excitement
    to show you how to make  a potted plant spring to life, right.

  • Hey, Let go of my LEGO! The word "LEGO" is a made up Danish  -- the makers
    combined "Play" and "Well" to make their brand name, and that's just what
    kids will do with LEGOs: play well. Boys and girls are equally fond of these
    bricks and the variety of options is endless. If the kids already have LEGOS try
    these unique finds: a LEGO brick separator (which takes Mom or Dad out of the
    picture to pry apart bricks that want to stay married). This separator easily
    pops apart those stuck bricks.

  • Make it double the fun with gift pairings: Here are more gift pairing ideas:
  • Teddy bear tea: Pair a teddy bear with a sweet porcelain tea set so she  has an
    instant companion for a tea party.
  • Book with a plush or doll: A classic theme gift idea is to pair a book with an
    action figure, doll or a plush. It's an unbeatable duo. Try Madeline with any of
    the books by A  classic is Another unusual idea is Elmer the Elephant (found on
    our elephant party ideas page), and there are a number of Elmer books
  • Toy and DVD: If she's an adventure girl or has an Australian heritage, for
    example, you can pair a Bindi doll with a Bindi DVD. Or make it a triple play with
    a Bindi throw so she can cuddle up to watch the video. The trio of items is
    available, left.

  • Shopping for more ideas? The Melissa and Doug shopping cart, lower right, will
    send his or her imagination to the grocery store. Load up the cart on fun
    wooden grocery items. Find more ideas at Amazon.
Theme Toys that inspire imaginative play...
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