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Cake stands
Cake Stands for a Kids Birthday
Ceramic, porcelain and plastic cake stands

Hey, cupcake! There are all kinds of cake stands to consider for displaying your
birthday cake creations, including: porcelain cake stands, ceramic cake stands, glass
cake stands and acrylic cake stands. You've worked hard on a birthday cake and you
need a cake stand that, well, stands out from the crowd! We've selected our favorite
ceramic, porcelain and plastic stands. For a large birthday party, you may even
seriously consider a wedding cake stand, like the Wilton 4-Tier Stacked Cupcake and
Dessert Tower, pictured above. It functions as a desert stand for cupcakes and all
sorts of other yummy treats.

Cake stands ideally should accentuate the cake so that your creation can shine along
with the birthday kid. Here are our picks for the top cake stands:

Cupcake stand
Cupcakes deserve to be set on a pedestal too, and the Wilton cupcake stand, left,
displays them nicely. Lightweight and portable, you'll find yourself using it for
displaying a variety of small treats, like brownies, cookies, and party favors too.

The three tier crystal buffet server, left works just as well for cakes and cookies as it
does for hot side dishes, Features a swirl metal rack for a convenient display. Topped
with three oblong crystal trays enhanced with a classic pattern, this serving set, left,
makes a statement.

Plastic cake stand
If you're planning a movable feast, then choose the "Wilton Revolving Cake Stand," or
the "Wilton Trim-N-Turn Ultra Rotating Cake Stand," because they're made of plastic.
The rotating feature is a mother's cake stand dream, because it won't break and it
revolves so that you can frost your cake with ease.

Ceramic cake stand
The Wilton white ceramic pedestal cake stand, top left, is a popular choice for kids
birthday parties because white ceramic or porcelain accentuates food best. It's simple
and classic. For a Winter birthday, you might even add a fringe of white felt to the
cake stand to make it look like icicles. See the look of this
Winter white cake stand
idea by Martha Stewart.

Porcelain cake stand
Looking for something a bit fancier? For an ultra fancy tea party, try the chandelier
cake stand trio, right. It's a bit out of the ordinary for a child's birthday party, but you
can re-use it for yourself or for a bridal or baby shower. If you're looking for
something simple and elegant, try the Porcelain and Silver Cake Plate and Server,
right. It's on clearance! We also love the porcelain poodle cake stand as it is "Tres
Chic"! If you're a pooch lover, see our
pink poodle party cake stand on our pink
poodle party page.

Cake Separator Plate Set
The carousel horse cake separator plate set, right, is a hard to find and an absolute
delight for children's parties. Four carousel ponies balance on a a 10" round cake on
the top plate. It's absolutely magical.

Now it's your turn. Let's see how you display your birthday cake. Please send us links
to your party pictures by visiting us at cutepartyideas on Facebook and Twitter.
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