Party games
Cute party games for kids

  • Set up various activity stations. Start with a ticket booth. Provide "Admit One"
    tickets to party-goers for face painting, bean-bag toss, and other games and
    activities. It adds an element of authenticity to your event. Each roll has 1500
    tickets, and while you could divide by the number of prizes you have available
    this really becomes a complicated process for the hostess. If you choose this
    method, have some reserves to make everyone a winner or you will have some
    sad little clowns.

  • Set up a prize booth table. Circus pops are an easy treat. Kids can select their
    size. Another fun idea is group candies by color and display them in empty jam
    jars topped with a gingham cloth and rubber band or just some raffia and a
    prize tag. A prize can be a jar of yellow lemon drops, orange gum drop wedges,
    or red licorice. Other colorful ideas: a jar of bubble gum balls, spice drops, jelly
    beans, or old-fashioned, swirled stick candy.

Here are classic ways to clown around:

  • Bag the idea: Bean bags are easy to make, but why bother when they're just
    $1.29 each available online with other goodies you'll need. Make your own
    bean bag toss with paint and a cardboard box.

  • Pound the nail game: With adult supervision, set up a pound the nail game with
    a 2 x 4, a hammer and some nails. Set a timer and see how many nails kids can
    drive into the wood in the allotted time

  • Rubber ducky carnival game: Place rubber ducks in a kiddie pool at least three
    more than the kids in the game. Mark each with a number. Set aside a
    corresponding prize. Allow kids to scoop ducks with a net. Make every child a
    winner. Use the remaining prizes for other games.

  • Shoot the cans. Allow kids to test their skills with a squirt gun to knock over tin

  • Toss around the idea of a ring toss game: Buy a ring toss game online, or use a
    Hula Hoop to toss over a large stuffed animal. For a horse themed party, an
    obvious ring toss style game is a horse shoe game. Above, center, is a rubber
    horse shoe game ensuring the safety of the littlest kids.

Carnival party games
You can have carnival party games with almost any theme if you're clever:

  • Employ bean bags! Toss bean bags against a sturdy cardboard you decorate in
    your party theme. Stock up on bean bags for the aprty. Kids coordinate their
    efforts to throw the bean bags in several ways.

  • Velcro stick games: Left, is another coordination game, kids toss the balls on the
    felt target. Left, a friendly clown will decorate the wall. Throw the ball targeting
    the nose for 100 points. This game also helps early grade school kids with their
    math, making it a great game espcially for second grade teachers.

  • Duck pond game: Rubber ducks are available online in just about every theme to
    match your party. A rubber duck party game is easy. You'll need rubber ducks to
    float in a toddler's pool, plus a fishing net. Mark the ducks with numbers and
    allow kids to fish for prizes to the corresponding numbers. Kids can win prizes in
    that match your theme and you can give the party games funny names.

  • Cupcake walk: Instead of hosting a cake walk, host a cupcake walk. Essentially,
    kids walk a chalk-marked path with specially marked boxes. When the music
    stops, kids must stop and if they stop on a winning prize number the cupcake is
    theirs to take home. Kids can take home cupcakes in small cake boxes.
    Decorate the cupcakes with small cupcake toppers in the party theme.

Here are more party tips for running a carnival style party:
  • For a large party, you'll want to set up different stations and have the kids
    rotate. Enlist help from family members to run the booths.

Reinvent classic kids party games for any birthday theme:

  • Pin the Tail on the donkey: A party classic is pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, but this
    party game idea can work with anything you choose if you have the talent to
    create the game yourself with a drawing. Of course, the donkey game, above
    left, would be funny for a Shrek party. Make it a theme appropriate game for a
    barnyard party.

  • Pass the parcel: Pass the parcel is a classic game of Great Britain. Essentially,
    you wrap small party favors into a big "parcel" or package. Kids pass the
    package around and unwrap layers until they find their prize. Usually it's until
    the music stops, but you can have kids sing "happy birthday" and the last
    person holding the package must unwrap.  They kids toss the package to each
    other until everyone gets a prize. The last prize is traditionally a bit nicer than
    the others. Select prizes in your party theme with variety -- ensure you have an
    equal but different selection. For example, with a dog party, choose Big Head
    dog favors, which is a collection of dog breeds.

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