Panda gifts for kids
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Panda Themed Gifts for Kids
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Panda Gifts
Cute panda themed gifts for kids

What's black and white and hugged all over? Answer: the Giant Panda by Melissa and
Doug, pictured right. This cuddly guy is more than two feet tall! Kids will cherish this
panda plush like a traditional teddy bear, and will snuggle with him to watch
television or read for years to come. Buy the Giant Panda to inspire for a panda
themed bedroom. Who knows, owning him may inspire a
panda themed party.

Panda inspired gifts aren't easy to find at the local stores. We've gathered our
favorite panda gifts for kids, including panda toys, panda room decor, panda
costumes and other gift ideas for children:

  • For baby: Make a cute baby shower gift by combining panda items made just for
    baby, such as the panda bib, left and the panda hat and scarf combo also left.
    Mama panda will approve of the elegant panda diaper bag, right. Wrap your
    baby shower gift with the Lamaze Panda rattle, left, as a package decoration.

  • For kids: Kids love dress up and the simple panda headband, pictured above
    left, will inspire instant play. Pair it with the Wrap-N-Ride Panda, right, and
    you've got hours of imaginative play. This is a toy that doubles the fun because
    you can wear it for a Halloween costume!

  • For girls: The panda necklace, with matching gift box, pictured above, is an ideal
    addition to any girl's panda collection. It's made of genuine crystals. Pair it with
    a cuddly panda plush for a girl in the 8-12 range.

  • Panda bedroom: Black and white is a striking combination and for a bedroom
    you'll find panda wall decals and more. The heavy panda book end, pictured
    upper right, would make an ideal focal point for the bookshelf.

More fun panda theme gifts:

  • Panda Chopstick Training set: The Panda Darake Chopsticks Practice Kit, pictured
    below, ships directly from Japan. It teaches kids how to use chopsticks the fun
    way.  Kids pick up the pandas in various shapes with the chopsticks like a game
    to hone their skills. Comes with 12 pandas, 1 table, 1 tire, 1 set of chopsticks.

  • Panda Kitchen timer: Use the panda kitchen timer to help with time-outs, or limit
    use of television. Kids will start to understand the concept of time.

  • Panda Coin Bank: Watch out for the panda thief! The adorable mechanical
    panda tucked in a crate, steels and saves your coins. Shipped directly from
    Japan, the panda says, "Nihao" when he comes out, which means "Hello" in

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Below are more panda inspired gifts to give:
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