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Green Candies
Finding the meanest greenest candy and snack food ideas

Green can party foods enhance a birthday celebration whether you're planning a
green alien party, a swampy party with frogs and alligators, or a green army man
party. Green food ideas are also useful for your St. Patrick's Day celebrations.

Whatever green foods you try, skip the green tea broccoli smoothie! For kids parties,
foods in green colors should be carefully selected because there is a fine line between
good and gross. Here's how to make them green with envy and make kids' taste buds
pop with excitement and enhance your party theme:

  • Green sugar cookies: Whip up a big batch of sugar cookies with our recipe.  A few
    drops of green food coloring in the royal icing (made of meringue) will give your
    cookies that green color you need. Or mix the ingredients for the big batch
    cookie recipe and reserve half your mixture for green food coloring and leave
    the other plain. You can swirl cookie dough from twists, or make a checkerboard
    pattern by cutting mixed strips.

  • Green Zombie punch: Mix lemon lime soda with lime sherbet in a punch bowl to
    create a frothy green sparkling punch that will surely wake up the undead!

  • Green popcorn:  The recipe for green popcorn is easy: Wilton Green Color Mist
    food spray will give any popcorn an easy green color without any flavoring.  It's
    great for party desserts too. Color Mist can help you highlight whipped topping
    or ice cream with color, and there's no mess. This taste-free formula lets you
    add a little color or a lot.

  • Shrek's popcorn recipe: Buy your favorite brand of Kettle Korn, which is a
    sweet and savory snack. Separate 1/4 of the mixture and put it in a bowl.
    Spray paint it with Wilton's Food Color Spray, left. It's a treat on its own,
    but when you sprinkle a few green confections with the mix, you'll give
    the kiddos something more to smile about. Try green gummy bears,  Now
    that's a recipe for fun!

  • Green bagels and cream cheese. Make green bagels by adding a few drops of
    green food coloring to your home made bagel recipe. Keep the cream cheese
    white, so that it's not too overwhelming. Don't have time to make bagels? Then
    do the reverse: color the cream cheese green.

  • Green deviled eggs. Start with your favorite deviled eggs recipe. Before scooping
    the mixture back into the white egg halves, soak them in water mixed with a
    few drops of food coloring to get the desired color. Allow drying time on paper
    towels, then fill and serve.

  • Green velvet birthday cake. Mix just a few drops of green food coloring with your
    white cake mix or angel food recipe. Frost your cake with a simple white icing:
    because the surprise is the velvet green cake inside.

  • Green ice cream: Green tea ice cream isn't wildly loved by kids, and not every kid
    loves lime sherbet, pistachio or mint chip ice cream. Sometimes too these flavors
    don't go well with the birthday cake, so consider doctoring up vanilla ice cream.

  • How to make green ice cream: Soften vanilla ice cream by letting it sit out
    to stand a few minutes. Blend in green powdered food coloring (not
    liquid). Then return to the freezer to harden. Green ice cream will look
    terrific for a Shrek party.

Green candies:
  • Green Jelly beans are a classic party treat. Sprinkle them like confetti on the
    tables or layer them as a colorful display for a lollipop stand.
  • Green apple gummy bears provide a sweet simplicity.
  • Green apple Sixlets chocolates, above, will add festive theme color to your
    party. Display them in apothecary jars for a candy buffet.
  • Lime rock candy, left, is a luscious accompaniment to drinks as a swizzle stick.
  • Green Swirl suckers, above center, will enhance your vintage candy buffet.
  • Green apple gumballs, lower right.

Homemade Treats that are green:

  • Let it mellow with some green Jello: Lime gelatin is sweeter when you use the
    zombie brain gelatin mold left.

  • Green Cookies: Sugar cookies are made green with  a few drops of food coloring
    in the batter, with green sugar sprinkles, or with a royal or meringue icing. Try
    our Big Batch Sugar Cookie Recipe, ideal for kids parties. Popular also now for
    kids candy buffets are the color French confections called

  • Candy Melts: Left, green candy melts are versatile and creamy. The easy-to-melt
    wafers by Wilton are ideal for all of your candy making-molding, dipping or
    coating of cookies and more. Note when ordering online: in Summer
    temperatures, candy melts may melt in transit. No worries, because the candy
    melts are still good for your sweet project.

  • Green mint chip cookies: Think of the creations you can concoct with the might
    green mint chips, left from Guittard. Green chocolate chip cookies anyone? Add a
    bit of food coloring to the batter and the green chocolate chips and you'll have a
    positively ghoulish treat for zombies.

More green party food ideas:

  • Green Ice Creams: Mint chip, Pistachio ice cream, Green Tea Ice Cream (for
    daring adults only, kids won't like this), Lime Sherbet, Lime sorbet.

  • Green Drinks: Lime aid, Gatorade, Mint shake.

  • Guac and Green chips: Look for guacamole tortilla chips, which are green.

  • Green Jello! Lime gelatin is more appealing to kids when presented as a Zombie
    Brain, see the Zombie Brain gelatin mold, right.

Green theme parties
Whether you're hosting a green alien party, a zombie party with extra measures of
green, or a
Shrek party, which naturally you'll want heavy doses of green foods and
decorations, you can create a mean and green party by seeing what others have
done, so do visit our party pages. More party ideas with elements of green include a
green frog party, alligator or crocodile party.

  • Steal this decorating idea for a pink and green party: Use green apples to create a
    sweet centerpiece. Combine with pink peonies in a water bowl. Green Apples in
    an apothecary jar, left, creates a luscious centerpiece.

Hosting a green theme party? Now it's your turn to tell us your ideas!We'd love to
hear about it. Share your party food recipes and
share party ideas with us on Twitter!
Kids Party Ideas
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