Alligator birthday parties
How to have an alligator themed birthday party for kids

Want a kids party that doesn't bite? Have an alligator party for your little crocodile
hunter! Find alligator and crocodile party supplies the kids will love, like inflatable
alligators, and serve swamp cake for the best ever crocodile pool party.

Your crocodile loving birthday boy will surely love an alligator or crocodile theme, but
your little Bindi will think it's a cool party idea too, so don't leave out the girls, mate! As
kids parties go, an alligator theme party makes a terrific
pool party or backyard birthday
adventure. To get your alligator party planning started, think Crocodile Dundee or
Crocodile Hunter.

Consider these alligator and crocodile novelties and ideas for your party:

  • Welcome guests with "Crocodile Daddy." If your party is outdoors, you can have
    daddy or an uncle play the part of a crocodile chasing kids with his arms This free
    form game instantly carries the theme to get party goers in the mood.

  • Set up an alligator wrestling photo opportunity. Short of having a real crocodile at
    your party, choose an alligator plush or crocodile inflatable to wrestle with, or a
    crocodile pool to wade in, pictured lower right. If you really want to impress
    guests, get the inflatable crocodile, pictured left. It's 69-inches, and will be the hit
    of the party even if your birthday isn't in the pool. Party goers can play out the
    fantasy by wrestling the crocodile. All the children will want to have turns on the
    ride-a-crocodile costume, pictured right. These inflatables make wonderful photo
    opportunities. Try enclosing a picture of your crocodile wrestling guests with your
    thank you note notes. You can also inflate the fun with an alligator ring toss
    game, also pictured left.

  • Get Crikey, mates! Another must have for your party is a Steve Irwin action set.
    Place the mini Crocodile Hunter figurines on the cake table for display, then give
    them as a gift to the birthday boy or girl. (Hint: Give the set after the party or the
    birthday kid won't "allow" you to use it as decoration.)

  • Invite a reptile pal! Party entertainers may be available in your area to interact
    with kids with live animals. Herpetology is the science of reptiles and amphibians.
    Find your local Herpetological Society (just search Google) to get their
    suggestions for handlers. Ask around. You may have a friend who has an
    interesting reptile pet to borrow for the party. If you're ready to adopt a pet, a
    Bearded Dragon would make a memorable gift for this party theme.

Menu ideas for an Alligator party
Chomp, munch, crunch the question is what to serve at an alligator party lunch? For the
appetizers you can easily make a
cucumber crocodile as a centerpiece for chips and
dips. Another way to enhance your party theme for the grown ups is to hide a timer
near the buffet table and award the first to notice it an alligator theme prize, such an
alligator cookie, chocolate or a pet crocodile gummy, left. The timer symbolizes Captain
Hook's nemesis crocodile, if you hadn't already guessed.

Here are some other very alligator and crocodile theme foods to make your party
"crocodile rock":

  • Crocodile meal box. Transform the fun crocodile favor boxes, left into meal boxes.
    There's enough room inside to stuff a small sandwich and juice drink box, plus a
    cookie, and perhaps a small bag of chips. Why not add a crocodile toy to truly
    make it a happy meal.

  • Alligator cakes and Croc-cupcakes. For an easy birthday dessert, top cupcakes with
    alligator gummy candies, pictured right. For an alligator or crocodile party, it's no
    doubt that everyone will chomp up the cake. Search both Alligator cake and
    Crocodile cake on Google for cake design inspiration. The cake can be green
    inside too! Just a few drops of food coloring will turn vanilla cake into a swampy
    delicious cake creation.

  • Serve up the swamp juice. It wouldn't be an alligator party without the swamp
    juice. Mix lime sherbet with lemon-lime soda for instant swamp juice. It makes an
    exciting green foamed concoction that kids can't resist. A few gummy crocodiles
    on top complete the swamp look. More ideas for "swamp juice":
  • gather up the green GATORade for your alligator themed party and add
    some crocodile
  • slip in some slimy, lime-green gelatin in short clear cups or disposable
    paper shot glasses.
  • Kids parties can fun for the adults too. Offering adults a green libation,
    such as a green apple martini and calling it "swamp juice" will go a long
    way to help relax parents and make them feel welcome to your party. Offer
    non-alcoholic varieties for any drivers, such as virgin green lime margarita
    or daiquiris.
  • Serve cake with Rainforest Crunch ice cream by Ben & Jerry's and have kids
    sit on the floor, because of course, rainforest crocodiles live on the forest

Alligator and crocodile games and activities
At kids parties the kids expect a few games and activiteis. Here's how to entertain
them in the alligator theme:

  • Play crocodile Pool Party. This board game is anything but boring. Crocodiles are
    loose in the swimming pool. As the number of crocodiles in the water increases,
    the number of swimmers drops! But, these crocodiles hunt other crocodiles. Thus,
    all in the pool strive to save themselves! The player who brings the most
    swimmers and crocs to the safety of the end of the pool, will win the game!

  • Read Lyle, Lyle Crocodile! Choose any of the Lyle Crocodile beloved books by
    Bernard Waber for story time to read just after cake and before presents.
    Published in 1966, "Lyle and the Birthday Party," pictured left, is super option for
    the birthday kid to read by himself. This classic book was a part of the Weekly
    Reader Children's Book Club Presents. Buy the classic book on Amazon or ask
    your local librarian.

  • C-rock out! Add a little Elton John Crocodile Rock to your party and the kids will be
    in a festive mood. (You'll please the adults.) Use the song for a freeze dance or
    musical chairs, or just set your MP3 as background music. They're around .99-
    cents on Amazon. Other songs to include in the party mix: Theme from Crocodile
    Dundee (featuring Peter Best). The Crocodile Shoes by Jimmy Nail, Never Smile at
    a Crocodile and Crocodiles and Rainbows both by Kathy Williams.

  • Crocodile hunt. You've probably already thought party can have a hunt for
    alligators and crocodiles. You'll find plenty of small crocodiles by Papo, Schleich
    and Safari Ltd.  You might also have a puppet show featuring the Folkmanis
    plush crocodile.

  • Turn your backyard into a swamp. With the Jumbo Jungle Animals crocodile pool
    your guests can splish and splash and you can stash some tiny crocodile
    treasures for them to find. Or you can take an ordinary wading pool and add
    some floating crocodile toys for decoration.

  • More crocodile crafts and games:

Resources for an Alligator Party
Search this page for alligator birthday supplies including alligator inflatables to decorate
your party. There are alligator pools and alligator inflatable favors, as well as alligator
ring toss games to entertain the kids.

Here are more resources and ideas for your party:

  • Decorate the birthday kid.
  • Get the directions for a foam creation Crocodile wrestler costume, by
    Family Fun pictured lower left.  
  • Design a crocodile mask from a cardboard box.
  • Of course you should dress the birthday kid in Khakis and green Croc
    clogs, right!
  • Get to the Outback. See our Australian Outback Party if your party has a
    Crocodile Hunter theme. The little mates could sport an Aussie bush hat or
    safari style pith.

  • Make a crocodile puppet.
  • More crocodile crafts:

Alligator party invitations
Box an alligator figurine along with your party information in an empty toilet paper or
paper towel roll you paint green. You can mail the tube or hand deliver. On the outside
of the makeshift box, write "Fragile: handle with care" to add to the intrigue. The kids
will love opening their mini present and will revel in anticipation of the party.

  • Invitations and party wording ideas:
  • Join us for a "Tail Gator" to celebrate Ryan's Birthday
  • The crocodile rock starts Saturday, Aug. 21 at noon
  • Swamp: 123 Main Street
  • RSVP: We hope to see you later alligator! Please let us know  if you can
    make it by calling 867-5309.

Real Alligator parties
We hope you have a terrific alligator party for your little crocodile hunter. Searching to
see the best ever crocodile pool party? Here are some real crocodile and alligator
themed parties:

  • An alligator party that's the center of attention: This real Alligator party will make
    you green with envy. Pizzazzerie showcases a sweet boys party by a swamp
    with candy and party goodies in green. At the center of every party table is a
    centerpiece of alligators blowing bubbles. Instead of Gatorade, this party planner
    chose Kiwi Lime KoolAid mix because it's green!

Tell us about your crocodile party and share party ideas by visiting us on Twitter. We share
cute theme birthday party ideas and kids crafts. Be sure too,  and see our alligator gift ideas.
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