American Girl Doll birthday parties
Help your daughter host a party for her doll or for her friends

She's growing up fast. Celebrate her birthday with her favorite doll before she grows
up and puts all her dolls away. Celebrate with an American Girl Doll Party!

Whether your American Girl Doll birthday is a slumber party or a three hour event
loaded with games, crafts and a
tea party, we're here to provide the inspiration you
need to host a terrific party for the little girls.

Here's how to host an American Girl Doll Party
Good times. Good reading. Good party idea. An American Girl doll party will help you
preserve the memories of her childhood and her favorite book series. Here's how to
add a festive touch to your party:

  • Create "Dolly and Me" outfits: The birthday girl deserves to get all dolled up with
    a special party outfit, and it's even more fun if you can match the look with her
    doll. Right, you'll find a pretty dress for the birthday girl in pink, which matches
    the approximate size of an American Girl Doll. Want to make your own? Buy "All
    Dolled Up: Sewing Clothes and Accessories for Girls and Their 18-Inch Dolls" by
    Joan Hinds, right. You'll learn how to make adorable coordinating outfits for
    every season and every time of day. If sewing clothe and accessories for the
    dolls is too daunting of a task, you may also find dolly and me outfits available

  • Host a party for her doll: Everyday is reason for a celebration when she has an
    American Girl doll.  As the reading level for many of the books is ages 9-12, even
    older girls will appreciate hosting a party just for her doll. The Doll Parties book,
    left, by American Girl, provides adorable suggestions for how to make little linens
    and decorations for the perfect table setting. It also includes mini party supplies,
    such as a honeycomb centerpiece, party plates, a party "cake" and much more.

  • Host a party for her friends: An American Girl party with friends is ideal for girls in
    the 6-10 range.  If you want ideas and instructions for party decorations, foods,
    favors, and games right from the source, then you'll want to get hold of the
    American Girls Party Book, upper left. Packed with 18 party plans, for historical
    American Girls: Felicity, Josefina, Kirsten, Addy, Samantha, and Molly, you'll find
    this book comes highly rated as it's packed with details to make party planning
    easy and enjoyable.

American Girl Party Supplies
Because American Dolls have grown in popularity, there are now several American Girl
Doll party supplies available to make it easy for you to party with the girls and do

  • American Girl Doll Dinner Party Plates: You and your daughter can set the party
    table with dinner party plates branded in the American Girl theme. Pictured
    above, center, she'll love that you can also buy mini party place settings to set a
    dinner for the dolls too. Pictured top right, the petite party pack includes four
    place settings (placemats, plates and cups). It does not include napkins, but it's
    cute just the same. No worries! You can always cut paper napkins down to size.

  • American Girl Doll Party Napkins: This party decor is also a craft! You and your
    daughter can put the napkin and napkin rings together for the party. The set
    comes with paper napkin rings in three colors. Just roll your napkin, and wrap on
    a ring for a finished party look. The American Girl Doll Party Napkin set, pictured
    immediate left, includes 12 6.5 inch napkins with napkin rings.

  • American Girl place cards: The perfect American Girl Doll party décor, the American
    Girl place card craft includes 12 place cards, 26 punch-out shapes and 260
    adhesive foam squares. You and the birthday girl will enjoy personalizing and
    decorating them with flowers, stars and butterflies.

American Girl Invitations
She can invite up to 8 friends with the American Girl invitation pack pictured immediate
left. The birthday kid will have fun assembling these bubble popup invitations branded
with the American Girl look. Includes 8 birthday invitations, 8 envelopes, 9 envelope
labels, 8 envelope seal stickers and 13 bubble stickers. The invitations picture a
confetti sprinkled cupcake and they invite a craft theme with an "I [heart] art" cirlce.

  • American Girl Doll Party Tip: With your invitations, be sure to enclose American
    Girl tiny invitations, pictured top. In this way, your guests get two invitations:
    one for the girl and one for the doll. This is a really fun way to make sure guests
    bring their dolls and helps enhance your theme. Your daughter may be able to
    get the names of their dolls by asking selected guests in advance. If not, just
    address the card to "Emma's Doll" (or whatever the invitee's name).

Coordiating American Girl Doll thank you notes are also available, pictured right. As will
all American Girl craft projects you'll find plenty of accessories. This one with stickers to

American Girl Party favors
For an American Girl Party, it's fun to give a favor not only for the little girl invited to the
party, but to the American Girl doll she brings to the party. Search for tiny trinkets and
treasures to put in tiny baskets and bags. If you're looking for specifically American Girl
Party favors, you probably won't find them at the party supply store. They are easily
available online, though, including tiny American Girl party favor bags!

Here are our favorite suggestions for party favors:

  • American Girl Doll Crafts:

  • American Girl Mini Notepads: Take note of this cute American Girl Doll favor idea:
    mini notepads, which the girls can use as an accessory for their dolls. Mini
    pencils, found at Ikea, would be the ideal mini accompaniment as a favor. Or pair
    the notepad with mini pens you may find at the stationery supply store. The set
    includes mini stickers, too.

  • American Girl nail decal party favors. Each package includes nail decal favors for
    four girls. This item is also fun as an activity at the party. Friends can choose
    from colorful glittery and puffy styles to mix and match or they can combine
    smaller decals into a mini picture for each fingernail.

  • American Girl Trading card favors. The ideal party favor? American Girl Trading
    Cards, left. Who knew you could collect and trade all 180 cards? Well you can.
    Each set printed in 2009 sells for $1.95 includes 12 cards.

  • American Girl Favor bags: As with all the American Girl crafts, you'll find the
    American Girl Favor bags fun to assemble with your daughter. Or you can have
    party guests create them. Just punch out and stick on stars, flowers and
  • American Girl Doll Favor bags: These adorable bags have two-sided toppers that
    slide over the handles -- they look like mini purses. Personalize them with
    names. The craft includes 4 paper favor bags, 4 reversible toppers, 22 cut-out
    shapes, 36 foam dots and 20 gem stickers.
  • American Girl Doll favor bags: Whatever party favors you choose for your
    American Girl Doll Party, the tiny American Girl party favor bags will be a fine
    addition to give the dolls.

  • American Girl Doll purse Goody bags: Also pictured right, these adorable purse
    favor bags are made to create for the girl and her doll. The package includes a
    project and idea booklet, 4 purse boxes, 4 mini purse boxes, 6 flower shapes, 6
    tags, 6 mini tags, 12 gem stickers, 16 adhesive foam squares and 66 adhesive

American Girl Party Activities
There are loads of American Doll craft kits for your American Girl Party. See the link in
the top left hand corner of this page for the variety available. You can also invent your
own simple crafts and do it yourself, but the American Doll Craft Book, left is loaded
with ideas. As inspiration, the book shows how to make mini jump ropes for your dolls,
which could be a craft or which you could make in advance for party favors.

  • Craft a mini birthday party: Have the girls make doll accessories to set a table,
    deck the walls. Girls can make mini vases filled with mini flowers, wrap mini
    presents, create mini table runners, and cut mini napkins for a mini birthday
    party. The American Girl Doll craft kit, left, lays out the instructions to set a table
    and more. The America Girl Doll Parties book, also left,  is loaded wtih much more
    do it yourself inspiration.

  • Play Bingo Girls! Have the girls play the traditional game of bingo, and as they
    do, they can make moves for their American Dolls who are also playing the mini
    version of the game. Bingo game boards are easy to make yourself in miniature.
    Just head to the photocopier and reduce the image of your game set. Use M&Ms
    for the game pieces. Regular sized M&Ms for the girls and mini-sized M&Ms for
    the dolls.

  • Invite the dolls to play checkers. Have the girls play checkers, but have them play
    for their American Dolls. The American Doll craft book has a mini checkerboard for
    your daughter to cut and glue onto heavier card stock. It also comes with 12 red
    and 12 black paper pieces. Buy a couple of extra books or make your own mini
    checkerboards for the party.

  • American Girl Doll Hair Salon:An inexpensive idea for an American Girl Doll party is
    to send the dolls to the American Girl Doll Hair Salon. Usign the book as your
    guide, left, you can help the girls design hairstyles to match their dolls. The book
    includes styling secrets, salon accessories, and a case that converts to a styling
    center. The girls will enjoy "I Like Your Style" music video on the free DVD. The
    book will also make a fun gift for the birthday girl.
  • Wondering How to Detangle your American Girl Doll's hair? Start by removing
    the doll's clothes. You'll need a doll brush, like the one included in the
    book, and not a brush intended for human hair. The misting bottle
    included in the Doll Hair Salon book is another essential. Finally, you'll
    need a detanger. Start first by misting with water, then follow with a mist
    of the detangler. Just like with human hair, start at the bottom and work
    you way up, misting along the way.

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American Girl crafts,  

Food for an American Girl Party
If you're hosting an American Girl Party, you can serve treats for the girls and their
dolls.  The American Girls Party Book will provide you with inspiration for a party based
on a specific doll.

  • Make petite sized treats: The American Girl Tiny Treats book will give you
    inspiration to create petite party treats for the girls to enjoy with their dolls. You
    and your daughter's guests will have fun crafting tiny treats.  The mini cake
    pictured on the cover, left, is cleverly made from two sandwich cookies. The ice
    cream cone pictured is a sweet and savory snack: ice cream scooped into Bugles
    chip. It's loaded with tiny ideas.

  • Make an edible doll-sized lunch: Create a tiny sandwich from white bread, a slice
    of lunch meat and a thin piece of lettuce. Stack and cut into triangles. Garnish
    the plate with tiny julienned carrots and cut up raisins. Or embellish your party
    tray with a cookie shaped cereal to serve as the dessert.

  • Cupcake wraps: For a birthday, you simply can't forget the cake! The American
    Girl Party set of cupcake wraps includes 12 wraps and 12 toppers. Just wrap a
    lacy paper band around each cupcake an personalize each topper with your
    party guest's name, and pop it into a cupcake.

Host a theme party within a theme party...
You're hosting an American Girl party, but why not host a party theme within a theme
and select a party that matches the American Doll.

  • If her favorite American Girl book is Felicity, then have an equestrian theme
    party, but take the girls on a ride back in time to Virginia just before the
    American Revolution.

  • American Girl doll of year for 2011 was Kanani! So why not host a Hawaiian style
    hula girl party this year? Serve a traditional Hawaiian feast, and have the
    birthday girl perform the hula in a dancing show, then teach the other girls.

American Girl Gift ideas
The ultimate birthday gift for an eight year old girl is an American Girl Doll -- either a
new one to add to her collection or one to get this party started. Here are other gift
ideas for your little American Girl Doll enthusiast:

  • Update her American Girl Doll wardrobe and acessories: New shoes and a new
    wardrobe will give new life to your old American girl Doll. More clothes equals
    more possibilities for your little fashionista to show her style.

  • Subcribe to American Girl Magazine: Give the gift of reading with the American Girl
    magazine. She'll love a subscription, which is available quickly and easily on
    Amazon, left. American Girl appeals to girls 8 and up. This age-appropriate
    alternative to teen magazines features advice, crafts, contests, puzzles, games,
    giggles, and more.

  • American Girl Bedroom Crafts: Accessorize her bedroom with American Girl crafts.
    What fun you'll have with your daughter putting together a bulletin board, shelf
    display or pillow set to embellish her bedroom in American Girl style.

  • Say "Aloha" to Kanani, the 2011 American Girl of the Year. She'll love adding
    Kanani to her collection in celebration of her birthday in 2012 and beyond.
    Adorned with a pretend kukui nut necklace. She'll love reading about this
    cheerful girl who helps others by sharing the aloha spirit of Hawai'i.

Real American Girl Parties

  • American Girl Doll Cafe Tea Party: Set a place at the table for your American Girl
    Doll and a spot of tea. This elegant American Girl Doll party featured Molly's
    Victory Garden chocolate ice cream flowerpot, apparently a modified version of
    the  American Girl Doll cafe and borrowed from the Pioneer Woman's down home
    blog. Instead of artificial flowers, the hostess used a real rose! Girls enjoyed a
    dainty table set also for the dolls with oodles of pink. Adding to the elegance of
    a high tea at a home version of the American Doll cafe, this party proudly
    displayed menu cards for the girls and mini menu cards for the dolls. On the
    menu was Kits Garden Party sandwiches, Kayas Egg-Salad tea sandwiches, and
    Felicity's roasted turkey sandwiches. And don't forget Addy's LInzer Love
    cookies to build on the authenticity of the American Girl Doll story lines.

  • Pioneer American Girl Doll party. This is a party you "knead" to see. Girls kneading
    dough and sporting bonnets from the pioneer days. AIt was an unusual
    American Girl party indeed.

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