Ariel Fourth Birthday
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Ariel, The Little Mermaid birthday parties
How to have an Ariel mermaid theme birthday or pool party

Under the sea, under the sea, you can have the best Little Mermaid party under the
sea with Ariel! As a pool party, a The Little Mermaid Party you plan will surely be a
splash for this year's birthday.

If you're planning a party for your little mermaid, then be sure to check your local
party supply. There will always be a wide range of Ariel party plates available,
pictured above, as well as other essential Ariel birthday party supplies. We've
assembled our favorite, which are harder to find at stores. Order now online:

  • Ariel Cake topper upper left, is an ideal companion topper for a petite cake. At
    around three inches tall, she'll treasure this little keepsake long after her party
    is over. Deco products are usually only available at bakeries, but you can order
    it now online.

  • Make the party a splash with Disney Print Studio: Plunge into 20 different Ariel
    print projects for the party, including invitations, banners, name tags, coloring
    pages, photo frames, place cards, place mats, bookmarks, and stickers. You can
    also make Ariel Postcards for thank you cards and even print envelopes. The
    birthday girl will enjoy growth charts, diaries, and more.

Ariel Birthday cake
Wilton's Ariel cake pan, left is destined to be a classic. One cake mix fills the pan. Your
Little Mermaid cake might not be enough to feed all your guests. For more guests, just
add cupcakes. The Disney Ariel baking cups, left, will help you accommodate any party

Ariel party activities:

  • Have a crab race. Ariel's favorite friend is a crab, so have a crab race. Kids crawl
    like crabs on all fours, heads facing up.

  • Throw a Party Gras! Put on your fish tales and limbo to the song made famous
    by Sebastian. Listen to your favorite Disney music with Sebastian's Party Gras
    CD, right.

Real Ariel parties  
If you're hosting a little mermaid party, then check out these birthday party ideas --
moms who've already hosted provide these real little mermaid birthday party ideas:

  • Aubree's real Ariel party. For her fifth birthday Aubree enjoyed chocolate King
    Triton's swirled pretzel rods, along with candy sushi, and peanut butter and
    jelly starfish sandwiches amidst a backdrop of blue.

We hope our guide has inspired you to throw a party for your little Ariel. Tell us about your
Ariel mermaid party!
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