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How to have a military theme party for kids

You've been drafted to host an Army party for your little G.I. Joe! A military theme party
embraces a love of country with a sense of adventure. It's as American as apple pie.
Want to marshal the troops with a heroes welcome?  Here's how to celebrate a very
patriotic army party:

  • "Commando" the scene with army party supplies! You're the party supply officer in
    command, and here's how to command attention army style:
  • Transform a plastic army hat into a bowl. It's an appetizing way to serve
    the troops pretzels, chips or candy.
  • Crush vanilla wafer cookies to make a "dessert" storm. The army theme
    birthday cake, above left, starts with a layer of camouflage fondant. The
    cookie crumbles give just the right desert look. The kids will love licking up
    this cookie sand, so have extra on hand.
  • Camouflage the tables. Start with a tan colored tablecloth and camouflage
    netting. If you can't find camouflage party netting, look for green fishing
    net. Then layer your table with army toys and candies, or an army of
    rubber ducks.
  • Get candy army guys. Sprinkle gummy army guys on the tables like confetti
    or get a large bag of plastic army guys to allow kids to enact battle
    scenes. The army guy sucker holders, left, adds a festive touch. Fill
    camouflage party cups with green colored candies and prop army
    sunglasses in the cups. When kids have had their fill of candy, you can fill
    their cups with the traditional green Gatorade.
  • Look for camouflage party supplies. The camouflage army party plate, left, is
    a party essential, pair it with an army style canteen, above, to hydrate
    the party goers with lemonade.
  • Add camouflage bandanna napkins, and a plastic army guy tied with
    curling ribbon to create a napkin ring.

  • Decorate with flags. Buy Fourth of July party supplies in mid July for a star
    spangled celebration to your army party. You'll find mini flag picks and more.
    Flags add the patriotic element to the party. Have kids pose for a picture in front
    of the American flag and use the image for the thank you cards. In addition to
    the American flag, you can decorate the kids for the party with a patriotic flag
    pin, pictured above right. And you can award the purple heart, also right, to the
    birthday boy at cake time to get patriotic.

  • Make him a decorated solider. Provide a camouflage bandanna, army dog tag,
    camouflage helmet or binoculars for each guest, and give the birthday boy a
    special army costume. For example, select a special hard hat army helmet, while
    the other kids get the lighter plastic kinds. Kids army costumes are readily
    available at Halloween, but you can get  kids army costume ideas year round to
    decorate your little soldiers by shopping online, right. It's relatively inexpensive
    to provide face painting to all the kids.

How to Stock Your Mess Hall for an Army party
Hosting an army party will mean you'll need a mess of food for the troops. Here's how
to have fun with the theme, yet keep to foods that kids will like (it's a party after all)...

  • Birthday rations: If your birthday budget has no bounds, then you may get a kick
    out of letting the kids try real MREs (Meals Ready To Eat), pictured right. It's
    good to have this emergency food around, so let the kids have a taste, then
    pack it away for up to ten years! Army party food for kids:

  • Army birthday cake: Topping the birthday cake with military figurines is an
    obvious choice for your party. While you can buy army cake toppers, like the
    army tank cake topper, left, you might also try LEGO toys.

  • Try the twenty-one FUN salute: When serving the cake, have everyone
    salute the birthday kid as they sing.

  • Mess up the rations. Serve food that looks like army food, but it's actually a
    dessert. See our Chef party ideas for more faux food ideas.

  • Army guys: Your mess hall should include Army Guys gummy candy for use
    in army theme snack mixes, the favor bags, and cupcake toppings and
    more. Complement army gummy guys with gummy air force fighters, also
    pictured left. Freeze yummy gummy candies in ice to refresh the troops.
    Top a few on ice cream for cake time. Sprinkle army guys like confetti on
    the tables.

  • Gi Joe Cake Pan: Search Amazon to find the retired  Wilton G.I. Joe Military
    Soldier Cake Pan (2105-2950, 1986), left. This classic pan will help you
    make a hero of a cake.

Army Party Favors
Add to the festivities by giving each child as they enter an army helmet. Tell them
"You're in the army now, kid," and watch their imaginations soar. Be ready to defend
the treat bags which you can provide at the end of the day. Above, you'll find a
drawstring camouflage bag that you can stuff with Army guys and these fun finds:

  • Army guy suckers: Your little heroes will love the army guy sucker holders,
    pictured left. These toy soldiers are actually from the movie Toy Story.
  • Army guy gummies. Pictured top right, the army guy gummies will also look
    terrific on your cupcakes.
  • Camouflage sunglasses, immediate left.

Creating a Military Zone
Your toy chest will likely supply a range of military toys. Scout them out for the party
and stack them at the cake table, in the bathrooms and all around. Camouflage is
another obvious way to decorate for the party and you'll find a variety of tablecloths,
plates, cups and decorations at your local party supply and even more fun items
online. Here are some other ideas to keep them marching on...

  • Sound off! Call the troops to lunch, cake and activities with a toy bugle. The
    colorful bugles, pictured right, also make fun favors or prizes. Add to the effect of
    the party by having a "roll call" and teacher your little soldiers to stand at
    attention for the birthday rations.

  • Put a "Barracks" sign on the birthday kid's bedroom, "Mess Hall" in the kitchen,
    "training camp" for the backyard, etc.

  • March to a different tune! Set your MP3 player to such selections as "Caissons Go
    Rolling Along" which is the most recognizable army song. Then there's "The Star
    Spangled Banner," music from Taps, the movie. Try also "Hail to the chief" or
    "Bugle: Reveille." The  Birthday Party Music, left, makes it easy.

  • Tie a yellow ribbon. Decorate your party with yellow ribbons. In the front yard,you
    can tie a yellow ribbon 'round the old oak tree. You might also stick a few
    "Support Our Troops" cupcake toppers, left, in appetizers and cupcakes. As an
    activity, kids can draw pictures for the troops to thank to honor them with care
    packages tied in a yellow ribbon, of course!

Army Party Invitation and Thank You Card Ideas
An obvious invitation for an army party or air force party is to send out a draft notice.
Make this idea a little more interesting by affixing a personalized army style
identification to the invitation. (See the dog tag pictured left.) You can also add
excitement to the outer envelope with a United States Army address label, which looks
convincing. It's a no-brainer to choose American flag stamps, too.

  • Army party invitation and thank you card wording ideas:
  • You are hereby drafted for induction to
    Private Peter's eighth birthday party!
  • Please bring your identification tag and a bathing suit*
  • Report for duty: Saturday, August 22 at 1200 hours (noon)
  • Induction station: Camp Smith at 123 Main Street
  • You know the drill...
  • Please RSVP Party Commander Tiffany at 867-5309
    * We'll be conducting training

  • Army party thank you card wording ideas:
  • "Mission Accomplished! I had a happy birthday. Thank you for helping me

Real Army Parties
Enlist the fun with ideas from moms who've already hosted these amazing kids parties:

  • We're giving a high five to this Army party! At Ethan's Army party, instead of
    receiving gifts, Ethan and his family had guests bring quarters to send to Haiti to
    help with the relief efforts. Kids played Drill Sargent says, a version of Simon
    says, and had several missions to perform before feasting on hot dogs and cake
    at this unusual fifth birthday party.

  • Hire your own sargeant! A boys army party is muddy good fun. Kids enjoy two
    hours of fun, including basic training, paint-ball target practice, and challenges
    over the mud. Kids learn team building with games, and cool down with water
    pistol fights. Get ideas or get enlisted with the boys army party Web site.

  • Air force theme party: Your party can also take flight with an air force theme
    party. See our airplane party ideas for your little Top Gun.

Tell us about your army party and share party ideas with us on Twitter. We love all kinds of
kids parties and we're always looking for more parties for boys. If you like this idea, see
also our very
patriotic astronaut party for boys.
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