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Asian Princess Party
How to have an Asian inspired party for girls

Your little Princess Mulan will love an Asian Princess party filled with pretty parasols,
filigree fans, cherry blossoms, almond cookies and rice candy. This is an Asian fusion
party from the fantasy of a child's perspective. Here's how to have a party that's sure
to "Empress":

  • "Carp" diem! Essential to your Asian Princess Party is to seize the day with
    Japanese Carp kites. A feast of carp banners wave in celebration of children
    each year in May in what started as a way for families to honor the boys in their
    family. Families now also proudly wave banners for the girls of the household.

  • Teas them with a fusion of Asian influences. Have a Japanese Tea or Chinese Tea
    party. Get a little tiki and go for the hula girl party. Kick around with the idea of
    incorporating Martial Arts into your party. Celebrate the lunar New Year.

Asian Princess Party Invitations
For the ultimate fanfare send out invitations with a hand made paper fan or origami
creation, a set of chopsticks, or a small drink parasol. Another way to lead the
anticipation is to send a Chinese princess paper doll sticker book or to use the stickers
to accentuate the card.

  • Asian Princess Party invitation wording ideas:
  • Princess Imperial Anne Invites you to her Royal Birthday!
  • The feast begins Saturday, August 22 at noon
  • Imperial Palace at 123 Main Street
  • RSVP The Empress Mother at 867-5309

  • Asian Princess Party thank you card wording ideas:
  • "Thank you for coming to my palace."

Asian Inspired party favors

  • Your Asian Princess party is not complete without Botan Rice Candy. This chewy
    sweet candy is a novelty in that it's wrapped in an edible rice paper. Kids revel
    with pleasure in eating the thin film of rice as if it were a layer of plastic. It
    comes with a surprise sticker.

Asian Princess Party foods
Impress your little Empress with fun foods from Asia that kids will love:

  • Have a Ramune taste test. Ramune, the beloved Japanese carbonated drink, has
    fun packaging to match your theme, pictured right. Have everyone sample
    original, lychee, peach, lemon, orange and strawberry sodas.

  • Partake in a glutinous gluttony. Japanese rice cakes offer a mildly sweet taste of
    rice flour with texture similar to a powdered, soft gummy bear. Glutinous rice is
    an important food in Japanese culture and the Daifuku melon flavored rice cakes
    receive consistently high ratings on Amazon. They are fun for everyone to try.

  • See our Chef's party page to learn how to make candy sushi.

Asian Princess Party Resources

  • Prepare the princesses for a performance. It's not too difficult to choreograph your
    own Asian Belly Dance lesson. Do it by watching Malaysian kids performing a
    beautiful dance.

  • Perk up the party with paper blossom flower bags. Do yourself a favor and check
    out Martha Stewart's Oragami favor bags.

  • Ideas of Asian persuasion for your party. In addition to our Chinese Tea party see
    also our panda party ideas. If you have lots of boys attending, visit also the
    Martial Arts party page.

Real Asian Princess Parties

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