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Astronaut Birthday
How to have a space mission birthday party for kids

Your little astronaut will be walking on the moon with a stellar astronaut birthday you
create using a few inflatable space age props, NASA decorations, a bounce house, and
the farthest reaches of your imagination. An astronaut party is sure to be a blast with
kids, but you might also combine it with a
green alien party. Now that's a party for kids
that's out of this world.

Now if you choose an astronaut space party, your first mission, if you choose to accept
it, is to find space shuttle party supplies online, because you just won't find them at
the local party supply store. A 14-inch space shuttle inflate, top left, is available online
for around a buck as is the astronaut buddy inflatable, lower left. And you may be lucky
enough to secure the life-size ride a shuttle toy, top right. It sells quickly! The "wow"
factor will come to play as they wonder where you got all this wonderful stuff.
Inflatables make great party favors, and they double as decoration for your party, so
you get more bang for your buck.

5-4-3-2-1! Ready for lift off? Here are our top choices of candy and decorations for an
astronaut party:

  • Lifesize inflatable astronaut toys: top left, the inflatable astronaut buddy will
    help your birthday theme come to life. Great as a favor too. Top right you'll find a
    lifesize inflatable shuttle, ideal for picture taking or to display with the gifts.

  • Life size space rocket toys: at the bottom of the page you'll find a lifesize rocket
    tent to inspire creative play.

Decoration ideas for an astronaut party
If you shop online you'll find plenty of good astronaut party supplies that you won't find
in the local stores, and we have tips for making your own decorations, too. Here's how
to have blast creating an astronaut party with easy steps for mom-kind:

  • Get patriotic. If the party is around the Fourth of July, you'll find American flags,
    star shaped confetti, and sparklers. Otherwise, you can order online. A must
    have item are those Fourth of July flag toothpicks. Insert one strategically into a
    gum drops to weight it for a stellar look.  Your fruit salad can have that star
    spangled look when you stick to the combination of strawberries, bananas and
    blueberries. If you can't find space mission party supplies in time, stick to the red-
    white-and-blue theme colors with plates, cups, balloons and streamers.

  • Create a lunar landscape for the tables. Super easy and effective, start by
    arranging at least five bowls face up on the table in various sizes towards the
    center, but spread out to allow room for plates and utensils later. Next, place
    some large white bed sheets over the bowls for a tablecloth and depress the
    center of each bowl so that it gives the effect of moon craters. You may need
    several sheets to complete the look especially if the bedsheets are sheer. Fill the
    bowl "craters" with colorful candies, such as gum drops, candy pebbles, and
    Satellite wafers. Complete the look with plastic astronaut figurines and shuttles
    scattered throughout and the rest of your table setting.

  • Secure a space suit. Turn a white plastic bucket into an astronaut helmet and let
    imaginations run rampant. Or give the birthday kid the astronaut helmet with
    sounds, right.

  • Invite guests for "launch" and cake! You'll have a blast launching a real rocket at
    the party. Weeks in advance, Dad can help the birthday boy build a model, such
    as an Estes Rocket. If you have some experience with Estes Rockets, try the Big
    Daddy, left. Launch just before the cake or piñata time.

Astronaut and space mission invitations and wording ideas
Launch your space party invitations with words that will inspire take off. Here are some
ways to have fun with an astronaut theme:

  • Make it a mission to hand make and hand deliver invitations. Write your invitation
    on a long strip of paper, then affix it to a space shuttle sucker with tape and roll
    the message so that it spirals down and looks like the shuttle is in orbit.

  • Design a Shuttle Pass badge with each child's name. Present it to kids upon arrival
    with a lanyard that they can wear. Take inspiration from the "Mission training
    pass" badge, left, which comes by the dozen.

  • Here are some space party invitation wording ideas:
  • It's a mission to have some space age fun, join us at the third rock from
    the sun.
  • Blast off: Saturday, August 22 at noon for "launch" and cake.
  • Mission Control: 123 main street
  • RSVP: Buzz [last name] at 867.5309

    * Variations:
  • One small step for Robert who is turning one...
    Join the mission to have some birthday fun!
  • Little boy blue and the man on the moon...
    Brian's birthday is coming and we want you here soon!

Party sweets that are out of this world
Shoot for the moon with a theme appropriate cake. You don't have to be a rocket
scientist to create the
perfect rocket ship cake, pictured left, by Wilton, and Family Fun
magazine has the best
moon shaped cake in the galaxy.

Your cake will be out of this world with flying saucer plates and here's how: use yellow
gel to secure button candies on the rim of the plates. Whatever the cake, serve with
Tang for a nostalgic touch.

Astronaut candy favor ideas
  • Astronaut Ice Cream or Moon Crater Freeze Dried Ice Cream
  • Astro Blaster Candy & Air Pump Rocket (hard to find)
  • Gummy space shuttles
  • Space shuttle lollipops.
  • Satellite wafers (these are fragile, so expect a few to break)
  • Space food sticks, pictured left
  • Rocket blast chocolates (fused with caffeine, these are for the adults)
  • Pop rocks
  • Dippin' Dots
  • Lunar Licks (lollipops with moon craters)
  • Lunar Ice Crystal candy, pictured right
  • Mars Bars and Milky Way candy bars
  • Moon rock candy
  • Moon Pies, pictured right
  • Moon Dust candy
  • Starbursts

Astronaut favor ideas:
  • A mini American flag (kids love flags no matter the time of year!)
  • Silly Putty space sludge
  • Astronaut or space shuttle novelty pens
  • Space mission sticker sheets, pictured left
  • Mars Mud (in between Silly Putty and something more slimy)

Games and activities

A bounce house will have them walking on the moon. Here are some other activities to
keep your little space explorers occupied:

  • Launch a Mini Pump Rocket. At around 12 inches, this small hand-held air
    powered rocket, left, launches rockets up to 30 feet! So much fun, the kids will
    never put it down. Available on Amazon, above. Or go with a stomp rocket, right,
    and have them jumping for more.

  • Blow them away. Rocket balloons are crazy fun for kids. Inflate balloons up to 3
    feet with the dual action pump and let it go. Watch it whip, zip and hear it squeal
    through the air to launch wide smiles.

  • Get them out of their bubble. Blow some bubble rockets, pictured right.

  • Transport their imagination. Blast off from planet Earth in a home made
    refrigerator box rocket or buy a play structure that will sky rocket their
    imagination. Parachute down the dangerous terrain of mars and check out the
    fun and games in our Green Alien Party ideas.

More Resources:

Real Astronaut parties
The distance between you and a great astronaut party is the Internet zone. Get
inspiration for your own party by checking out what real moms already created for their
kids birthdays.

  • Robbie's NASA party: Space Agent Robbie had a NASA astronaut party that was
    out of this world. At his Astronaut Training party, Robbie and his friends received
    a customized NASA T-shirt with Space Mission orders as an invitation. At the
    party they started off with a NASA Shuttle Orientation coloring station. Later they
    collected moon rocks, launched stomp rockets, tranquilized aliens, and did some
    anti gravity maneuvers in a bounce house among other activities and games.
    Kids snacked on pudding and gelatin called Jupiter Jello and Mars Mud, then
    ordered Planet Pizza. A clever party indeed. This Mom gets the rocket scientist

Now it's time to tell us about your real Astronaut party and share party ideas with us on
Twitter. Go ahead and blast us away with your creativity and inspiration for others. We love
discussing children's parties on Facebook, too.
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