Ballet Birthday Party
Hosts a party your little ballerina will love!

If she's loved ballet since she was two-two, then a ballet party is ideal for, you-you!
Your little twinkle toes will pirouette for a ballerina birthday filled with pretty pink
pleasures, twirling ribbons, shimmering star shaped scepters, twinkling tiaras and pink
tulle. Ballet party supplies are hard to find, but not if you shop online! We've gathered
up the best and the cutest.

You can host a terrific ballet party. Here's how to send sugar plum fairies dancing in
her head (even if her birthday is not in December):

  • Send your Prima Ballerina to swan lake. Head to the bridal section of the party
    supply store for swan inspired decorations and treats, including pretty acrylic
    swan cups that you can fill with pink jellybeans or butter mints for the tables.
    The dollar stores also usually carry an abundant supply of this item.

  • Little girls go nuts for Nutcrackers. A December birthday is oh so appropriate for a
    Nutcracker theme ballet party, but even in July, if you have any nutcrackers, pull
    them out for display! Read a Nutcracker book, play the Nutcracker music and
    have the kids dance to the familiar tune as part of the activities. You'd be
    surprised how modern kids love nutcrackers as much as children of yesteryear.

  • Hold her ballet party at a gymnastics facility. Send her off in a tutu with all of her
    friends to explore balance beams, tumbling, foam pits, under guided instruction
    of gymnastics professionals. Gymnastics is a great option especially if you don't
    have any ballet instruction activity as part of the party.

  • Send them two by two in their tutus to the bounce house. Kids can perform silly
    ballet routines in a bounce house. Just set classical music to the background for
    instant fun. No ballet instruction required.

  • Be on your tippy toes. Make your own tutus, and be on your tippy toes for ballet
    and ballerina favors and party supplies, because surprisingly, there isn't much in
    the way of ballet party favors at your local party supply, so search online here.

Ballerina party invitations
If you're having a classic ballerina party, then the pre-made ballerina invitations, right,
will give you the appropriate vintage look. The retro appeal of these cards is a delight
for mothers and grandmothers who will look back fondly to their own memories of
recitals and ballet lessons. But you don't need to buy ballerina party invitations when
you can make them yourself so easily.

To make your own ballerina party invitations, start with a heavy pink card stock in light
pink, glue a tiny tulle skirt. Make the skirt by fanning tulle into a pleat, then fastening it
in place with a pretty ribbon. The tulle skirt is enough, but if you have an artistic side,
draw a ballerina. Inside the card tuck star-shaped confetti and glitter with your

  • Ballerina invitations and wording ideas:
  • You're invited to twirl with the birthday girl!
  • Jean-Maria is three no more, she's turning four!*
  • Recital: Saturday August 22 at noon
  • Swan Lake: 123 Main Street
  • It's girly, it's twirly, please RSVP early at 867-5309

  • Variations of the ballet birthday message:
  • Happy birthday "tutu" me, I'm turning three!

More ballerina party ideas

  • Make use of silver stars and hot pink glitter. Sprinkle the tables with silver star
    confetti. For the entrance, sprinkle silver confetti with hot pink glitter to give a
    dazzling first impression. Pink glittery shoes, like the ballerina flats for the
    ballerina birthday girl also will help set a pretty tone.

  • Spread the pink tulle. Lay a white tablecloth and layer the look with pink tulle.
    Drape tulle on chairs into bows. Tie utensils and the napkin with a thin strip of
    tulle. Save the tulle for next year's spa birthday party.

  • Slip her a Slipper favor bag. Hang a Ballet Slipper Stocking on each chair. The
    stocking will serve as a party favor.

  • Invite a teddy bear to the party. Teddy bears and tutus just seem to go together.
    Have kids bring their own teddy bear as a dancing partner or provide a small
    teddy bear as a faor. The Teddy Bear Tutu cake, by Wilton, left, sets the scene
    for fun. Extend the theme with a teddy bear picnic party.

Ballerina Foods
Sugar plum fairies feast on marzipan and candy canes, but for a ballerina party pretty
much anything bubble-gum pink goes, such as pink jellybeans, pink Jordan almonds
wrapped in tulle, pink pastel buttermints or cotton candy. Other ideas:

  • Pink party snacks. See our pink party food ideas for your ballerina themed party
    where you'll find billowy pink marshmallows and candies that are sure to make
    the sugar plum fairies smile.

Ballet Party Games
Of course you can hire a ballet instructor to teach a few moves, but for your party, you
simply must start by dressing them the part Primp and pamper your prima ballerinas
with a traditional tight bun hairdoo and some sparkly makeup, then outfit them with a
traditional tu-tu and let the party fun begin:

  • Play "Sabrina Ballerina Says": This game, plays like Simon Says, but has a ballet
    moves. Align the girls at the wall and have them touch the wall with their hand.
    Sabrina Ballerina says tip toe. Sabrina Ballerina says Sabrina Ballerina says
    pirouette. Sabrina Ballerina says leap. Sabrina Ballerina says point to your toes.
    Okay, pause and point. Sabrina Ballerina didn't say "pause and point." (Send
    those little prima ballerinas back to the balance bar.) Next have your little Prima
    Ballerinas perform the dance of the swans. Sabrina Ballerina says, slowly lift
    your arms like a bird's wings. Sabrina Ballerina says lower them gently. Okay
    now flap your wings. Sabrina Ballerina didn't say flap your wings. Send those
    swans back to the balance bar.

  • Set out some dance props, including boas, scarfs and rainbow ribbons: Even boys
    will like rainbow ribbons. One of Australia's top toys, Rainbow Ribbons nurture a
    child's imagination with motion and balance and they'll give your party a graceful
    lift. Set the scene with classical music for free form dance and watch the magic
    happen. Another fun exploration of dance is a play parachute tent.

  • Ballerina Card game: Need an activity for your ballet birthday party? The Ballerina
    Card Game, pictured left, includes 41 game cards that depict ballet positions and
    teach budding ballerinas the basics of ballet. Nurture a child's imagination, range
    of motion and balance by allowing each child to draw a card and demonstrate to
    the position to everyone. An adult can help.

Resources  for a ballet party
Get your tutu into the party planning mode with these resources:

  • Use what you already have for the party. Turn your American doll into a ballerina
    for the party with the doll-sized tutu, left. Not only will a decorated doll look
    great for your party, but your daughter will certainly appreciate the gift. She'll
    spend hours dancing with her doll.

  • Zazzle them your attention to detail! Make the most of a ballet themed party by
    getting ballet postage stamps for your invitations.

  • Looking for handmade ballerina party ideas? Dance on over to ETSY to see
    handmade ballet party wares. You'll get ideas for your ballet themed invitations
    if you want to do it yourself, or you buy templates to print yourself. And there
    are ready made ballet themed party favors and cake toppers to have sent to
    your home to give your party that unique look. And if you're planning a vintage
    ballerina party, then you'll find sweet vintage finds too.

Real Ballet Parties
Thinking of hosting a ballet themed party? Get inspiration from moms who've already
had some amazing birthday parties:

  • You'll go nuts over this Nutracker ballet party for kids. The Sugar Plum fairies went
    over the top for this Pink Nutcracker ballet party. You'll get a host of ballet party
    ideas even if your budget doesn't allow for a party this elaborate. Think pink
    macaroons, pink swirled lollies,  pink marshmallows and a treats in pink.

  • Hot pink ballerina party. In this swanky ballet party in hot pink, even the cupcakes
    are wearing tutus! The event planner made use of a mannequin bodice, and
    there was a bold display of stripes and polka dots. The cute cupcake wraps
    were instead used for other treats for the ballerinas at the party, such as
    popcorn and fruit slices.

Okay, now it's your turn twinkle toes! Tell us about the party for your little Nina ballerina.
We'd love to hear about your real ballet parties. Please
share party ideas with us on Twitter
and Facebook.
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