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Barnyard Horse Party
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Kids Pony parties are fun to throw and even more fun when you host a party for a
specific horse theme. When you throw a barnyard bash, it's guaranteed to be a
smash! How to get the party started? With a barnyard horse, of course. Sure, you can
rent a pony, but you can throw the best barnyard party barn-none when your party
includes clever barnyard horse decorations, including inflatable horses, and a red barn
prop or two. And with clever games, like a rubber horse shoe toss, your barnyard
horse party is sure to raise the roof.

Everything you need to host a Barnyard Horse Party is right here. Creative ideas for
horse theme invitations, birthday cake, food, games, and favors to make your barnyard
bash extra horsey are here at!

  • Higher a horse. A real pony might be part of your pony party, but even if you
    don't plan to hire a horse, you'll send the kids soaring high when you inflate the
    fun. Provide kids with an inflatable horse that they can "ride" between their
    legs. You can also "higher" a horse for your party with mylar horse balloons.  
    Buy them online, left, an inflate them at your local grocery store. Mylar and 48
    inches long, they come in a variety of colors to decorate your barnyard bash,
    and double as favors! More ways to ride a horse:
  • Get your horse party rocking! Set out an inflatable ride on horse or a
    rocking horse. The red ride on horse, lower left, is like a fits the red
    barnyard horse theme perfectly.
  • Give the kids stick horses. Check your local dollar store for easy to ride
    short sticks. Here's how to make your own stick horse from a dowel and a
  • Turn Daddy into a horse! He can "pony up" and provide rides to kids in a
    red wagon. These "hay rides" using the wagon are sure to be a hit. A red
    wagon is also an ideal place to stash the birthday gifts from guests.
  • Make a three legged horse. Pair kids and use a bandanna to tie one leg of
    each kid. Then start the horse races. Feed sacks are great for three-
    legged Horse races and fit nicely with the barnyard Horse party theme. If
    you aren't close to a feed store to get a burlap sack, then head to your
    local fabric store and ask for Burlap, or Hessian Cloth. Or buy potato sacks
    online, lower left
  • Grow a pony. Party-goers will favor the Grow a Pony toy, which grows 600
    percent in size. About a buck at Michael's arts and crafts store (they retail
    for as much as $2.95 elsewhere). The clever writing on the packaging
    makes them ideal for invitations, thank you cards, too.

  • Make it the best horse party barn-none. When planning a barnyard horse party,
    make the iconic red barn a focal point for the invitations and decorations. Center
    the theme of your party with an iconic red barn toy, like the affordable mini
    wooden red barn, top right, by Melissa and Doug. You may already have a toy
    farm you can use for the table decorations. If not, Big Red Barn by Schleich,
    right, is another wonderful toy and centerpiece for your party. Here are more
    ideas to get a red barn into your barnyard birthday:
  • Make a kid size red barn from an appliance box painting it red and white
    using your toy as the model. Want your party barn truly spectacular, then
    buy the plans for how to build a cardboard barn from Mr. McGroovy's. No
    horsing around, this is a simple project.
  • Color your own. As an activity for the party, kids can help color a barn,
    right. Or, you can reserve this special activity for the birthday kid.
  • Decorate your "barn" with mini horse figurines and mini hay bales. In
    addition to the pint sized barns.
  • Learn a barn dance. When you know how to line dance, it's a dosey doe
    and away you'll go.
  • Finally, be sure to read "Barn Dance!" by John Archambault as an activity
    just after cake, but before opening gifts.

  • You "red: my mind. Keep with the red theme of your barnyard bash and decorate
    with plenty of red:
  • Red tableware: Layer the table with a red checkered table cloth and plenty
    of red utensils and accessories.
  • Red bandannas: Use red bandannas for napkins to create a down home
    feel to your table setting. For an extra horsey effect, tie a small horse
    figurine using Jute (string that looks like straw) for the napkin rings. Save
    time and buy bandannas online in bulk for about a buck each.Why not tie
    up the favors in red bandannas, place them in a bucket and have party
    goers bob for "apples" (the bandanna favor bags)?
  • Red Licorice: Horse around with red licorice ropes and laces. Tie a knot
    with the red licorice ropes to resemble lariats, and twist licorice laces into
    lead ropes around small horse figurine). You might also twist red vines
    licorice onto your napkins for a festive touch.

  • Play some Barnyard horse games. Horse around with these barnyard games and
  • Have a barnyard egg hunt. Recycle leftover eggs from Easter and fill them
    with horsey items. Mini Horse figurines are an obvious choice to stuff your
    eggs, but you'll find stretchy horses and barnyard animals in our Barnyard
    party store. Look also for horse stickers, horse finger puppets, horse
    tattoos, and horse party sweets on eBay, and other online stores. The
    buttermints with a Horse on the label, pictured right, were found at
    Birthday in a Box. You can also have a treasure hunt by hiding prizes in a
    few bales of hay.
  • Take on this egg-ceptional activity. Have an egg relay spoon race.
  • Pin-The-Tail-On-The-Donkey is an obvious party game, so surprise party
    goers with a Pin-The-Tail-On-The-Horse game, which also doubles as
    decoration because it has the birthday child's name imprinted.
  • Play carnival games with barnyard rubber ducks. Number the little duckies
    and have party goers take turns to scoop ducks from the pool with a net.
    The corresponding numbers receive a prize.
  • Visit our Horse party games and activities pages for more ideas.

  • Farm out some of the decorations. Whether or not a petting zoo is part of the
    pony party, you can invite cows, pigs, sheep and chickens to the party with the
    decorations, games and favors you choose. Old MacDonald is sure to be
    impressed with your creativity (and the kids will too) with these ideas for the
    best ever barnyard bash:

  • Ask your guests to dress like "farm folk" in denim, overalls, pig tails or
    pony tails, and straw hats. You can also outfit the crowd easily with a few
    bandannas, straw hats and pig tail making station.
  • Sprinkle the tables with farm confetti.

  • Make some finger lickin' good food. Fried chicken is in order, or since this is a kids
    party, you can make it easy on yourself and have lunch catered by Old
    MacDonald's (his Golden Arch ranch is sure to please the kiddies). Here are more
    menu ideas for a party that's home on the range:

  • Bake barnyard cookies. The"NorPro 12 Cup Nonstick Farm Cookie Pan."
    Madeleine cookies work well, or use this pan to make chocolates too.
    Search Amazon for horse molds to make lollipops and chocolates.
  • Serve cow patties and haystacks. For lunch, serve up burgers or
    sandwiches with shoe string potatoes because they make excellent "Hay
  • Moo-ve on over lemonade. Moo-juice is an "udderly" fun way to name
    chocolate or strawberry flavored milk or a milkshake.
  • Toss out some chicken feed. A fun snack addition for a barnyard bash is to
    make your own chicken feed (a corn pop party snack mix) and display on
    the table in a burlap sack, wooden bushel or small galvanized bucket lined
    with bandanna.

Barnyard Horse Party Ideas
If you're having a barnyard Horse party, then we have some more ideas that are sure
to raise the roof. Here are more creative ideas for horse theme invitations, birthday
cake, food, games, and favors to make your barnyard bash extra horsey:

  • Look also to eBay for find custom party favors. You'll find vendors who will
    customize candy wrappers, scratch-off-game cards and more. If you shop eBAy,
    be sure to get cash back at eBay for all your eBay purchases, and hundreds of
    other online stores, including Oriental Trading Company.

  • More menu ideas for a barnyard horse party
  • Serve what a Horse loves: sliced apples, carrots and celery and provide
    dips kids love (caramel dip for the apples and ranch dressin for the
  • Have sugar cubes available for the coffee.
  • Create colorful confections using candy molds to create Horse chocolates
    on a stick or colorful Horse lollipops.

  • Invitation ideas for a barnyard horse party.
  • For a darn cute down on the farm invitation, select the red barn invitation,
    upper right.
  • Hand deliver a barnyard horse figurine, then tell guests to check e-mail for
    the invitation specifics. No postage required.
  • Check with Zazzle for horse theme postage for the envelopes, and be
    sure to decorate the envelope with the horse stickers, right.
  • Visit our pony party invitation ideas, where you can see a horse in a box
    diorama invitations that you could make for a barnyard birthday.

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