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Baseball Party
How to throw a kids baseball theme birthday party

Want to catch some fun? Then plan a birthday party with baseball games for boys at
home! The birthday boy will love having a baseball theme party and you'll score a
home run for the party with just a few props and activities. This party idea works for a
T-ball party or a softball party too.

Go ahead and invite the Little League over to home base. Here's how to "play ball"
and throw a terrific kids baseball party with plenty of games at home:

  • Make a party of home base. The baseball base set, left, is an inexpensive addition
    to the party decor.  For the party, you can strategically place it around the buffet
    table, or use it to designate the pinata zone. Over the years you'll use this
    baseball base set to create an instant baseball field in your own back yard or at
    the local park. The birthday boy will be the most popular boy on the block.

  • Grand Slam breakfast. Remember to start the birthday boy's day with a free
    grand slam breakfast from Denny's. Check out more freebies for birthdays. Your
    little most valuable player will love it.

Baseball games and activities
Baseball is perhaps the most popular birthday of party themes for boys, and as
American as hot dogs and apple pie. You can head to a game, or invite enough guests
to build your own team and hold the party at a park to play ball.

  • Batter them up! Don't think your baseball fans have outgrown this game: a
    pinata. It seems only natural to whack a pinata with real baseball bat. You can
    fill a baseball pinata with baseball buttermints,left, baseball Silly Bandz baseball
    bracelets, also left, and lots of "Dubble Bubble" bubble gum, which you may find
    at your local party supply store. Save the Dubble Bubble baseball bat and ball
    combo, right for the party favors.

  • Hold baseball trivia contests for the adults or older kids who may have gained
    some knowledge of baseball. If you don't feel you have a baseball knowledge
    base try Kids World and their free online baseball quiz.

  • More Baseball activities:
  • Baseball card trading. Give a few packages of baseball trading cards to
    every kid, then allow kids time to trade. They'll be chewing gum and
    making deals in no time. Don't under estimate this simple activity for your
    party! It will be a favorite of the birthday boy and his friends as they
    select the dream team of cards with friends.
  • Have a beanbag toss.  The beanbag toss game, lower left, makes a great  
    activity for the party and you'll use it for years to come. You might even
    invent your own version of the game using the picture here as model.
  • Baseball guys, right, is another great

Baseball menu
The baseball cupcake, left, from Family Fun is an easy way to bring baseball to your
table. Of course you'll buy them some peanuts and Cracker Jack for the party.
Remember, too the hot dogs and apple pie! But if you really want to accent the
baseball theme, here are some themed treat ideas:

  • Have a ball. Popcorn balls can look like baseballs! Or try rice cereal treats, and
    have fun accenting these marshmallow treats with red licorice to make a

  • Eat and spit. A healthy treat idea is sunflower seeds with the shells. The kids will
    feel like they're in the big league, spitting like the pros. Why not have kids
    imagining they are eating something healthy instead of chewing tobacco?

  • Big League cookies.
  • National Baseball Hall of Fame Bunts, all natural baseball cookies, left, will be
    sure winner. Available also in your favorite teams.
  • An easy baseball treat is our Big Batch Sugar cookie recipe. Use a glass to cut
    the baseball shapes and use a white merengue icing, and pipe in the baseball
    stitching by using a toothpick to cut through a red line of icing.

  • Unwrap the fun. This baseball treat idea is a classic -- serve Drumsticks ice cream
    cones with the cake!

Don't go too ballistic on the creative snack ideas. Whatever is on the menu for your
baseball game, you can add to the overall baseball party decorations with this free
baseball menu printable to post at your concession stand buffet table.

Baseball theme decor

  • Here's a decorating  idea that will cost you peanuts: use unshelled peanuts in clear
    vases to stick dried flowers. You can also use candy circus peanuts.

  • With baseball guys, right, you get 30 pieces, enough to set up a game on your

Baseball favors
You'll find baseball favors are often bundled with other team sports, like basketball,
football and soccer. If you want to stick to a purely baseball theme, then treat them to
these big league baseball treat ideas:

  • Dubble Bubble favors. The adorable baseball bat party favors from Dubble Bubble,
    right, says it all, especially if it's a party for twins!

  • Personalized baseball bat favors. Make it a grand slam with the ultimate party
    favor --  personalized Rawlings Baseball bat favors (mini size at 18 inches).

  • Big League gum. While the baseball players might be chewing on something else,
    you can "chews" for the kiddos this classic treat: Big League Chews bubble gum.

  • Wiffle ball. You'll have a tough time gathering up enough Wiffle balls for baseball
    party favors at the local sports shop, so shop online to buy them by the dozen
    and get a great deal to boot. They are available also as a set with the Wiffle
    baseball bat.

  • Favors for the gloved ones: Among the baseball party favors Martha Stewart
    recommends: a bottle of Glovolium (a professional glove treatment product).

Baseball invitations
  • Baseball invitations and thank you cards:
  • You've been drafted for Michael's baseball team
  • First Practice Saturday, July 30
  • Home base: 123 main street
  • RSVP Coach Jenny at 867.5309

  • Alternatively try these invitation wording ideas:
  • Catch the fun, Michael's turning one

  • Ideas for baseball thank you cards: Send a Topps baseball card with your
    message: "Thanks for coming to my party!You're TOPPS with me."

Real baseball parties
Thinking of having a baseball party? Here are some of our online friends who've
already had them:

  • Red Sox baseball party. One mom transforms her backyard into Fenway park.
    Special touches include using wheat grass and peanuts as decoration. Read her
    blog at

  • Have triplets? Then throw a "triple play" birthday party.

Tell us about your baseball themed birthday party and share party ideas with us on Twitter.
We love children's parties!
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