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How to "hoop it up" to host a basketball themed party

Thinking of hooping it up for his birthday party this year? Game on! Your party planning
is in the basket with our basketball party ideas. Yes, a basketball party is a slam dunk,
but of course all our kids parties "above the rim."

He shoots: you score! Here's the tip-off to the best basketball party ever from the
invitations to the birthday cake, favors and more:

  • Download Basketball party music. You're no rookie to throwing kids parties, so
    load up your MP3 with music. The birthday boy will party like a basketball player
    with songs like "Getcha Head in the Game" and "Pump up the Jam."

  • Make them dribble with cheesy basketball party foods: Cheese puff balls look just
    like basketballs! You'll find these puffy party snacks seasonally in the bulk stores
    or you can buy them year round online, left. If the thought of orange fingers is a
    "personal foul" with you, then serve a cheddar cheese ball with buttery
    crackers. And of course nachos in basketball orange will add to your party
    theme. See more basketball snack ideas below that will surely make them

  • Make a fast break for basketball party favors. Finding basketball party plates, are
    the easy part of planning your party. Finding basketball themed favors: not so
    easy. You see, manufacturers often bundle other basketball themed party
    supplies with related sports like baseball, football and soccer. If you want a
    March Madness party or a totally basketball themed party, then you'll have to
    make a "fast break" and save the other favors for an All Star Party.

  • Get jamming on tableware ideas for your basketball party:
  • Choose a soft orange tablecloth, then "hoop it up" by adding a layer of
    white fishing netting found at the party supply.
  • Stick orange suckers into orange fruit slice candies. You can affix a small
    paper banner to the stick with each child's name as a place card.
  • Choose orange candies and confections, like jelly beans, and spread them
    on the table like confetti.
  • Invite black licorice vines to the table setting, which look like the lines on
    the basketballs and will add to your theme.
  • Set out a glass bowl with basketball chocolates, pictured left. Or bag
    them in clear cellophane and use the as balloon weights for the party

  • More ways to decorate the party:
  • Be sure to buy extra basketball party plates to tack on the wall as
  • Draw the lines of a basketball onto real oranges! Use a black Sharpie pen
    and display your little masterpieces in a bowl.
  • Get comfy in a basketball bean bag, pictured right. This decoration idea
    doubles as a gift for the birthday boy.

  • Toss around some basketball novelties. Shoot hoops with the inflatable
    basketball, pictured top right. An inflatable basketball is a wonderful way to
    delight a younger sibling while the big kids hoop it up on the courts. Inflatable
    basketballs come in smaller sizes, too, and will make excellent favors especially
    as a pool party. You'll also find basketball kick-balls, basketball clappers and
    other novelties to use for favors and decorations. Just be careful not to let little
    kids put their tummies to the gigantic sized basketball or they will land on their

Activities for a basketball party
For this party, you've got to play some basketball or attend a game. Don't have a
basketball court? Rent one by the hour at your local community center. Or decorate
the party with Nerf hoops throughout the party space.  This will inspire kids to shoot.
Have a free throw contest with prizes. Here are more basketball inspired ideas:

  • Wii Basketball will get everyone in the spirit and it makes a nice gift for the
    birthday kid.

  • Trading: Provide each kid with a few stacks of trading cards and have them
    trade each other on the doubles or to get the most valuable cards.

  • Basketball Museum: Make a mini Basketball museum of the Basketball
    memorabilia you may already have. Trophies, posters, team pennants, Your
    basketball guy will love these basketball novelties to add to his collection.

Invitations for a Basketball party
As kids get older, they may invite fewer guests, so why not invite the NCAA Final Four!
Or make it a fourth birthday party. Whatever the year, you can invite his or her friends
to the center circle, and here's how:

  • Wording for Basketball themed party invitations:
  • It's Michael's birthday so come join the Hoopla!
  • He shoots, he scores Saturday November 27 2:00-5:00
  • Stadium: 123 Arcadia Court
  • Now for the tipoff... Please R.S.V.P. Shelly at 867-5309

  • Ideas for a first birthday. As a first birthday theme, you can have a play on
    words: "Come watch Michael dribble!" This is such a cute party idea for your
    little MVP.

  • Basketball themed Thank you cards: Have a professional picture taken of the
    birthday boy with a basketball and wearing a basketball uniform. Enclose an
    autograph of your all star as a thank you card.

Basketball snack ideas
Theme food for a basketball party is relatively easy. For lunch, set up a concession
stand with the usual game day favorites. Here's are more basketball theme ideas for
what to eat on a "fast break":

  • Make it a team play with foods you rename:
  • Knicks Noshes (this can be anything the birthday kid likes to eat)
  • Golden State Warriors French Fries
  • LA Lakers Water (make water bottles)
  • Portland Trailblazers Trail Mix
  • Miami Heat (anything that's spicy from salsa to red hots candies)
  • Houston Rockets Rocket dogs (corn dogs)

  • Basketball sugar cookies: Try our easy big batch sugar cookie recipe, then use
    the rim of a glass to cut the dough into circles. Try Wilton's cooking icing for the
    frosting, then pipe in black lines.

  • Basketball cake pops. The shape lends itself easily to this tasty treat. Make your
    display take center court: design a cake pop stand to look like a basketball court.

  • Have fun "Dunking donuts" in milk. Buy donuts and an equal number of donut
    holes. Cover the donut holes in orange candy coating, such as Wilton's candy
    melts, left. Then pipe in basketball stripes. Place the donut basketball in the
    donut hole as a basket. This dessert is a slam dunk if he doesn't like cake. Now
    that's some slam dunkin' donutes.

  • More ideas for basketball party foods:
  • Mark an orange with a black Sharpie pen to make cute basketball fruit.
  • Coat cookies with orange colored candy melts, left.
  • Use black licorice laces to make basketball designs on cakes and cookies.

Basketball birthday cake
When it comes time to serve the birthday cake, have the birthday kid make a "swish."
Have plenty of birthday clappers, pictured left, on hand to "swish" him well. Basketball
guys look great on the birthday cake, but be sure to get extras to use either as favors
or to help you decorate the tables.

  • Basketball cake: Wilton's sports pan, left, will help you create a sphere cake that
    you can frost to look like a basketball.

  • Basketball court cake. If you don't want to cover your cake in orange frosting,
    then add a bit of orange food coloring to the vanilla batter for a surprise to any

Basketball games and activities

  • Here's another traditional basketball theme inspired activity: a basketball pinata.
    The hard to find Basketball pinata, right, will truly accent your theme. Fill it with
    basketball clappers, lower left, mini basketball rubber duckies, left, and
    basketball candies, such as.

Basketball party favors
When you go to the local party supply for basketball party favors you'll see that they
often mix up other sports into an All Star party. You can always divide your son's
favorite sports for parties in the following years, but if you want a strictly basketball
themed party this year, you'll have to plan early with these ideas.

  • Basketball silly bands
  • Stuffed Basketballs
  • Basketball cards
  • inflatable basketballs, right, available by the dozen
  • Orange candies. Fill favor bags or boxes with orange Tootsie pops and orange
    gum balls.

Real Basketball Parties
Basketball is such a long season that you can throw a basketball theme party all the
way through March Madness! Here are some real basketball parties to inspire your

  • Planning a first birthday party? Throwing basketball party for a one-year old is a
    slam dunk when you see the cute ideas at the Sew Dang Cute blog. You'll have
    a ball (and so will he). You'll see how easy it is to make a sweet fondant
    basketball birthday cake.

  • Does he love more than just basketball? Here's a real All Star Birthday to inspire a
    combination of sports. Or have a ball looking at Walker's All Star Party. Both of
    these parties have elements of basketball to help inspire your party.

More Basketball party resources
There are lots of vendors on eBay selling basketball party supplies, such as scratch
and win stickers or water bottle labels. Order early as eBay sellers aren't bound to the
same two day shipping standards as Amazon. You may miss the party date! If you buy

party supplies on eBay
, make sure you get cash back on your purchase.

Get looped! Get hooped! Tell us about your basketball party and
share party ideas
with us on Twitter. We love children's parties. Shoot the hoop with us.
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