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How to have a kids boxing party for your little champ

Don't get boxed in for an ordinary party when you can host a boxing birthday for boys
that's a real knockout! Unlike most sports, boxing isn't seasonal, which means you can
have your boxing party for kids any time of the year.

Not ready to get in the ring to plan your son's birthday? Don't throw in the towel. With
a little creativity, this party will be a "barnburner" (a good fight):
  • Hire a bounce house with an inflatable boxing ring.
  • With a Wii boxing game and inflatable boxing gloves, you can have a safe party.
  • Add a punching bag and you can train a roomful of champions!

So "Let's get read to rumble" on this extreme birthday theme because we've got the
"upper cut" on a boxing party for kids. We found a cute boxing cake topper, and have
ideas for favors to make a boxing party possible.

Now you're ready to get in the ring and plan a terrific party!
Here's how to make the memories "EVERLAST":

  • Send tickets to the main event. One rule about fight club birthday party: never tell
    the other moms about a "fight club" birthday party. Instead, send them
    invitations that look like a tickets to a real sporting event, pictured left. Now
    that's the ticket!

  • Feeling cornered? Don't worry because decorating for a boxing party is easy:
  • Hang red balloons upside-down to look like a speedball (punching bag).
  • Use real boxing gloves as a centerpiece.

  • Here are more clever boxing party ideas:
  • Have the family wear boxing robes to the party. In this way, you become
    the "decorations"
  • Make everyone look like a champ: craft your own boxing belts!
  • Rope off the food area or rope off the presents area using four folding
    chairs with string followed by streamers to hold the area in place.
  • Add to the fun with "food fight" boxing glove oven mitts, right.

Boxing Favors:
  • Boxing pens: Kids will love the Boxing Glove Pop Pens, immediate right, which
    deliver a satisfying pop punch.

  • Mini Boxing Glove Keychains: A sweet memento of the party, suspend the mini
    boxing gloves from the ceiling using fishing line to add a festive flair.

  • Sucker Punch CandiesSucker Punch Candies have a sweet display of boxing
    gloves with a taste to "knock out" the kids.

  • Boxing rubber bandz glow in the dark and include muay thai fighter, trophy,
    kung fu master, boxing glove and boxer.

  • Fill plastic trophies with candies and wrap them in cellophane.

  • Jump ropes. Jumping rope is a good cardiovascular workout for boxers and once
    the boys realize this they'll want to join the girls.

  • Candy canes. You may think this is an odd addition to a boxing party, but the
    candy cane was the body punch used by Sugar Ray Robinson. Tape a note to
    the candy cane with a quote from Sugar Ray himself.

Boxing Party foods

  • "Medal" with your water: Wrap water bottles with Winner Medals, pictured at the
    top of the page. This will require a glue gun to secure the medals and ribbons in
    place. This looks good also with strawberry red or bubble gum blue soda in glass

  • Sucker Punch: Naturally, any boxing birthday cake you serve needs to come with
    red punch. Feel free to call it a "sucker punch" (a sucker punch catches someone
    completely off guard).

  • Boxing glove cookies: Use our big batch sugar cookie recipe to easily knock out
    boxing glove cookies for the party. Use a mitten cookie cutter! You'll have a new
    recipe for holiday cookies as well. (Think Boxing Day!)

  • Sucker up with a candy buffet: Set up a candy buffet in the happy combination of
    colors: red and blue.
  • Make them dizzy with ocean blue swirl pops, left, which add a vintage
    charm to your party decor.
  • Get a red gumball machine and fill it with red and blue gumballs. It will
    make the birthday kid happy because the gumball bank can double as a
    birthday gift.
  • Fill trophies with colorful candies in blue or red.

  • Knock out an easy dessert: Whatever the champ's favorite cake, you can modify
    the wrestling ring cake toppers set, left, by using the ring and inserting your
    own boxing figurines.  (Oh well, maybe he doesn't mind Wrestling mania.) If
    you're crafty, you can make a boxing ring for the cake from chocolate dipped
    pretzels and licorice laces.
  • Add to the boxing theme further by calling everyone to cake by the bell.

Serving cupcakes on a red square paper party plate lined with four black licorice ropes
to resemble a boxing ring with gum drops at the corners.

Boxing Party Games
You can ensure the kids have a great time with this unusual party theme for kids when
you play games like:
  • Rock 'em sock 'em robots
  • Wii Boxing games: FaceBreakers K.O. Party below and Punch Out at the top of
    the page.
  • Jumphouse (ask for oversized boxing gloves, and sumo wrestling gear)
  • Take a jab: Have everyone get into the ring and tell a knock-knock joke.
  • Wii games! Punch-Out!!, right, is a popular and highly rated Wii boxing game.

Boxing Birthday Gift ideas
  • Real boxing gloves. At the top of the page, the Everlast punching gloves are as
    little as $20 and can serve as a centerpiece decoration.
  • Real punching bag. The heavy duty punching bag pictured right is around $25 and
    even includes free shipping. It's a great way to train and work out, and he'll love
    it! All the kids can get a chance to punch the bag at the party. It includes the
    chains, but requires a heavy bag hanger. Try the "Everlast Wood Beam Heavy
    Bag Hanger" at around $15 and with free shipping.
  • Real Speed bag. A speed bag offers training in quick punch agility.
  • Rock 'em Sock 'em classic game
  • Wii Boxing game with Wii boxing gloves: Wii boxing gloves enhance the Wii boxing
    experience. Two great Wii boxing games:
  • FaceBreakers K.O. Party below and
  • Punch Out at the top of the page

More Resources for a Boxing Party

Real Boxing parties...
Now it's your turn. Tell us about your real boxing party. Did you play Wii games? Did
you get a boxing lesson? We hope your party was a real knock out. Write us.

Tell us about your boxing party or other unusual boys party idea. Please share party ideas
with us on Twitter and Facebook.
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