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Bug Party
How to have a creepy crawly bug themed birthday bash

He's been bugging you for a creepy crawly bug themed party. Well, your itsy-bitsy
spider and his entourage of bed bugs will love the bug party you create with creepy
crawly critters and our
bug recipes! And you'll certainly be bitten by the bug when you
see the buggy stuff available online.

From cute to disgusting, educational to entertaining, here's how to create an insect
wonderland that's sure to "bee" a party to remember:

  • Be 'em: Keep the little love bugs busy with the set of five durable and colorful
    insect capes, left. Guaranteed to create a "buzz" at the party, they're made of
    durable foam for hours of play.

  • Decorate the family for the party! Mom can sport a pair of butterfly wings. Daddy
    long legs can wear an inexpensive mosquito net hat and use it later for
    camping. Everyone will get a kick out of and want to try on the Preying Mantis
    sunglasses, left. You'll also find this fun eye wear available in fire ant and a
    hornet models. They're under ten bucks.

Bug party invitations and wording ideas:
  • Bug out for a birthday bash:
    (Our love bug is turning two)*
  • Flutter by Saturday, August 22 at 11:30 a.m.
  • Maxwell's Garden: 123 main street
  • RSVP: Queen Bee Stacy or Daddy Longlegs Larry at 867-5309

    * Variations:
  • As cute as bug, the birthday girl needs a hug!
  • Bees, beetles and butterflies galore, our little bug is three no more.

Getting buggy with it to set the scene

  • Get the party started with silly string "bug spray." Buy silly string, preferably
    green, and affix your own bug spray label to the can. (Make the label yourself
    with bug stickers and a computer.) For the party, "spray" each guest upon
    arrival at the entrance. If you don't mind the mess, your little spider man will
    love a few extra cans for play.

  • Invite Garden bugs: Set up tea with colorful bug surprises. Have bugs coming out
    of the tea pot, serve bug cookies on the tiny plates. The Schylling Summer Bug
    Tin Tea Set, right, provides the perfect garden setting even if your party is
    indoors. And the girls will also love our fun ideas for a butterfly party, bumble
    bee party or ladybug party, too.

  • Get buggy with inflatables. Sure, plastic bugs are easy to find at the local store,
    and you'll want lots of them for the party, but if you want to impress party goers
    with realistic and educational creepy crawlers, order inflatable insects online.
    The set of five, pictured right, includes a ladybug, dragonfly, ant, bee and
    grasshopper. Comes with hang tabs for a cool display in a child's room, which
    means you can hang them on umbrellas, walls, fences, or trees for the party
    (each insect measures approximately 26"L x 29-½ W).

  • Make them creep and crawl: Creepy crawly bugs are readily available in your local
    toy store or party supply,so buy lots of them and put them in other unusual
    places for guests to discover, like the bathrooms. For a larger sized bugs, look
    for the Safari brand, pictured left. This replica set includes a Black Widow Spider,
    Monarch Butterfly, Red Ladybug, Fire Ant and Praying Mantis. They range in size
    from 3" to 7" long and 2.5" to 5" tall.

Bug Cakes, Cookies and Party food

  • Have them lined up for cake! Craft a clever caterpillar cupcake display, pictured
    right, by snipping licorice lace and affix gum drops to make legs and antennae.
    Position legs on both sides to make it a centipede. Fashion caterpillar candy
    similarly. Both ideas are from Wilton.

  • Serve up the cake and ice cream in leafy green plates. You get a set of 12 palm leaf
    trays for around seven dollars. While the manufacturer intends them as serving
    trays for a luau, these 12 inch trays are too flimsy to support an array of heavy
    fruits like pineapples, but they're perfect for serving individual portions of cake
    and ice cream and certainly add a creative touch to your bug party.

  • Let them bite bed bugs! Look for Keebler Grahams crackers Bug Bites cookies at
    your local grocery store or buy six boxes online.

  • Make your own candies with the Wilton Bug Buddies Pop Candy Molds.

  • Freeze gummy bug candies in ice for the drinks.

Bug Party Favor Ideas

For the goodie bags, a simple and effective way to convey your party theme is to bag
the bug favors in a bug net stick and wrap the net portion of the stick in cellophane,
then hand kids the sticks as they leave. If your family eats lots of oatmeal, save the
containers to craft
caterpillar keepsake boxes.  

It's easy to find the plastic little buggies, but here are some clever and hard to find
bug party favor ideas that the kids will love:

  • Bug City Candy, right, is bug shaped tart candy that comes cleverly packed in a
    reusable Bug Jar. You just won't find this at the local party supply or candy
    store, so buy a dozen 2.4 oz jars online.

  • Other buggy good choices for favor candy includes:
  • SweeTarts Gummy Bugs
  • Fear Factor Bug Pop Candy
  • Lightning Bugs Candy, pictured left, which come with tweezers.
  • Lightning Bug Gummies by Black Forest

Bug games and activities

  • Try fly swatting bubbles! Blow bubbles, or buy a bubble maker and provide the
    kids with fly swats. Trust us, the little fly swats will love getting rid of those
    pesky bubbles. The fun is equally enthralling for kids if you use a bug catcher

  • Make human centipede: Gather up the kids (birthday kid in front, but behind you).
    Have everyone spread out with their hands on the waist of the person ahead of
    them. Then make like a centipede in a sock hop fashion: wind and travel
    through the party zone. Each person copies the person in front of him: jump up
    over a small obstacle like a pillow, legs to one side when you curve, legs to the
    other side when you twist the other way, stop, start again etc. It's a great way
    to gather the kids up for story time, cake, pinata or a performance.

  • Buy bugs by the bucket. Backyard Bugs, pictured right, is a bucket of 72 colorful
    creepy, crawly bugs designed to turn your little bug into a counter. The game
    turns early math concepts into fun adventures for kids. Includes grasshoppers,
    bumblebees, beetles, spiders, dragonflies and caterpillars. Counters come in six
    colors and are packaged with suggested math activities. They make unique
    party favors!

  • Bug them with activity stations:

  • Bug memory game: Collect two dozen plastic bugs (so that you have
    twelve pairs of bugs). Place one cup on each bug and mix up the bugs for
    a challenging game of memory.

  • Tattoo the little buggers: There are lots of bug tattoos available online. All
    you need is a supply of tattoos, a fresh sponge, and thirty seconds.
    Inform parents that tattoos wipe off best with a bit of rubbing alcohol.
    Otherwise kids can soak in the bathtub and rub it out.

  • Stamp out bugs: Kid love to stamp, so set out small bits of paper, stamps
    and stickers and let the kids have at it.

  • Set out a mini insect zoo: Have the birthday girl or boy collect bugs in a
    bug habitat or grow an ant farm well in advance of the party.
    Alternatively, have go party goers collect bugs for the zoo during the
    festivities. Award the birthday child or the kid who collects the most bugs
    with the Tatutina Medal #1 Bug Catcher wooden medal to wear at the
    party. The medal comes with a matching ribbon and velcro at the top that
    you can personalize for recipient.

Resources for a bug party
  • Bug out some jokes! Buzz by Funology.com for some funny bug jokes.

Real Bug parties

We love kids parties and we hope we've inspired you to host a Bug party of your own. Tell
us about your party and
share party ideas with us on Twitter.
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