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Campers Party
Host a S'mores party with a campfire in your own back yard!

A camping party is, well, a bit campy! Once you set up camp, it's time to camp out, not
stress out. With glow sticks and ghost stories, flashlights and marshmallow delights, a
camping party is super easy to plan as kids entertain themselves. Camping is a theme
party on it's own and you can add elements that fit the birthday kid:

  • Bears camping party: Host a picnic with the bears! Bears can add a bit of
    cuteness to your theme whether it's a teddy bear tea party or teddy bear picnic.
    Set out a red picnic cloth, add red lanterns, red party plates and loads of bear
    themed cupcakes and confections.

  • Owls camping party: Campy owls will add the right amount of vintage nostalgia.
    See our Owl Birthday Party ideas, including a campy owl party with adorable
    Marshmallow S'more owls.

  • Fishing camping party: If you're fishing around for camping party ideas, then
    adding the element of fishing will be alluring. Host a kids fisherman party. Dress
    the kid like a fisherman and use Swedish fish in creative ways.

  • Happy campers party: Get happy with the idea of a happy campers party. Right
    you'll find a happy campers T-shirt for the birthday kid. Add smiley faces to
    cupcakes, cookies and more. See our Smiley Face party ideas.

Camping Invitation and Wording Ideas
Searching for camping party invitations are practically non-existent at the local party
supply. Just grin and bear it and  order online.

  • Camp Stationery Invitations: You'll find camping stationery, left, ideal for crafting
    your campy invitations. Add an owl theme to your party!

  • Blow the whistle on a great party! Attach the invitation wording like a lanyard to a
    whistle. Hang this invitation on friends instead of mailing.

  • Reel them in! Craft a fishing pole with a hook, line and sinker. First perfect your
    wording so that it fits neatly into a stencil a fish-shape you make from a cookie
    cutter. Cut it out, then get a wooden dowel or a bamboo rod and string the
    paper fish to it with a paper clip hook.

  • Pitch-in to pitch a tent. Fold a paper tent as an invitation (or use the idea for
    decorations or as an activity). Here's an easy Origami tent, which is an invitation
    is good enough to mail. If you're up for a more complex but intricate paper tent
    try the version from Kaboose.

  • Happy Campers party invitation wording ideas:
  • You're invited to Camp Happy Birthday!
  • Sleep under the stars Saturday, August 22 at 4:00-9:00 p.m.
  • Campgrounds: 123 Main Street
  • RSVP: Campfire Girl Tiffany or Camp Counselor Hal at 867-5309.
    (Bring your sleeping bag if you want to stay the night.)

Happy Camper Cake and Food Ideas
Making 'Smores is an obvious choice for party food, but the task is made easier for you
and safer for kids if you make them in a microwave with the Microwavable S'Mores
Maker, pictured left.

  • Tent: Pitch a tent easily with two graham crackers. Dip the crackers in orange
    candy melts to give them a prettier look.

  • Campfire: Pretzel sticks easily become logs. Create flames for a camp fire by
    cutting colorful fruit leathers (Family Fun shows you how with a campfire cake).
    You could also easily modify your favorite yule log recipe to make a campfire log

  • Trees: Making trees from candy frosting requires extra tools and patience. Take
    the easy way out with cake picks. Get four Evergreen Trees for around a dollar,
    so you can easily afford a small forest.

  • Rocks: Candy rocks with kids and there are candy pebbles easily available online.

More Ways to set the Happy Camping Scene at Home
Sure you can pitch a real tent, but if you don't have one you can just camp out under
the stars. Even if it's not a sleep over, everyone bring a sleeping bag for day and you
can eat cake and tell ghost stories around the fire.

  • Set up mini camp. Make the perfect table display for the cake or buffet with the
    Mighty World Hiking and Camping Small Theme Set. Includes twenty mini pieces
    to set up for decorations and then will later provide hours of fun as you recall
    the memories of the camping party.

  • Build a faux fire. Who needs dangerous flames when you can get all the
    atmosphere you need from a few real logs and artificial flames made of
    cellophane, construction paper or tissue paper. Of course if Dad is a camper, he
    can provide instruction on how to lay the proper fire for entertainment. Kids will
    get a kick out of constructing the fire. And with a faux fire you'll need some
    lickety split 'Smores. Koko's Confectionery 'smores suckers will fire up the kids
    quickly. Or gather around and sing camp songs, such as The Bear Went Over the
    Mountain, or Itchy Itchy Scratchy Scratchy.

Fishing for Camping Favor Ideas?
Kids will be happy with just about any camping goodies you find - a compass, freeze
dried camping ice cream, glow sticks, a whistle, quench gum or energy jelly beans, toy
binoculars and finger flashlights. Here are some fun ways to give them their camping

  • Roll a sleeping bag favor. Sew a sack from green felt or fleece about the size of an
    adult male's shoe box. Insert goodies flat then roll and tie to look like a sleeping

  • A hunting they will go. When the lights go down, send your little campers hunting
    in the backyard for favors. Affix reflective tape on small treasures and hide them
    in your yard. Then, send kids outside one at a time with a flashlight in hand to
    hunt a prize, retrieve and return. It's more fun if the favors are slightly different
    but equal, or if you allow kids to have two turns each.

  • Go in feet first. Fill a wading pool with soapy dishwashing suds, set chairs around
    the pool, and allow kids to fish for their favors prizes using only their feet.

  • Gone Fishing: Cut construction paper into a twisty river, large pond or lake, and
    glue it onto a large poster board. Cut fishing holes into your water. Then have
    kids fish for their favors with a home made fishing stick, like the one they used
    from the invitation. Mom or Dad stands on the other side of the poster board
    and hooks a prize then "bites" with a tug of the string. You can hook a bag of
    Swedish fish, keychains with fish, fish rings, fish bags, chocolate river rokcs, and
    other fun finds.

How to make them Happy Campers through the night
The thrill of the camp is often enough entertainment, but it's always good to have a
few games to ensure the campers stay happy. Sure, you can sing camp songs, but
here are some fun ideas you probably haven't considered:

  • Light up the night. When the lights go down, a camping party for kids is all about
    the stick lights, glow necklaces, finger lights and funny flashlights with picture
    lenses. Finger lights are especially fun because all the concentration is on one
    finger. You'll get four in a pack for around five bucks. They secure with Velcro and
    come with batteries. Test before the party to ensure everyone is a happy

  • Get campy and write letters. Provide blank postcards, coloring pages, or camp
    stationery along with stamps, camping stickers, and pens. You might even make
    an expedition of heading to the post office or mail box with adult supervision.
    Kids get a kick out of receiving mail and it will serve a reminder of the birthday
    camp out experience.

  • Get Mad! Letters from Camp MadLibs is a fun activity and the kids can mail them
    to their parents or to themselves. The letters perf-out into a self envelope. Seal
    them with the special stickers and mail.

  • Toss around the Ice cream ball: Play ball and make ice cream at the same time.
    Pictured, left, the Play and Freeze Ice Cream maker comes in many colors.

  • Give the kids a quick astronomy lesson if you have a telescope.

Real camp party
Want to throw a camper's birthday party for kids? Have an idea for camp theme party
invitations or favors? Here are some of our online friends who've already had a
campers party to get your inspiration:

NOTE: Educate kids about campfire safety. Always keep hair tied and secure clothing
around a camp fire (like sweat shirt strings). Keep a bucket of water handy and show
the kids how to douse a fire with a few sprinkles of water (and not the entire bucket of
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