Candy Buffet Party
Host a party with a candy buffet

Consider hosting a candy buffet party where kids can feel like kids in a candy shop.
Just about any theme party for kids can have a candy buffet. Set out apothecary jars
and penny candies displayed in anchor hocking candy jars, upper left, and you have a
feast for the eyes in your party colors. Start with gumballs in your party colors

It's not just an idea for kids parties! The latest tradition for weddings is to host a
candy buffet at the reception. Even older kids appreciate a candy party as it makes for
a terrific theme for a Sweet Sixteen party.

  • Throw a candy theme party. Hey Tootsie! Who can take an ordinary party and
    turn into the best party of all time? The candy man can! While your little Willie
    Wonka will love a trip to Candy Land as much as your 'tween "Candy girl," you
    may get some nods of disapproval from moms of little kids. But a candy-themed
    slumber party makes for sweet dreams and provides loads of ideas for

You're probably already humming to yourself "Sugar, sugar" by The Archies and
wondering how you're going to pull off a party with five crazy girls, one crazy night.
Relax, because while they'll be spun on sugar, you can always plop in Willie Wonka
and the Chocolate Factory to calm them down.

So where to start with a candy theme party? Well, here's how to unwrap the magic
with a sweet candy party:

  • Set up a candy bar! Find unusual candy dispensers, such as the old fashioned
    candy dispenser, upper right, inspired by 1930s popcorn carts. Fill plastic
    champagne glasses a nd shot glasses with colorful sweet treats and allow the
    kids to nosh. Skewer up marshmallows, gum drops and gummy candies and
    Licorice All Sorts to make candy kebabs. For an easy candy sushi, wrap a
    banana in fruit roll-ups, slice, then garnish with candy sprinkles and provide
    chopsticks. Swedish fish wrapped in fruit roll-ups on a bed of rice cereal treats is
    another entertaining treat. Be sure to see our novelty candy ideas, too!

  • Salivate on these sweet accessories. Have girls glue brightly colored candies to
    barrettes, earrings and rings. Ask a bead store for help selecting the starter
    supplies you'll need, called "jewelry findings." Glue and shellac will help
    preserve Skittles and other brightly colored candies in place, but you'll have to
    remind the girls that though they look tasty, they are not edible! Try also
    making candy leis! To make the leis, or candy necklaces, you'll need a stapler
    and pretty wrapped confections, such as taffies and hard sugar bonbons. In the
    same fashion, you can strand festive garlands to hang overhead.

  • Go buy the book: Candy Land! Get crafty and embellish Lifesavers, gum, candy
    kisses, Skittles & M&Ms with craft foam, stems, beads, ribbons, Styrofoam,
    wiggle eyes, acrylic paint and markers. You'll use this idea book for the party as
    well as Halloween, Christmas, and Valentines Day. 53 ideas for yummy
    creations, favors, decorationsand gifts all made from candy.

  • Leave them hanging for more. They'll be like a kid in a candy story when you
    hang candy by color themes on boards lined with fancy craft papers. Copy the
    red and white polka dot and striped look by filling cellophane bags with red
    ribbon candies, meringue swirls,  red hots, wine gums. It lends a fanciful look to
    your favor lineup. Now that's eye candy!

  • Write a candygram. Use various candy packages to write a funny note to your
    guests. Replace the word with the candy. For example:
  • LOOK, I hope you'll have MOUNDS of fun at my party NOW & LATER.
  • Oh, you're such SWEET-TARTS for coming.
  • I'm sure glad I didn't invite those NERDs.
  • The candy and laughter will be GOOD & PLENTY,
  • With you at my party, it's guaranteed to be a WHOPPER!
  • U-NO I wouldn't trade you for a 100GRAND!
  • I'd fall to (reeces) PIECES without you!
  • If I'd search the MILKYWAY, I'd never find a friend like you!
  • KISSES, (birthday girl's name)

  • Candy is king with a candy party, and you can set a swanky dessert table or
    candy buffet with apothecary jars. Purchase candy in bulk online and here are
    some fun suggestions to create a colorful candy buffet:

Candy party decorations

  • The answer for a sweet tooth: Buy toothbrushes in bulk or load up on them at
    the dollar store. Stick them into bud-vases for decorations in the living room.
    Have kids brush teeth before they leave and take home their new toothbrush.

  • Can do candy garlands. Loop button candies into candy garlands to hang
    overhead. And as mentioned above, staple pretty wrapped candies together to
    hang in artfully over the fireplace or to accent the wall.

  • Stick it to me. Make a candy stick vase by wrapping barber pole candy around
    an empty tin can. Glue the sticks to the vase and wrap with a pretty bow and
    select complementary flowers.

  • Such a sucker for sweets? Lollipop trees provide a festive display for favors. Use
    traditional round suckers in the your color theme or try rock candy sticks. If your
    sleepover party is during the holidays, add create a candy tree. And to roll up
    an activity and a favor in one, make candy topiaries.

  • Turn gum drops into props. Stick a lollipop into the center and a name tag for a
    sweet place card.

  • That's a wrap! Tie candy bracelets around napkins for a sweet as can be napkin
    ring.  Or unwrap candy necklaces to create a long garland.

Candy party foods

  • Munchies Mix. Here's a can do candy pleaser: toss together an assortment of
    chocolate candies, such as M&Ms, malt balls, Reeses Pieces, chocolate covered
    almonds, and peanut butter or butterscotch chips. Scoop the mixture into ice
    cream cones for portable fun.

  • Look to our Chef party ideas for sweet treats to try, like candy sushi and faux
    foods that look like the real thing, but are really candy.

Candy party activities

  • Make an edible candy art wand with Sandy candy, pictured left.

  • Play truth or dare, the obligatory slumber party game, and when the group
    agrees on the bluff, make the looser grab an Atomic Fireball candy, left. Another
    option: red hots candies.

Candy party favors

  • Kids love mini gumball party favors.

  • Send them home with mason jars or glass apothecary jars they fill themselves.

  • Here's something sweet that doesn't have an ounce of sugar: candy shaped lip
    gloss, available by the dozen, right.

Candy Party Invitations:
Sweetly invite guests to your candy party with real candy. You can replace a chocolate
bar or a lifesaver with your own sweet words or affix your invitation details to an over-
sized swirled lollipop and hand deliver. Or you can put your invite in a jewel box with

  • Invitations and party wording ideas:
  • Hey Tootsie!
  • You're invited to have a sweet time celebrating Michaela's birthday
  • The good ship lollipop departs Saturday, June 19 at noon
  • Start your journey at Candy Land port: 123 Main Street
  • RSVP at Candy or Willie Wonka at 867-5309

  • Variations for invitation:
  • Sweet as can be, our little girl is turning three!
  • Our sweet girl is turning four!

  • Candy theme thank you card ideas:
  • Thank you for helping to make my birthday sweet!

Resources for an candy party

  • Check out the our novelty candies page. You'll find all your favorites, including
    Atomic Fireballs, left.

  • Looking for some sweet games to play? Look for ideas such as the Lollipop
    Grove or Chocolate Swamp at Create My Event.

  • That's a wrap! If your candy party is sweet adventure through Cand Land, then
    be sure to visit Mr. Mint, Lolly and Lord Licorice over and around Gumdrop
    Mountains. And on your way to Gramma Nutt's and Candy Castle, be sure see
    the Candy Land party supplies.

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