Care Bears Birthday
Care enough to have a Care Bears party

Invite nostalgia to your child's next birthday party with a Care Bear party! A nostalgic
Care Bears party will give you a chance to re-live your childhood and share the
soothing comfort of the snuggly bears with the kids. Come on! Birthday Bear wants
everyone to have a happy birthday and he loves kids birthday parties and games.
You can play Care Bears music, entertain the kids with a giant Care Bears coloring
activity and cheer along the birthday kid with cheer bear enthusiasm.

When you care enough to host the beary best kids party you'll have a Care Bears
party, and here's how to host a Care Bears party to remember:

  • As kids arrive play the "Birthday Bear" DVD.

  • Give kids a beary special name tag "tummy symbol". Invite party goers to select
    their favorite Care Bear character for the day and place the symbol in the form
    of a sticker on their belly. The Care Bears original cast of characters from the
    1980s include Bedtime Bear, Birthday Bear, Cheer Bear, Friend Bear, Funshine
    Bear, pictured right, Good Luck Bear, Grumpy Bear, Love-a-Lot Bear,
    Tenderheart Bear and Wish Bear. The complete list of Care Bear characters is
    available on Wikipedia. Use the descriptions on Wikipedia to tell the kids about
    their character. This makes a fun home made favor to take home. The list of
    Care Bear characters is big, so you can do the same for the adults.

Care Bear Party favors.

  • Care Bear Party favors: Invite all the Care Bears to your birthday party with
    Friend Bear, Wish Bear, Cheer Bear, Share Bear, Love-a-Lot Bear, Good Luck
    Bear, Bedtime Bear, and Funshine Bear. About one-inch tall, Care Bear vending
    toys,pictured above, are not for Children under three years old as they pose a
    risk of choking.

Food for a Care Bears Party

  • Get cooking on a Care Bears party: The recipe for success at a Care Bear party? A
    Care Bears party cookbook, of course! The Care Bears' Party Cookbook, left, is
    an easy reader with a collection of snacks and desserts that your child can help
    you assemble without using a stove. Back from 1985, the party dishes include
    cakes, shakes, and ice cream with attention to safety issues. The book will help
    your child feel like she's helping to plan the party. It gets great reviews!

Care Bears Birthday cake
Let them eat cake on the Care Bears dessert plates, pictured above. Left, you'll find
the Care Bears lunch plates.

  • Care Bears Birthday cake pan from Wilton makes the perfect shape.
  • Care Bears Cake topper, pictured top let, is easy to add an instant decoration
    to your cake.

Care Bears Party invitations
When you care enough to send the "beary" best greeting card, the  Care Bears thank
you card design, left, would make an ideal conclusion to your Care Bears party. Or get
the packaged set with the invitations, right. Each package includes 8 folded invitations
and 8 thank you notes. Invitations and Thank you notes feature your favorite Care
bears floating in clouds with a rainbow background.

How to decorate for a Care Bears Party
American Greetings continues to make the retro cute Care Bear party supplies you
need, including the party plates, napkins, table coverings, balloons and more.

  • Make a Cheery Bear. Tie a Care Bear balloon bouquet to a Care Bear plush for
    birthday cheer that fits the theme. See the selection of mylar Care Bear
    balloons at the bottom of the page. Mylar is a great option for balloons as they
    are safer for kids under three, and they last longer than the stretchy kind. Buy
    them online, then fill them up at the grocery store or dollar store. You can also
    add a special touch to the Care Bears Birthday Balloon! The Care Bears Balloon,
    lower left, includes stickers in letters and numbers, so you can personalize with
    a name or message. Make a balloon bouquet with a variety of sizes and shapes.

  • Make a Care Bears Rainbow Balloons arch.  Inflate a variety of Care Bear balloons
    in helium and tie each string short to a long curling ribbon. Make a single line
    arch with weights at either end. This is a simple and effective way to bring
    cheer to any kids birthday party. For your Care Bears party, choose the Care
    Bears "Have a Rainbow Birthday" balloon.

  • Spread some Funshine and Cheer! Care Bear masks, left, will help you decorate
    the birthday table. Place them on each child's place setting to invite the fun. It's
    a simple and inexpensive way to help decorate the party. Masks feature
    Sunshine Bear and Cheer Bear.

  • A note of caution about Care Bear Vending Toys. Take care not to Sprinkle Care
    Bears mini figures on your table setting if you will have children under three
    attending your party. These mini figures are a choking hazard.

Care Bears party activities:
She doesn't have a care in the world and you care enough to give her the very best
Care Bear party and here's how.

  • Care Bear Adoption: Activities can be as simple as adopting a Care Bear plush.
    You can make an elaborate ceremony complete with an adoption certificate that
    looks official by having the parents sign the paperwork. A real Care Bear to love
    and hug is all any kid needs.

Skip the pinata. Kids in this age range are too young for candies!

Real Care Bear parties  
American Greetings invited Care Bears in 1981 and since then, there have been Care
Bear parties around the World. And how appropriate that one of the original Care
Bears was "Birthday Bear." Here are some real care bear parties to help provide you
with inspiration for your own Care Bear party:

Tell us about your real Care Bears party and
share party ideas with us on Twitter.  We
aim to be your source of party supplies for your birthday party. Look to us for party
planning tips and do yourself inspiration for kids parties.
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