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How to have a carousel themed birthday party for kids

Step right up and make merry with a merry go round party! This party theme is all
about the food, decorations and party games. It's easy enough to create a sweet
carousel theme at home, and here's how to host a terrific little party under the big top
of a carousel:

  • Get the "Big Top" look with stripes! Red striped party goods give the flavor of a
    party under the big top, so for this party, start with a red color scheme. Choose
    red striped popcorn boxes and bags, which work wonderfully for snacks and
    goodie bags. Add red striped paper straws, above, and red swirly lollipops,
    above right. Serve food in red oval plastic baskets and cake on striped paper
    plates. Unroll a some red carnival tickets and allow them to swirl the table top in
    a long strip.

  • Add a rainbow of confections. This party is all about the sweets table. Kids will
    adore a candy buffet of colorful gourmet rainbow popcorn, immediate left, plus
    carousel pop lollies, a rainbow selection of gumballs, salt water taffy, and
    anything covered in confetti sprinkles!

  • Carousel Horse Balloons: If you have a large space at your party, you can arrange
    horse balloons into a circle to give a carousel feel. Anchor the balloons with
    horse shoe weights.
  • Carousel horse umbrella table: If you have a round table with an umbrella
    in the middle, you can cover the top of the umbrella with red and white
    fabric or poster paper, then arrange the balloons around it like a carousel.

  • Set up a display of painted ponies: You won't find plastic carousel horse figurines
    available, but you can set up a sweet painted ponies display. Spray paint your
    own plastic horse figurines into carousel horses. When they're dry, arrange
    them into a circle on a lazy Susan and you have a sweet carousel horse

  • Stick it to her: Start with a stick horse and you're halfway there to throwing a
    terrific carousel horse party. Have a cake walk merry-go-round style: kids hop on
    their stick horse and walk a circle, play carousel music.

Carousel themed party supplies
Party supplies for carousel themed parties are hard to come by, so you'll have to
leverage creativity. Even so, we've gathered some of the best resources available to
help you plan the best ever carousel birthday party:

  • Carousel Party supplies: Here's a rundown of the basic carousel birthday party
    supplies you'll need:
  • Wilton Carousel Cake Accessories: These plastic

  • Carousel party favors: Stuff red striped popcorn bags or boxes with treats:
  • Carnival pops. No carousel party theme would without carnival pops. Any swirly
    vintage style sucker will do: long twisted lollipops or the classic rainbow variety
    pictured left. You'll find swirl pops and striped straws to match any party color.
  • Stick candies carousel horse favors: Try this do it yourself favor idea... buy stick
    candies in your party colors, and affix a painted pony sticker or drawing to them.
    Dover carousel animal stickers, lower left, are just the right size. Affix them to a
    sturdy paper and tape to the stick candy, and (voila!) you have an instant
    carousel animal favor. Dover makes carousel favor booklets, including Heidi the
    Carousel horse paper doll. See also the Carousel horse coloring books below.
  • Gumballs: Bright gumballs A small red gumball machine

  • Carousel Invitations: Craft your own carousel inviations with the Carousel animal
    sticker book, upper left. Use them for thank you cards or to add a special touch
    to invitations. You'll find the Carousel Animal stickers are fun for decorations and
    more, including:
  • Carousel drink decorations: Make a carousel of sodas! Stick Carousel Animal
    Stickers to soda bottles after you've peeled the original label. Jones sodas
    are ideal for this party project. Display them on a lazy susan.
  • Carousel Party favors: These also make a nice party favor when paired with
    a carousel pop and presented in a vintage-style popcorn bag. Buy extras
    to seal your goody bag. Stick individual stickers on large whirly pops.
  • More creative uses: Use the Carousel animal stickers for name tags, to
    create labels for the buffet, dessert table or candy buffet.

  • Carousel Cupcake Stands: Make a carousel cupcake stand using Wilton's carousel
    horse cake kit. upper left. You might otherwise transform a plastic swivel cake
    stand into a moveable feast: a carousel cake that actually moves!
  • See also the party time cake stand at the bottom of the page and learn how to
    make carnival style cake pops.

Decorations for a carnival party
  • Tents and banners: You can get the feel of a circus at home easily with circus
    tents and pennant banners:
  • Set up a circus tent  
  • Pennant banners are easy enough to make yourself by stringing paper
    diamonds into triangles over ribbon, yarn or string, but you'll find plenty of
    vendors on ETSY who will make beautiful pennant banners from cloth too.
  • Carnival style balloons: Cluster ordinary balloons into flowers: try five yellow
    balloons clustered around a pink or orange balloon to make an easy daisy
    flower. Twist loops from long carnival balloons into simple shapes. If you can hire
    a balloon artist or take time to learn before the party, all the better.

Foods to serve at your carousel party:

It's time to send in the ponies (and clowns) and eat snow cones, taffy, caramel apples,
cotton candy, popcorn, ice cream and hot dogs with a memorable carousel party.

  • Red baskets: Invite guests to picnic on old fashioned treats you'd find at the local
    county fair, like fried chicken with coleslaw, fries and a biscuit. Serve them up
    carousel style in a red basket, left. You'll love having these for your other parties
    and get togethers.

  • Corn dog it for lunch. Consider corn dogs on your lunch menu. They come in party
    sizes and are easy to reheat in the oven. Placed side by side with hot dogs,
    they will be the first to go!

  • Give some zing to popcorn. Serve sweet and savory popcorn treats. Buttery
    popcorn presented in red striped popcorn bags or boxes will give your party that
    carousel atmosphere. Here are some popcorn ideas:
  • Colorful popcorn: Try Popparazi Gourmet Popcorn, above left, which has a
    rainbow mix of flavors that includes Cherry, Orange, Vanilla, Blueberry, Lemon,
    Strawberry,  Banana, and Watermelon.
  • Kettle Korn: Delicious on its own, serve Kettle Korn, which is both sweet and
    savory. Have fun with Wilton Color Mist, which adds a spray of color without any
    flavorings. Divide the Kettle Korn into bowls and Spray Color Mist in your party
    colors. Mix it together and you have a rainbow.
  • Caramel Corn: Old fashioned
  • Cheddar cheese popcorn: Set aside another bowl of cheddar cheese popcorn or
    make a party mix that includes pretzels, Chex cereal or other savory snacks.

  • More carnival style treats
  • Spanglers Marshmallow peanuts, left, are a classic.
  • Soft pretzels

  • Floss your teeth with candy floss. Cotton candy, or candy floss as it is sometimes
    also called, is a staple at carnivals yet so easy to make yourself from home. And
    you'd be surprised that cotton candy really doesn't contain as much sugar as
    you think. And kids love watching you make cotton candy. Here's our favorite
    cotton candy maker.

  • Serve Carnival Snow Cones. Nothing beats snow cones or slushies for a hot day
    and for a carnival party it's standard fair.

  • Shower them in confetti sprinkles.  The bright colors of the carnival are the
    inspiration for the vibrant cookie and cake decorating sprinkles from India Tree,
    right. They're sure to delight everyone's inner child!

Carousel Cupcakes and Cakes
  • Bake a confetti cake surprise! Choose your favorite white cake recipe or mix or
    (angle food cake is ideal), then add a quarter cup of sprinkles. Here's the family
    fun recipe.

Carousel Horse Favors
Wondering what to put out as party favor for a carousal birthday party? Here are some
ideas to get you started:

  • Carousel Horse Dover books: coloring books, stickers, stencils and tatoos, below,
    including Dover Little Activity books.
  • Carousel Horse tattoos,  below

Carousel Horse Gifts

  • Carousel Horse Music Box: You can almost preserve the romance and innocence
    of childhood with the Carousel Horse Music box at the bottom of the page. The
    birthday girl will treasure this heirloom quality piece, quality construction by
    Bryer Enchantmints. Pair this gift with a special book and the silver pendant, also
    at the bottom of the page.

Real Carousel parties

  • "Wright" timing for a Carousel party: Everyone had a grand time celebrating the
    big one under the big top. Check out Wright's Carousel first birthday party. Steel
    the idea of the relatively simple Big Top Carousel birthday cake: fondant
    decorations on a stacked birthday cake made with clever use of rolled balls and
    cookie cutter cut outs. Party colors were in red, accented with green and blue.

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